Teyana Taylor Invites You Into “Her Room”

Budding singer, actress and all around socialite, Teyana Taylor, has just released the viral video for her female take on Drake’s new single “Marvin’s Room.”

Titled “Her Room,” Teyana says her version is meant to uplift and tell the side of a break-up from a woman’s point video.

The clip is directed by TAJ, and features a scantily clad Teyana doing all she can to give Ciara some competition in best body department.

Give the video a once over below and let us know what you think.


  1. I love teyana. The video is ok. I’m just waiting on the chance where she can really show the world her talent in a big way.

  2. The lauryn hill interpolation at the end with the crescendo was beautiful, I really felt it. I think she should make a real album. Right now, she is still a socialite, she has the potential and the resources to be a star,

  3. I like Teyana…I can feel her…like her vocals, I know people like Jojo’s version better, but I don’t compare singers by voice, but by feeling and as an individual “artist”…if she chooses the right mix of rn’b and pop…she has a great chance to become big!!!…we could sure use the diversity…love her look!…those rock hard abs are incredible…she’s a star in the making…the right single at the right time…maybe a caribbean inspired dance song…a hot live performance…I look forward to her dropping an album too…I wish Teyana the best!

  4. I must say I like it. I like that she has her own voice, she doesn’t sound like anybody else. And the body is inspirational. To on T!

  5. I love it! I think this girl has so much potential. And I would love for her to remake a Lauryn Hill song. KUDOS to Teyana!

  6. Vocally girlfriend can sing. However, the song itself didn’t move me personally. With better material she could become a contender. Facially she looks like she came from the same tribe as Kimberly Elise. She has a cute shape but I think Melanie Fiona and Marsha Ambrosius are the ones to watch at this point in time. Bottom line, no matter how sexy you are or how good your voice is, the song itself, the music and the lyrics, have to be catchy and amazingly special (i.e. have that magical quality that makes you sing along and want to buy the CD). I wish her well though.

  7. It’s ok. Not something that I will go out and buy. Maybe it has to grow on me.

  8. Seriousley this grl is a star. She can do whatever sing, dance and she has some very beautiful assets her lips, cheek bones and her body is bangin… she could be a model. she has a lot of star quality

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