Teairra Mari Moves On

Singer Teairra Mari has officially scrapped plans to release her “At That Point” sophomore album, and is instead focusing on her upcoming EP “Sincerely Yours” and the DJ Drama hosted mixtape “Point of No Return.” With over half of the tracks from “ATP” leaked, Teairra said she felt it best to simply shelve the entire project and start anew. Teairra EP will make its iTunes debut August 17th, while her mixtape is officially available today.

Covers for both projects can be seen below.


  1. Waste of time. No one cares her record labels have done her a huge disservice.

  2. Nobody cares. I don’t think they ever did. She hasn’t released anything worth talking about ever.

  3. I’v Always liked her and her music, but its just mediocer, nothing great has ever come of it, but shes pushed and did hard work, but has it payed off? maybe to some extent.. wish her all the best!

  4. She needs new management and a new record label. Maybe she should go have a talk with Jazze Pha he did wonders for Ciara’s 1st album.She needs some producers with good beats and writers with good songs..Timbaland..Neyo..Swizz Beatz..R.Kelly(maybe he can write her a nice ballad)Whatever she is going to do she needs to do it fast

  5. She looks like a cross between Ashanti and Ciara in the last pic. On another note, I hope she can get her stuff together music wise. I wish her the best.

  6. She looks great. And plenty of people care. She’s a talented young lady who makes amazing music.

  7. Plenty of people care. This girl has so much talent and a lot of drive. And she has a lot of fans standing behind her.

  8. ^^^I agree @ YOKESM.

    Just kill that ‘hot chick’ mess. It’s not a good look doing the ‘look’ that everyone else is doing. Branch out, do something different. If I didn’t know who she was just by looking at the photos, I’d think, “another pretty young lady” and that’s it. There’s nothing distinctive.

  9. Heard her name like hundreds of time, but just watched her `Cause a scene`video last weekend. And it`s really `Beyonce`, the sound, the look, the dance. If you don`t create your own style, no one`s gonna recognize you.

    Anyway, I love her face and the voice. Really wish she would find the right people to support her career.

  10. Don’t want to bring other artists in this but, I wonder if she got sold the “you can be the next Aaliyah” dream. It seems like the industry is still trying to fill Aaliyah’s position, she doesn’t have to be similar to Aaliyah but have that “cool girl that everybody gets along with” vibe. Teairra Mari has both the looks and the talent, but it’s something missing.

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