Tatyana Ali Does Krave Magazine

Actress, recording artist, Harvard graduate and the national spokes person for Millenium Momentum Foundation! She is currently the star of BET?s webseries ?Buppies? which she has co-produced with her sister Anastasia, and is wrapping up her new album called ?The Light? due out in April. Tatyana Ali is a multi-diverse celebrity and is a woman who sees the necessity in getting involved and giving back. Her great love for education and politics made her choose the MMF who?s mission is to increase the number of students from various ethnic groups in public policy and other public service related fields through education, mentoring, and leadership development training. ?Educating these predominantly minority students and giving them the skills they need to work in government at the highest level turns out to be a tremendous investment into the communities they come from because most of the students aspire to bring what they?ve learned back home.? All funds raised are directly invested into the students who strive for excellence in achieving to make a difference in their community. ?The students are exposed to city leaders doing exactly the kind of work they hope to do and they are put through a rigorous mentorship program. The kids in the program are planning to make ?giving back? their vocation, so they need and deserve our support.?

To read more check out the latest edition of Krave.
For more information, please visit the foundation?s site: http://www.millennium-momentum.org/
Photography and words by: Kate sZatmari ? http://www.kszphotos.com


  1. I love the fact that Tatyana is making things happen for herself and many others. I’d love to see more articles on her and sistas like her in the future.

  2. She was too cute on Fresh Prince and has blossomed into a beautiful & talented business woman. Go Gurl!

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