Teairra Mari Preps New Music

No one can accuse Teairra Mari of not being tenacious. The 24-year old one time Princess of the ROC has just released a mini documentary, “Then & Now,” and is getting set to release her Unfinished Business mixtape on July 4th.

Teairra also plans to release new music this Friday, and assures fans that her “Sex on the Radio” CD is still in the works.

A lot of people clown Teairra for not throwing in the towel after being dropped by Dej Jam and having several other deals fall through. I, on the other hand, applaud her.

Teairra does have a voice and can sing. Her missing element has always been production. Without the right songs, an artist doesn’t stand a chance of having a successful career.

Luckily for Teairra, writer/producer Rico Love showed up on the scene. Teairra calls him her own personal Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, likening the chemistry they have in the studio to that Jimmy and Terry had with singer Janet Jackson.

Check out her short documentary below. She discusses her falling out with Def Jam, as well as why she kept at it, despite the constant setbacks and label changes.


  1. Look at all the time, energy and money that has been put into trying to turn Cassie into a singer when clearly that is not her calling. Now that is a waste of money.

    I’m glad Teairra is forging on. Isn’t that what we teach kids, to never give up on their dreams?

    U Did Dat is not a good soong though. I can see her doing those really cool songs Brandy did back in the 90s or even a few of Toni Braxton’s earlier hits.

    The key is quality though. Quality songs and not songs of the moment with mispelled titles meant to sound and look cool.

  2. i hope her and olivia have other talents.

    i would never tell anyone to gove up on their dreams but only a fool wouldnt have a plan B or Dream #2.

    you can love the music industry all you want, they rarely love you back…

    then what? get a baller? ok coo


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