Terri J. Vaughn Celebrates Her Birthday

Lovita Alizay Jenkins, better known to many of us as actress Terri J. Vaughn, celebrated her 40th birthday over the weekend. The actress was joined by friends Rozanda ‘Chili” Thomas, as well as fellow actresses Malinda Williams and Jazsmin Lewis.

For those of you who still haven’t checked out Terri’s documentary “Angels Can’t Help But Laugh”, please do so now. It features commentary and interviews from actresses Meagan Good, Jasmine Guy, Regina King and many others.

Angels Can’t Help But Laugh


  1. These sistas look great. I hate they get work once in a blue moon. Anyways Terri, Chili, and Malinda all look great. Malinda is just gorgeous her and Chili haven’t aged a bit.

  2. Happy B-Day LeVita Jenkins! LOL

    She’s cute 🙂 and talented. I wish her well.

  3. KANYADE, I looked for the correct spelling of her name and everywhere I lookd it was spelled Lovita- so I went with that- lol.

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