Taraji P. Henson Can’t Find A Man Either

Essence Magazine’s June cover girl is actress Taraji P. Henson. Critics of the magazine’s choices in cover models may be soothed a bit, as to my recollection Taraji has never been on the cover solo before. The actress has a potential summer blockbuster on her hands with the Will and Jada Smith produced Karate Kid remake- which stars their son Jayden. The film is due to be released on June 11th.

On another note, Essence provided one quote when they released their Taraji cover and I found it interesting and very much in keeping with the whole why black can’t women find a man theme that America seems to be obsessed with.

“… I haven’t had a date in years… and I’m not looking, because when I look, I find mess. I’m waiting for God to reveal The One to me…” Taraji P. Henson

It seems Black women cannot escape the doom and gloom messages being sent to them daily about their chances of finding and keeping a mate. Surely, some sista will read that quote and think: “wow, if a wealthy good looking sista like Taraji can’t find a man, what hope is there for me?”

Essence could have done better…


  1. Taraji looks gorgeous and the cover is summery. No comment on that ‘angry black woman’ b.s. I won’t even go there. 😆

  2. Taraji looks fantastic. I look forward to reading her article in June.

  3. I think she loos gorgeous…but the “finding a man” part was crap!

  4. Essence is making a killing off of keeping black women confused. Their articles are garbage and have been for years. Remember ladies, this magazine is owned by YT now.

  5. Like regina king said sometimes we have to date outside our race…One of my best-friends married an ex-offender and we were ALL so against it because she made six figures and had her doctorate degree we all assumed dude was going to take her. They have been married six years and he now makes as much money as she does in contracting and he is the nicest guy and my best-friends is so, so happy!! To my sisters who are waiting…Wait on God and he will deliver!

  6. Black people love to end a topic when they fill we are being pcike don.It’s real. The stats are t

  7. The stats don’t lie.Yes, we are tired of hearing about the dating situation but it may be a chance for some of us to become more flexible.Date who you like.period. It doesnt matter what color they are.We can’t live in a box.I love my brothers but I can tell you it is hard out here!

  8. Her one has been revealed, he’s just taken. But u and Terrance girl! I love it! Lol.

  9. I am so tired of this assault sent from the pits of hell to attack black women and we are all up in arms about something that does not make or break us. Dating is good, but i can guarantee you me that the white, hispanic, asian, indian, etc women are saying the same thing about dating and being happy in a relationship. I wish we could talk about boosting our self esteem to understand that we are individual characters and when God created us he created us the way he wants us to be and stop being obsessed with finding a man. It is starting to get ridiculous and a waste of time. But it is an issue that people deal with so we gottan talk about it before someone breaks a blood vessel. And I do love Taraji Henson. She is beautiful.

  10. She said she’s not looking! I’m sure men have tried to get with her…OK! I’m so sick of Essence…I’m sorry I wasn’t gonna go in…But…who is this magazine for? they put a black man on the cover that don’t even like black women and now you telling these stereotype ass lies that we can’t get a date….well..I’m lost on who that magazine is for…..I don’t know what you sistas are going through but I have plenty of men after me…from all walks of life. I’m dating and loving life as I should be! please lets not fall in to the bashing ok…be careful of the stuff u say and keep a balance of the shit u say! how about that.

  11. I’m sick of this topic…Im black…and I don’t have no problem getting dates or men! I wish people would be more responsible in their journalism…I have’nt supported Essence Magazine since the sister with the cornrows left! Who is this magazine for? cause I can’t tell. Let’s have some balance with the conversation about dating and marriage and the interracial talk….OK we need to have honest talk with our young ladies reading and hearing this nonsense.

    Essence Why don’t u get a group of men that are not black that appreciate black women in your magazine and help some of your sisters out that are not open to dating outside their race. You put Reggie on your cover and host of others that don’t even like black women….do that make sense? or I’m tripping? lol Taraji said I’m not looking! I’m sure she’s being asked…I’m about enjoying life single and/or married. That sounds like a better topic!

  12. @Gwen I had no idea the “Man” owned Essence.

    @Surabi I agree 100% I am on some positive ish. Enough with these lies and efforts to erode our self-esteem. Do not support those who don’t support you, i.e Essence.

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