Teyana Taylor Goes Honey Blonde for New York Fashion Week


Teyana Taylor Debuts New Look at Fashion Week

Teyana Taylor’s latest makeover is taking me back to the early 90’s. The Reebok Brand Ambassador has been spotted around New York Fashion Week looking like she had a run-in with a bottle of Clairol Honey Blonde. Those of you old enough to remember having to dye your hair this color- rather than weave it in- will totally get the reference. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone with this drastic a hair color since Mary J. Blige, circa her breakthrough What’s the 411 era.

Earlier this week Teyana tweeted about her new do, saying it was something she was “trying out” and that her husband and 14-month old daughter, Junie, “approved.” Teyana also alluded to the style being for work purposes, saying the look was a “requirement” for a project she’s currently working on.

Teyana recently secured a recurring role on the upcoming VH1 hip-hop drama The Breaks. The series picks up where the 2016 film left off, chronicling the lives of three friends trying to make it big in the competitive world of 90’s hip-hop. You can check out a clip of Teyana below, sans the blonde do, which I’m sure will be unveiled once her character makes it big.

The Breaks debuts February 20th at 9/8C.


  1. It’s the color of a rusty nail and I’m ashamed to say around 1992 I was walking around looking just like this.

  2. looks more strawberry blonde than honey blonde to me. more red than yellow.

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