Tamia Hits the Promo Trail

With the release of her new single “Beautiful Surprise,” Tamia has thrown her hat into the already crowded ring of female R&B artists looking to make a comeback in 2012.

The singer kicked off promotion for her single over the weekend, performing an almost two hour set at the Mandalay Bay Beach Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The 37-year old Ontario native performed a stirring rendition of “Beautiful Stranger,” followed by her biggest hit to date, 2001’s “Stranger in My House.”


  1. Wow!!!

    Tamia sounds amazing live…my first time hearing her sing live…she’s outstanding!!!…the “Beautiful Surprise” rendition was awesome…please support our R&B Artists!!! It brings your soul back, enhances your ability feel, be moved…God made music so we could feel it, it’s only been since the mtv videos that we were conditioned to “see music.” Now it’s lost its value, and we don’t want to buy it, because we don’t feel most of it!

    Congrats to Tamia for hitting it way out of today’s park!!!

  2. I don’t know why she never became bigger than she was. She and Chante Moore I never understood that. Both so talented and beautiful. I think in the direction the music industry took they were just to clssy.

  3. I agree Bria. I missed her. She is so beautiful and I love her voice. Now Syleena Johnson needs to follow suit.

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