Teairra Mari Says She’ll Be Back

You all remember Teairra Mari don’t you? She was the 17 year old sista Jay-Z signed to Def Jam just about the same time as Rihanna. Well we all know what became of Rihanna. But poor Teairra was dropped from Def Jam after releasing her first album and no one has seen or heard from the sista since- until now that is. Teairra, now 20, left a message on her MySpace Page letting fans know that new music from her would be forthcoming. The sista says her new CD should be available sometime in July with the first single hitting the airwaves in early May. The album boasts production from Polow da Don and Scott Storch with rumored guest appearances by Trina and Missy Elliott.

Too mature songs are in my opinion are what led to poor sales of Teairra’s first CD. Whereas Rihanna released age appropriate music Teairra was singing about wanting “Ni**as” to make her feel good. Hopefully her new production team and record label will learn from prior mistakes and take a different approach while promoting such young sista this time around (Yes 20 is still young).

Make Her Feel Good


  1. Maybe Jay could only handle one lightskin female artist at a time and gave Rihanna preferential treatment because she was biracial.That seems to be the only way a Black woman can make it in the music business these days.Color is king not talent or voice.

  2. Truth be told, I don’t even remember when this song came out…cute vid, though.

  3. I feel like I can predict her future if you tell me what label she is on. lol

  4. Her music was way too mature for her age. I did not like the way she was coming across as a 17 year old. I remember her doing an award show that Steve Harvey was hosting and he was like what – this girl is 16 – she looked like she was 25 the way shw was dressed!

    She just needs to slow down and get with the right people to develop her talent.

  5. And we all know what kind of female artist Def Jam likes…lol

  6. (it’s official)according to her myspace page i looked at it says Teairra Mari will be on violator/interscope records debuting her new album.This is the record label missy elliot, q-tip, busta rhymes and norega was affiliated wit.I didnt even know violator still exsist lol but hopefully it will work out for her im glad that she is coming back out i was wondering what ever happend to her i think she is a better singer than Rihanna i haven’t seen her dance though maybe she will come out dancing she always looked older than some of these young female r&b singers out now :brownsista:

  7. I have heard so many rumors about her over the last few years.She was suppose to release an album last year but then Jay dropped her.I read on one of her fan boards that she went back to school to graduate but then got pregnant by some young rapper and had a baby that died.Someone even posted what was said to be a pic of the baby.I don’t know if any of it is true though.Her music was too grown for her but I doubt she wrote those songs so the adults who handled her are the ones who screwed up, not her.

  8. Honestly, I never saw her before but I do remember hearing this song on the radio once or twice before. She’s a cute girl and video. I need to hear another song by her to judge her voice – this one doesn’t indicate whether or not she has amazing talent.

    But I’m always pushing for young sistas to do their thing so I hope her new album does well.

  9. Teairra Mari always had MORE talent than Rihanna and can actually sing. I’m not talking about Ciara “sing” I’m talking about real acapella singing. They gave her the WRONG image, she acted WAY WAY too grown, and let me tell you Jay-Z dropping her was more of a blessing than anything. Teairra had too much potential to stay there, when I see what Rihanna has become I’m somehow glad Teairra left.

  10. Corr : I’m somehow glad Teairra GOT DROPPED.

  11. [quote comment=”6603″]I feel like I can predict her future if you tell me what label she is on. lol[/quote]
    Label: Interscope

    Management: Violator

  12. We’ll hopefully Tiara comes out better than she has been. I know her personaly cause she’s my cousin’s BFF. She is talented and it has nothing to do with her being light-skin, she has a beautiful complexion and dark-skin girls get famous too. You must have some type of resentment or else you would not have made that stupid comment and you know who you are with that stupid name.

  13. I remember this song.

    Yes she was definitely too young to be singing about that.

  14. i liked a couple of her songs…i actually wouldnt mind hearing what she’s going to put out next :thumbsup:

  15. I remember her name more than her. I remember reading about her in VIBE; I think she was featured in their “NEXT” column. I remember reading about Akon too, now look where he’s at today. 🙂 So maybe this move will be good for her. I wish her the best.

  16. :dance2: …I liked Teairra, I agree that she was acting WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too grown. Hopefully she will do better the second time around. She really can sing.

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