Teyana Taylor Previews ‘Fade 2 Fit’ Fitness Plan


Teyana Taylor Intros ‘Fade 2 Fit’ Workout

Teyana Taylor continues to make good use of the fifteen minutes of fame she acquired after appearing in Kanye West’s sultry Fade video. Along with securing television roles and a new record deal, Teyana is also set to release her own digital fitness program, which she just previewed for fans moments ago.

According to Teyana, dancing is how she keeps her body so enviably sculpted. Fans who want to participate in her program are asked to sign up and stay tuned for details.

So, if you’re one of the millions of women who claimed you were gonna hit the gym after seeing Teyana in Fade, but never did, this just might be the workout plan for you. Feel free to check it out at: www.fade2fit.com.


  1. That chick is bad. She needs to milk those 15 minutes as long as she can. The industry is brutal.

  2. Do your thang Miss Taylor. I hope to see more of her, especially on television. She’d make a great addition to Star on Fox.

  3. I think so too, Janai. Teyana is super talented, she just needs to right vehicle to show off her many gifts.

  4. Kudos to her for this. Ride that train ’til the wheels fall off. Also, her baby is just the cutest!!!

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