Teairra Steps Out+Shoots New Video

Singer Teairra Mari attends Flaunt Magazine’s 10th anniversary and annual holiday toy drive at The Wayne Kao Mansion on December 18th 2008 in Los Angeles, California.

Teairra, who is still looking to make that illusive comeback, recently revealed that Hunt 4 U would be the next single from her sophomore CD, due to be released sometime in 2009.

Tentatively titled, At That Point, the CD will be released via Teairra’s new label, Foreel/Interscope.

New images of the singer on the set of her new video with Pleasure P were also released today. You can check them out below.

Very Sasha Fierce dont’cha think?


  1. She’s cute! But I can see why Rhi was chosen instead! You just have to compare these pics to the ones posted in the previous post (Rhi in Paris)!

    I hope she will do well!

  2. I love the stocking but not with that get up. Some people make it work and some do not. She cute but nooooooooo.

  3. “Very Sasha Fierce dont’cha think?”

    Dang Stephanie. So you thought might as well start the drama yourself huh?? 😆

  4. yes she is very sasha fierce/rihanna in those pics. she is still pretty though, and she can sing.

    ps: his name is actually Pleasure P, formerly of pretty ricky

  5. Stephanie now I know my eyes were not deceiving me when I 1st saw these pics :lol:. I had to do a double take. She does resemble B in these pics especially in the 1st…and it’s not just the makeup & hairstyle although it’s like the Get Me Bodied look mix with Single Ladies.

    She has grown into a beautiful woman…look at hose eyes and cheek bone. I like the outfit minus the black tights with a better glove. She has voice and beauty. I hope she chooses good singles.

  6. WOW! she looks nice! I really hope she does well this time around…..

  7. @ Marie, but she is a better singer than Rihanna for sure. Anyway, wish her the best! She has a good voice too! She just needs good music and good promotion.

  8. She’s cute. Alright steph don’t get me stared b/c you know Rihanna had the Dark eye make up in her Disturbia video 😆

    Just thought I’d throw that out there.

  9. Wow. Stephanie, you just tempting the stan-nation to come riding in, aren’t you?

    Sasha Fierce?

    One might argue her look is very Breakfast at Tiffany’s … from the neck up; or very Cleopatra…from the neck up; or very Bardot…from the neck up.

    My point? The heavy eye makeup and dream of Jeannie ponytail looks has inspired and been inspired from many different ‘images’…….

    I’m wondering if her music will reflect her look and vice versa? Anyhoo, those stockings are horrendous (is that from the Lindsay Lohan collection?) but she’s a pretty young lady, and I wish her well.


  10. very rihanna because thats who sasha is :lol2: with long hair
    she’s o.k singin wise i nothing new, nothing different .cute girl

  11. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: SWEETIE…YOUR NOT SASHA FIERCE. SIMPLE…..CAN WE SAY BEY-ANNA. TRY AGAIN MUDDA SUCKA!!!!!!! :booty:

  12. shes pretty..she looks like alicia keys to me..good luck to her..im looking forward to knew faces and voices in 2009!

  13. Beyonce has had just about every look possible to mankind…so I guess at this point everyone considers anything anyone else does to be copying her……..I disagree with this because many of Beyonce’s looks are inspired by looks of the past….so everybody is borrowing from everybody…..it’s not that everybody is trying to be Beyonce :noway:

  14. very disturbia….riri is inspiring everyone right now….even kanye west said it….who inspired sasha fierce?…..cant wait to c if supa c dsnt look like riri bcoz her video looked very edgy even keri looks a bit like riri….its a trend,so good luck to all them.

  15. Sasha Fierce could only wish her makeup was as on point. Even though Rihanna didn’t invent the look, she (or her makeup people) thought to “recycle” it in these times. T M’s makeup is flawless!

  16. TM is very nice in the photos. I love her eye makeup and it is a good look for her. Might as well come out with a bang. I wish her the best as well.

  17. she’s very pretty, i haven’t had the opportunity to hear her single yet.

  18. I wish her much success, I hate that def jam kicked her to the curb for RiRi…the gloves got to go though 😆

  19. She is cute and I like the eye make up on her. I wouldn’t try it but it fits her.

  20. wateva SASHA FIERCE been in perspective since the final DC days. Just watched the DVD lastnight and they were calling her SASHA..So Rhi hasnt inspired Bey’s “ALTER EGO” Bey has inspired that bytch from the jump when her bajan ass first came out, tryna sing and look like Bey. PU 🙄 LEASE. When Rhi can sing dance and walk all at once then you can compare her to the FABULOUS BEYONCE. Until then beat it! :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :booty:

  21. She is trying so hard to give us Sasha Fierce :lol2: Give it up T! You a cute girl and all but you’re no Beyonce or Sasha Fierce. Please stay in your lane sweetie as Rihanna has and just work your way up from there.

  22. Keeping it Real, People mean the style… Beyonce’s Sasha existed before Rihanna but not this style… But I agree about Teairra…

  23. :stop: Why did you have to mention Sasha Fierce. She looks like Teairra. Beyonce didn’t corner the market on the eye make-up and Bey is always stealing from others……….ALWAYS!!! Trends are trends. They aren’t made to be worn by just one person. If girls cut their hair short are the trying to look like Rhianna. No, they liked what she did and cut their hair.

    This site is supposed to support all Black women. Let’s celebrate that the girl is coming back. Should everyone just sit down and let Bey sing? They did Diana Ross the same way and look at her now.

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