Taraji To Play Brad Pitt’s Mother In New Film

Actress Taraji P. Henson, best known for her role in the film Hustle & Flow, is having a busy year. Now that the actress has wrapped up filming her one-season stint on the ABC series Boston Legal, you will be seeing a lot more of her on the big screen. Taraji has four films coming out this year including Tyler Perry’s The Family That Preys Together and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, in which she will be playing of all things, Brad Pitt’s mother. In the film, which is based on the best-selling novel of the same name, Taraji plays a character by the name of Queenie and is said to have a very significant role in the movie, with her name listed third in the credits, right behind Pitt and Kate Blanchett who plays his love interest in the film. And though it’s pretty early to be making Oscar predictions, the actresses name is already being thrown around as a possible nominee for Best Supporting Actress.

Here’s an excerpt from a 2007 interview Traji gave to Blackfilm.com about her role in the movie:

This role is certainly the biggest role of my career and most challenging to date because I age from 26 to 71, prostethics, fat suit and all. It’s a period piece. Early 1900 period piece. It’s incredible work. This is the film that I can’t wait for to come out. It’s the biggest project that I’ve worked on to date and that’s the one that will get me to the very next level. People would ask me, “How does it feel to work with Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett?” like I would go ga-ga over it, and a little bit of me was like that and is like that, and at the same time, that’s where I belong. This is where I always saw myself, as an A-list actress. So, I’m right where I belong.


  1. I love that she thinks of herself as good enough to be up there with Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett, and doesn’t think it’s some kind of privilege. It’s not arrogance, it’s confidence and not putting herself below anyone. That’s admirable. Now, I don’t know any details of the film, but I would like to know how she’s going to be Brad Pitt’s Mother.

    a) Brad Pitt is going to play a Biracial character.
    b)Taraji is going to play a white woman.
    c) Brad Pitt is going to play a character that’s be adopted.

    And that’s all I can think of.

  2. This is a very good look for her. I’m very excited about this flim as well DC is in the building.

  3. I saw the previews for this movie, and it’s going to be great! Taraji takes in Brad Pitt as a child because nobody else wants him. He has a rare disease in which he starts out with the body of a 90 year old man and gets physically younger as he ages. It’s difficult to explain, but the story is very unique. It will probably win several awards. It’s a tear jerker. I’m going to see it. Congrats to Taraji.

  4. that’s whats up! I’m excited for her. this girl went from playing yvette ing “Baby Boy”, to possibly getting nominated for best supporting actress at the oscars. Now that is an accomplishment, and I can give her nothing but praise for that!

  5. This is cery exciting for Taraji, she really has come a long way. I think she is a pretty good actress as well and cant wait for this to hit the big screens.

    Brown sista are doing it for themselves huh?

    Love the confidence as well. I believe that we have the chance to be the generation that raises even more fabulous black women than ourselves, purely coz we will teachconfidence and self love from an early age.

  6. I’m a fan of Taraji and I’m glad to hear she has this role. This will be a most interesting film, indeed. Can’t wait to see it. And if the Oscar mill is spinning and her name is in the mix, good for her. I think she is talented; blew me away in Hustle & Flow. 🙂

  7. I like her as an actress and I am glad that an actress got this part. There are so many wonderful sisters out that’s getting ready to bust down that door in Hollywood.

  8. Good luck to her! I love when real actresses get movie roles. I am so glad that she is getting to do what she loves.

    GO Taraj!

  9. This definitely sounds like it’ll be a great movie!

  10. I’m so happy for her taraji can act and sing
    she is extremely good and i hope she wins an oscar

  11. i love Yvette from baby boy she is my fave actress and she can evolve into any character. i sat through talk to me just cause she was in it and was too fierce….

  12. She’s a good actress. I loved her in Smokin Aces. Good for her. Can’t wait to see the movie.

  13. Nice to see that Hollywood is recognizing a real African American actress to possibly be in the running for an Oscar. So tired of these singers and rappers doing movies just to say I am an actor or actress.

  14. Taraji is an EXCELLENT actress. Did you guys see her in Smokin’ Aces? Breathe takin…!!! I give her so many KUDOS for her talent and what she’s doing. Wishing her all the best!!

  15. Tarij is a banging actress!!! Good for her the opportunity and she will do a great job garning her an oscar nomination and winning!

  16. This is good news to my ears! I look forward to seeing her work that thing.

  17. Taraji is a great actress, she brings it with every character I’ve seen her play. I’m looking forward to this movie!!!

  18. you ARE where you belong taraji!!! keep paving the way!!
    she’s gorgeous and i love her

  19. This seems to be a can`t miss. We don`t get many quality movies so we should definitely take full advantage when the opportunty presents itself to support them. Something I must improve in myself. She`s a beautiful sista and I wish her the best. A REAL actress for a change…..

    “Beautiful Girl-by MJ

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    It`s almost like dancing and romancing
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  20. I’ll watch the movie Taraji is amazing and what a beautiful name for a beautiful lady 🙂

  21. I’m glad to hear the confidence!!! She is exactly where she belongs…Congrats Taraji!!

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