Teyana Taylor Lights Up South African GQ

Teyana Taylor Covers South African GQ

Teyana Taylor Covers South African GQ

Teyana Taylor is covering the September edition of GQ South Africa. The multi-talented diva oozes body goals in a six-page pictorial lensed by celebrity photographer Bryce Thompson. For her cover story, Teyana touched on a multitude of topics, including her athletic clothing line and Footlocker campaign which features her sixteen-month old daughter Junie.

Teyana is also back in the studio, recording new music she says will be featured in the upcoming fourth installment of the Honey franchise. As previously reported, the film is being resurrected for its 15th anniversary, with director Billie Woodruff once again set to helm the project. Previous versions of Honey, which is loosely based on choreographer Laurieann Gibson’s career, starred Jessica Alba (Honey), Katerina Graham (Honey 2) and Cassie Ventura (Honey 3: Dare to Dance).

Honey went into production earlier this year and is expected to be released via video-on-demand. Fans in need of a Teyana fix now can always hit up her social media pages or check out her Fade2Fit live stream online.

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