Tasha Smith To Play Donna Summer

tasha-smith-donna-summer.jpg Actress Tasha Smith, who totally stole the show in Tyler Perry’s Why Did I get Married, has been tapped by famed casting director, Robi Reed, to bring Donna Summer’s life story to the big screen. Tasha and Robi let the cat outta the bag while appearing at the 2007 American Black Film Festival a few days ago. “It’s a movie we’ve been working on and we’re excited,” Tasha revealed. “We’re still in the development stages of it but I will be playing Donna Summer, it’s just telling her life story.” Summer, the legendary Academy Award winning singer known as “The Queen of Disco,” catapulted to the top of the 1970s pop music stratosphere with hit songs such as ‘Last Dance,’ ‘I Feel Love,’ ‘McArthur Park, and ‘ ‘Love to Love You Baby.’

Donna was basically the Beyonce of the 70s. Her face, voice and in your face sex appeal had never been seen before and she, along with Diana Ross were basically the only two Black women who had mass appeal in America and around the world. Donna Summer is definitely a forgotten pioneer who needs to have her story told. Hopefully whoever directs this project will do as good a job as was done with the Tina Turner biopic.

Check out page two for a clip of Donna at her best performing Last Dance.


  1. :bowdown: Oh my gooooooooooooooooooooodness! I love me some Donna Summer! And Tasha Smith is so perfect for this role. Oh, I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait :banana:

  2. I happy for her! she was on BET meet the faith one time and they had something on there about changing I think?.but anyway she said that she used to be on drugs and I think she said she used to sell some too i not sure?.but she really whent through some sh#t…she’s a true survivor.. YOU GO! Tasha Smith

  3. Awww that’s great! Tasha did steal the show in WDIGM, I know she’s going to kill this role portraying Donna Summer. I like her disposition too she reminds me of the women in my family : Strong-willed, tell it like it is, but sweet at the same time also a born-again christian.
    Luv you tash :bowdown:

  4. 23 years ago around 1984, I fell in love with Donna Summers. She did a live concert show on TV that would come on every once in a while. Everytime an airplane would fly over my backyard I would scream “Take me to Donna Summers” I dont know why I thought the plane would turn around, pick me up, and take me to Donna Summers! Those were the days… I look forward to seeing her life story.

  5. Beyonce is the Donna Summers of the 2000s not the other way around. She did that vocal sample from Love to Love You Baby on the Naughty Girl track you may recall.

  6. Congrats to Tasha Smith. She is a damn near dead ringer for Donna. I guess when the roles rain they pour. I hope she takes these roles and make the best of them. This could be the Highlight of her carreer.

  7. This is so good. I love her and after “WDIGM” I was scared that she would just be type casted in the ghetto woman role (she does play that sucker well). This will shut the game down, this role will be hot for her. Go Queen!

  8. kudo’s for tasha… its amazing to see black women do their things..

  9. I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SISTER PATRICIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATTY PAT PAT.

  10. :dance2: That has got to be the best type casting I have ever seen. I think she was born to play that role. It’s just a great thing to know that sistas that came from disparaging lifestyles have moved on and are on their way to stardom and success. Just don’t be like Star Jones and forget the ones that supported you the most. Thanks. Vee

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  11. I loved her in why did I get married, so I can just amagine her in this one as well and I think that she will do a fine job. I just know that in why did I get married she just was real and let be know right out there how it was. So I will be looking for the same attitude or maybe a little bit different, but I want be looking for nothing to different.

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