Teaser: Rihanna as Marion Crane on ‘Bates Motel’


Eye Candy: Rihanna as Marion Crane on ‘Bates Motel’

Here it is, Navy, your first look at Rihanna as Marion Crane on Bates Motel. The A&E drama will reportedly close out its fifth and final season by returning to its origins. The show has finally reached a point where the action will begin to coincide with the plot from the film, thus giving us the murderous, cross-dressing Norman we’ve all been waiting for, and Marion Crane, the iconic character made famous by actress Janet Leigh in the original 1960 film Psycho.

Fans expecting the show to parallel the film, however, are in for a treat, as it will not according to executive producer Carlton Cuse.

Cuse called the idea of ending the show where the film begins “lazy” and says he believes fans will be more than pleased with their spin on things when the show returns on February 20th.

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  1. Pretty lady. I never got into this show. Hope she does well and her fans enjoy.

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