Teyana Taylor Samples Drake

Teyana Taylor’s emotional response to Drake’s new single “Marvin’s Room,” made the 20 year old singer a trending topic on Twitter after she performed the single via a live Ustream.

Teyana responded to the positive feedback she got about “Her Room” via Twitter, saying “I made ‘Her Room’ for the ladies to relate too! Feel it is ok to cry!”

Give the single a listen below and let us know what you think.


  1. Teyana sounds great…she’s had time to simmer…look forward to a full cd…if she dosen’t worry about being radio friendly…going hip hop, pop or rn’b…just craft beautiful songs (i.e. Adele and Janelle Monae) and this shows she definitely has the capacity to do so…she could have a huge record…there’s something there in her voice that’s special…real and relatable…not just her vocal ability, but the “it” and artistry factor…that can be easily swallowed up in sales and marketing…I immediately played this a few times!

    Go Teyana!

  2. This is wack. Original is better. I would love a female version that actually responded to Drake’s version instead of switching a couple lyrics around.

  3. This isn’t Good @ at! Smh.. Chile try again.. Go hard or go home

  4. I like the snippet of Lauryn Hill but Jojo’s version is 10x better. Not throwing shade at Teyana cause I really do like and actually do like her version, but Jojo did the d*mn thang with ‘Marvin’s Room.’ =)

  5. Mediocrity at its best. That being said, I don’t think I could do it better…lol…so do your thang Teyana

  6. I actually like her version better than the original one. I like her version better then jojo.. don’t get me wrong jojo version is hot!! but i felt that she change it up and made it her own version which iz hot!! n i luv her adlibs

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