Teairra Mari’s New Album Gets Pushed Back

Teairra Mari Fo’ Reel Entertainment has decided to push back Teairra Mari’s sophomore album, At That Point, from it’s original release date of April 7th, to sometime in the early summer. The decision to delay the album came after Fo Reel and Warner Bros. Records joined forces to get behind the album. This will be Teairra’s first CD since being dropped from Def Jam back in 2005 and it appears both labels think the singer has what it takes to make it, if they can get the right songs together for the project. Therefore, the singer has gone back into the studio and is expected to drop a second single within the coming weeks, as Hunt 4 U has not performed the way either label expected it to.



  1. I don’ t Like her, I just don’t, I’ m not going to support her, and i will still have my snicker candy bar whether she is pushed back or not, Her singles are weak, Her personality is non existent, and i just don’ t think she has any type of Talent so Whatev!

  2. Stephie i just did and yes indeed she has some good pipes on her, I didn’t know you were a b.Scott lover lool,She has some good pipes on her, but idk i guess i’ m waiting for her to bring something Hot hunt4u was good at first then i started to hate it Lool

  3. Hunt 4 U is a tragic mess…just like C. Milian’s new single which I don’t even remember the name.

  4. T Is talented,It’ s her attitude that i didn’t like back in the day,However i believe she grew up and i’ m happy for her, Whenever she decides to drop the album i’ ll give her a chance.

  5. Its all good and well being able to sing but if your songs don’t reflect your vocal ability then noone will know your a good singer. Her songs are incredibly boring, badly written, badly composed and have no soul and are not good enough to attract mainstream attention.

    With the right songs that showcase her vocal skills she could stand a chance of doing well, but artists these days need to learn that they have to establish a solid fanbase instead of trying to compete with those that are already doing well (i.e. Ri, Bey etc). Terri tries so hard to compete with those girls and it shows, like ciara she needs to understand that its better to establish a solid fanbase before trying to compete with the mainstream artsts. Good luck to her though

  6. “Its all good and well being able to sing but if your songs don’t reflect your vocal ability then noone will know your a good singer.”

    Yes :hifive: Yes :hifive: Hell yeah,Until steph gave me that link i could have sworn the girl couldn’t sing that well

  7. Pushbacks suck.

    Good luck to her.

    Maybe she should go ahead and just release; artists (record companies) get so spooked nowadays.

  8. Poor thang needs to just hang it up…she would make a beautiful model or actress….

  9. Remember when artisist use to debut songs. Now all you get is a bunch of photographs. I think what is happening is the over sexy thing is playing out and now the record companies don’t know what to do. When the leader of the over sexy can’t sale what chance do the rest of these girls have. This is just a thought how about we go back to show casing the songs these young ladies will be putting out. They say her album is being pushed back the only thing I have seen of this young ladies are half naked photographs. I haven’t heard a song from her.

  10. It is hard making it in the industry today. Teairra is no less talented than Rihanna. She just ended up with crappy songs while Rihanna ended up with really great pop tunes that were age appropriate. Songs like No Daddy and Make A Girl Feel Good made 17 year old Teairra too risky for many stations to play. I think her broken home life contributed to the songs that were written for her. The sista can sing and with the right songs she can be just as successful as Rihanna. Vocally Teairra is better and neither has that great of a stage presence. Whatever happens I just wish her the best.

  11. I think she’s talented. I will support her when she comes out.

  12. @Dark sista but was it the truth girl. I mean how much skin can you show before it gets boring.

  13. she is not doing enough…..she needs to buy a hip and butt pads,blue contact lenses,bleach her skin,get a blonde weave…shake the stiff but pad then she will get hits.

  14. When I watched that B Scott interview with Tea M last summer it made me want to see her succeed. As I have posted before, I am not familiar with her first CD so I don’t hold any grudges. I think she can sing and she is likeable and attractive. I really hope that Warner Bros put some real money behind her and pick the best singles so that she can go as far in the music industry as possible.

    Many blessings to Ms. Teairra.

  15. This girl is wack!
    I Never tlk stuff bout fellow artists because i know how the music bizz can be but she just dnt got it…
    Christina millian can sing betta then her nd she aint the most talented lady in da world..lol…After “No Daddy” came out when it did, i completely lost interest in her…..Shes a Wanna Be “Beyonce”..It aint happinen babe sorry!!!!…LATOYA LUCKETT IS WHO IS TALENTED =)

  16. I see 2 mistakes that Teairra has made since the comback. She seems to be trying to slut up her image. Which is never good. I think alot of people will agree with me when I say that she is talented. She got dropped from her label because she was marketed all wrong. Her label back then had her putting out the wrong stuff.

    Now her label isn’t involved and it still isn’t right. Why the hell did they put out that weak a55 hunt for you with wack a55 pleasure p. They should have released U Said as a single, it tells her story. It tells what got her to this “Point” and it has feeling. That other song is just watered down and generic. Not to metion the utter cheapness that was the video. :thumbsdown:

    Message to Teairras label. She can sing, so keep her wholesome, and don’t screw her around with the song choices. Get her to write her own stuff. They probably won’t read this, but oh well.

  17. @ Hollywood :iagree:


    @ Whoever said she had just as much talent as Rihanna, I agree. She has more talent as Rihanna in the singing department, she has more range. But the thing is, sistas in the church choir have more talent than Rihanna, Teairra Mari, and Keyshia Cole put together, so it isn’t about that. It’s the way that they were marketed. Rihanna put out songs true to her age, and her image wasn’t too grown up, the complete opposite of Teairra Mari. Broken home or not, a seventeen year old female singer, not seventeen year old male rapper, its a difference wether we like it or not. Anyways no one wants to see a young girl, under 18 with a parental advisory on the album. She was cussing and singing about sex. That just wasn’t a good look, and I think that had something to do with her failing as well. Even though Rih Rih didnt’ sale many albums either, she still had that wholesome girl next door thing going, she wasn’t intimidating, and that’s what the buying crowd wanted in the end.

  18. @ truthteller f – off!! 4 reak thou, she is so boring. Nowadays wen ur a new artist u gotta b unique, her swagga is LAME!! Iwud neva buy her album!!

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