Teaser: Disney’s “Frog Princess” Makes Her Debut

We’ve been hearing about Disney’s first Black princess for a while now, and today the studio giant finally released a brief teaser trailer that introduces us to both princess and frog in the animated Princess and the Frog. The story is described as “a fairy tale centered on a young girl named Princess Tiana who lives in New Orleans’ French Quarter during the Jazz Age.” Princess Tiana is voiced by Dreamgirl Anika Noni Rose and the film is tentatively slated to hit movie theaters on Christmas Day 2009.


  1. I like it. It’s cute and Anika’s voice is so meant for the part.

  2. Anika has a beautiful voice and I am looking forward to watching this movie with my daughter. She is a fan of all of the Disney princesses and I’m overjoyed that there will be a black princess added to the line-up.

  3. A Black princess from Disney? It’s about time.

  4. Very cute! I just hope that Disney puts as much PR on this movie as their other movies. I want to see these characters in a Happy Meal!!!! I will support it.

  5. So happy for Anika Noni Rose. She has a wonderful voice and this time no pop divas are gonna steal her ‘Spotlight”.

    I am sorry. I couldn’t help myself.

    Click name please.

  6. omg!!!!!!!!! after these years disney decided to create a black princess, it is so sad that in 2008 we are still in the era of saying our 1st black………….. i’m a stay at home mother of three little girls and me and some of the other mothers were just complaining about how tired we are of hanna montanna and all of these other white figures that our daughters are constantly trying to immulate because that is all they see on the children channels. i hope that they invest in this black princess the same as they do the other animated figures,and i hope that we as black parents support only this doll that way maybe it will be around for years to come and our daughters won’t have to question their nose,lips,ass, skin color, hair,or beauty because they will see themselves reflected on tv also. i think they should have went further and made the princess hair more kinky or gave her some dreads, if they are going to call her black go all the way we don’t need to see anymore caucasian features on the black princess!!!!!!!!

  7. Cute enough. I like the way they drew her, I think black girls will be able to relate to her enough. Finally little girls can be someone other than Princess Jasmine, or if you couldn’t get that outfit, Pocahontas. As I recall Halloween, they were pretty much the only choices when it came to the Disney Princesses.

    I’m glad they decided not to make her a maid named “Maddie” after all. I hope someone hit whoever thought that was a good idea with a chair.

  8. *geez* Christmas 2009??!!

    I’m anxious to see this movie:)

  9. Anika Noni Rose – the real underrated and overshadowed “Dreamgirl.”

  10. guys they have had a lot of problems with this film. from name changes of the main characters to entire story line changes because a lot of people thought the story line was racist. i would recommend viewing this film before taking your child to it. i’ve heard the final storyline and it was filled with stereotypes.

  11. Awww thats funny! Wow Anika’s voice is sooo sweet.

    I’m glad that they have done this but i just wanted to say that i wished it was a new story created to explain the black princess character rather than an old story but with a black princess.

    That aside, does that mean that the frog prince will be black too? that would also make it another 1st.

  12. I don’t know how I feel about this. I’m going to go see it because I’m interested but after all the changes they made to this story be politically correct, I think they may have actually ruined it. We’ll see….

  13. We have to support this movie or else Disney will never make a movie featuring a black person as a lead. All the other movies were box office hits and are classics.

  14. Wow, it is about time Disney had a black princess, look how long Disney have been around making films…..
    But we still have to wait till 2009????? Man…..

    But this looks kinda funny, I would go and see it.

  15. Um I don’t want to seem like the black woman that is hard to please but…that little but that was talking at the end looked like a drunk or something with no teeth. *sigh* but I will keep an open mind. It could be very nice, and I am over all pleased with the idea.


  17. The movie looks cute, but I dont like the voice. I wish she had a more normal voice, with out the attitude. Not every black person speaks like that. I dont.

  18. Yeah that little bug is bothering me too. And I cosign with you voo900.

  19. The problem that I have with it is that her prince doesn’t turn out to be a Black man. When they first came out with this, her prince was a White guy, then they changed it to an Arab guy after complaints.

  20. bout damn time. i have boycotted Disney for years because of our lack of representation in their animated films.

  21. cute clip. i’m grown and i’ll go see this one. lol

  22. You know , lets just be happ y Disney is doing something finally, I mean realy black folks you know we are HARD TO PLEASE , so anything Dis does or not do we would find something to object about,…come on we already have people complaing cause the prince is not black , so what I think that sends a great message to black girls that your prince may not come in only one color . Because as the black queens of us already know black kings are very difficult to find cause the numbers just aren’t there due to various reasons; financial and carrer compatiable, prison system, black men choosing white women at an alarming rate, black men choosing to DL/Gay just the same…so we need to let our little black princess that they have options and they dont have to feel guilty for it.

    ….any way , I know theres going somthings about this movie that will make us wanna holla , but please lets support it so there COULD BE a next time , and Disney could do better!!

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