Teyana Taylor Has a New Gig

If rumors are to be believed, singer and wanna-be actress Teyana Taylor has been cast to play the role of Diana Ross in the upcoming film ‘Blondie: The Florence Ballard Story.’

This news comes straight from journalist Peter Benjaminson, who authored ‘The Lost Supreme: The Life of Dreamgirl Florence Ballard,’ the book from which the film will be based on.

Benjaminson says the title role of Florence will be played by singer Terry Dexter, with supporting roles to be played by Lahman Rucker (Tommy Chapmen- Florence’s Husband), Kandi Burress (Maxine Ballard- Florence’s Sister) and Billy Dee Williams (Rev. C.L. Franklin– Preacher, Civil Rights Activist, Aretha Franklin’s Father).

Previous reports of Faith Evans and Jurnee Smollett playing the role of Florence are true according to Benjaminson. However, he doesn’t say why the role was eventually passed on to Dexter.


  1. Florence wasnt biracial so why do they keep choosing those singers/actresses to play her? Same for Aretha trying to get Halle to play her. That’s like Tika Sumpter playing Lena Horne.

  2. The only reason Teyana Taylor should play Diana Ross is because of her hair. This is ridiculous.

  3. The cast or rumor cast doesn’t make any sense. I won’t watch this , it already sounds stupid. I’m so sick and tired of people acting like Diana Ross was this big bad Diva that destroyed so many lives. It wasn’t her fault that Barry Gordy fell in love with her, and realized early on that she was the one that could take Motown to a crossover audience. Now, Florence Ballard would have accepted that opportunity if she was given the chance. And I’ve seen TV1 special on Ballard, she ruined her own career by having a big mouth, and not staying in her lane. Diana had nothing to do with that, Diana was too concerned with her own career to be concerned with Florence. And if realistically, Diana had grace and poise, these black actresses nowadays don’t have that. Sorry.

  4. Get over yourselves. It is acting that is the point of acting. You don’t have to look exactly like the pereson to play a character but when they finish with you you will. We constantly complain they only want to put Beyonce in stuff then when they reach out and try to use other actresses you have this foolishness. Give the girl a chance. She just may be excellent at this role.

  5. Diana Ross should be played by a black actress that is glamorous and brings the sex appeal. Diana Ross is a living legend and Icon. An actress has to be glamorus like she is, or this will be the laughing stock of the century. I didn’t say anything about Beyonce. I would even say get Naomie Harris.

  6. I can’t believe I am saying this but I totally agree with Bohwe!

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