Tamia Finishes Up New Album

After an almost five year hiatus R n’ B chanteuse Tamia says she is once again ready to release new music. The 35 year old singer, probably best known for her hits “Stranger In My House” and “So Into You,” recently tweeted about working with Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins and says they have finally put the finishing touches on her album.

Tamia’s official website says a new single should be expected by early spring and just like in years past, a small club tour will soon follow. The as yet untitled project will be the singer’s fifth solo album, with her last, “Between Friends,” having been released in 2006 on an independent South African label.

After nearly a decade the singer left Elektra Records and for a short while found herself without a label. It wasn’t until she was touring overseas that Tamia says she was finally able to secure a contract with Gallo Records.

To relive Tamia’s almost fifteen year career you can check out the 2009 release of her greatest hits compilation, as well as a few totally slept on singles from her “Between Friends” album.


  1. oh wow excellent news! 🙂

    I was listening to ‘You put a move on my heart’ this morning !!

  2. @Neka I agree Between Friends was a great album..looking forward to her new album. Real music is coming back

  3. TAMIA!!!!!!!!!
    I have missed her and the whole true talent era, Can’t wait to hear the first single 🙂

  4. Tamia is very talented and can really sing…very underated.

  5. So am I the only one that finds it crazy stupid that this women was WITHOUT a freakin contract!!

    I swear the music industry is full of straight bullsh!t, this type of ish should NEVER happen to someone like Tamia with “Real” talent.

    SMH, I can’t wait to for her new album, I have all her albums. Plus I love when she sings the Canadian National Anthem and I’m not even Canadian lol

  6. I’m a fan too. She is good. I saw her live years ago in college. I always felt like her career was grossly mismanaged … I think the indie route is best for her.

  7. I love Tamia! I was always a mini-fan.

    And I didn’t know she was only 35.

  8. I love Tamia’s voice! She is surely a bonafide singer and hopefully, the fans will support her album and let the record labels know great music is appreciated. It’s easy to determine why she was unable to secure a record deal – poor sales. Fans have to stop complaining (about why a few singers are more successful than others although their vocal abilities are inferior) and support the artists with more than lip service!!

  9. Im happy to know that she is releasing a new CD. And I agree,,,I am soooo ready for a real talent in the area of R&B to emerge or re-emerge again.

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