Teairra Mari Shows Off Her “Body”

When I first saw the video for Teairra Mari’s single “Body,” I actually sat staring at my computer screen for about 2 minutes trying to think of something nice to say. After not coming up with anything, I simply decided to tell the truth.

It sucks.

Teairra’s voice is just too good for mess like this. This song is awful and the video comes off as desperate. I think she needs to regroup and come back with a new team of writers and producers. A top notch manager wouldn’t hurt either. Teairra needs someone to help guide her career and not further into the gutter as these classless videos and singles are doing.

Teairra can do better.


  1. LOL, tell us how you really feel Sista LOL love the honesty :). She is such a pretty girl and can sing and dance but she def needs to get w/a better team that’s going to go all out and promote her the way she should be.

    SN. It’s hard to believe her and Rihanna came from the same team in the beginning and now Rihanna has paved a lane for herself while Teirra is still trying to catch a break and that’s too bad because she actually can sing. 🙁 Good luck to her

  2. Her voice is pretty good. better than rihanna/keri, etc. but the thing is, she does’t have hit potential and though her voice is good, its not all that!

  3. She needs to fire everyone who thought this was a good idea. I like her voice but sista is right this does suck.

  4. She is so pretty and she has a pretty good voice. She just needs better songs.

  5. CHEAP,CHEAP,CHEAP!!!! I agree she needs to start all over again. Garbage! I think she knows this but she is so desperate to do something she is doing anything. T if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything, like this wack video.

  6. I’m so sad that Teairra keeps missing the mark! She’s close, but something is always a bit off with her & her music.
    I love her. I think her voice is great, but this video doesn’t match the song—-too much sexy for a silly little song like “Body”. I’m really disgusted that BET banned her video “Sponsor” because I really think that would ‘ve been great for her career; not to mention I loved the song! I hope she and her team can pull it together! She deserves it!

  7. I remember when her and Rihanna came out at the same time. I said then that neither of them would last. Obviously I was dead wrong about Rihanna, but spot on with Teairra Mari. She’s what you call thirsty. Poor thing.

  8. I respect her Hustle, but girlfriend needs new music!! this is just trash, she needs more R&B like Letoya Luckett, shes cute, she just needs the right team!!!

  9. JESUS christ! yes her voice is great BUT like most said her singles are always “almost good” this song I found to be a lil cheesey. then the concept of the video was cheesey-er! smh. shes a very attractive girl but why they keep giving her these corny singles??!!!!! 🙁

  10. @Rene it’s “Comme c’est terrible” I would apreciate it if people knew what they were about to write, google translate is not your friend 🙂

    As for Teirra, i’m just going to have to say no.

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