Teairra Mari Finds Herself A Sponsor

The long awaited video for Teairra Mari’s “Sponsor” single has finally arrived. Featuring Gucci Mane and appearances by Soulja Boy and Vanessa Simmons, the video finds Teairra doing what young female singers do today- staring seductively into the camera and hoping this will make us go out and buy their record. I admit Teairra is lovely to look and can definitely sing- however, this is just not enough in today’s over-saturated pop and r n’ b field. “Sponsor” is a catchy song and is worthy of air time- the video however it not. It is cliché and worst of all it is boring. Videos like this is the reason the singer’s album has been delayed well over a year now and still has no official release date.

Sorry Teairra- we like you but not this- or any of your videos.


  1. Really Teairra?…I mean…seriously?…you’ve got to be kidding me…lol she’s singing like Nicki Minaj raps….

  2. I like the song though not enough to buy it. The video on the other hand is lame and could have been so much better. She has a great singing voice and one great song, preferably a slow jam, would be just what she needs to differentiate self from all the other urban chicks out there.

  3. @POSTED BY AKEET there Is no need to be sorry you’re absolutley right no matter how hard she tries It’s just not working for her at all I don’t care how many celeb cameo’s she has In her video’s….her career has been over est.2005

  4. Teairra Mari is a mixture of Ashanti, LeToya Luckett & Keri Hilson, anyone else see that?

    The song? *sigh* It’s wrong w/ young girls today. They looking for someone to pay their way through life and on top of that they only want materialistic things. At the very least, find someone to pay/help pay that collge tuition. Wish more young females focused on educating themselves. It’s like, “You too can have an AmEx card w/ your name on it, just take care of your credit, babygirl!”
    With that said, the song is hott!
    I agree w/MERCIFULLOVE that she’s singing like Nicki Minaj raps {can we say annoying?!} but despite it, I’ll LimeWire this joint and add it to the iPod 😉

    The video? Boring. One has to bring their top-notch game w/ music videos because the video makes the song that much hotter (or lamer).

  5. lmao at some of you ladies acting like you wouldn’t want a man spendng a little money on you every now and then. That is why so many black women are alone today. Too damn independant. It’s okay to let a man take care of you every now and then, it doesn’t make you any less of a woman. I know some of you may not agree with what i’m saying, but oh well.

    Yeah, it’s okay to let “your” man take care of you but to actually be specifically looking for that from any ole’ dude is not what’s up.

    I mentor a lot of young teen girls from underprivileged backgrounds and not so nice neighborhoods. This is the LAST thing I want any of them thinking they should be doing, looking for someone to take care of them w/o being able to take care of themselves. I feel like the message they’ll {young girls] get from this song is for it to be their main/life focus to find someone to trick off and not on an occasional basis although they could do themselves.

    Lastly, this is NOT why so many Black women are alone AND more importantly, don’t believe the hype, sis!! America’s agenda is to make us {Black women/men} feel that we are unwanted and less than. American news is full of bullsh*t propoganda. Don’t beleive eveything “they” tell you.

    Be Blessed.

  7. I agree with every word you said NNE!!! Kudos! Some people live their whole life and don’t get it…

    The song is forgettable and so is the video. She could’ve made the song and video her own if she would’ve done a little something different and not the same ol’ that you see in every female’s (who is comparable to her) that’s out their. I am so bored with the commercial music business..independent artist is where it’s at.

  8. @Mrs Jones: So it is also okay, to spread our legs for a pair of shoe every once in a while ?

    Nne: I’m so glad i am not from this generation of twisted airheads .

  9. I liked her first album it was really cool.
    And no, I dont like this song or the message.

    Mrs. Jones sounds so stupid & ignorant. Typical….

  10. Why are we being so harsh on Ms. Mari??? Its just a song….a song for people to dance to…hold ur drinks in the club and dance with ya girls. This song is very cute….yes video is lacking.. a lil cheezey…but there are soo many other songs out there like this one….When I was young I dont remember letting any song influence me to the point where I wanted to be “that”…Its a cute azz lil song….lets just enjoy it… However the dance moves were lacking! that split was HOT though!! and too much tryna match the lyrics with the visuals mad it come across sooo non creative which equals cheesey!!.All that damnn credit card swiping?? wtf?? lol, come one.. She looked great though…The custome made clothes were very nice..and her very first outfit too..her stylist should be fired! images is to important..clothes could have come harder.. and the person who approved that those dance moves were hot should be FIRED TOO!

  11. @delphine

    did you see me say anything about “spreading your legs”. hell no you didn’t

  12. @shels

    bitch how dare you call me stupid and ignorant, i didn’t say anything wrong. I’m a married woman with a child on the way, so don’t make any damn assumptions about me, because i’m anything but typical. you are probably one of the lonely tricks i’m talking about. smdh

  13. the video is mundane and typical of R&B artists right now. -She can sing tho.

  14. I LOVEEEE this song one of my jams she nice beat and she sound diffrent to e and i like yes she could hae done better on the video but i dont wanna watch i wanna listen and it sounds hot i think the haters must be old ladys on here who cant relate or get a sponsor for that case go Teairra Mari

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