Teyana & Teairra Take Kontrol

Check out the magazine cover that absolutely everyone is talking about. Can you say Fierce? Teyana Taylor and Teairra Mari brought the hotness for Kontrol Magazine’s “Rock & Romance” issue. Teyanna in particular is looking amazing and has so much untapped talent it isn’t even funny. Hopefully 2010 will be this beautiful Brown Sista’s breakout year.


  1. Ahhhhhh! Teanna looks scary….yet fierce. lol
    Teairra’s gown is amazing. She could so be miss USA.

    I like these 2 sistas.

  2. Teyana is hindered by Black on Black racism. She doesn’t have the right look that the industry hungers for. She oozes talent but can’t get any love. People like Casie on the other hand have the world just handed to them on a silver platter and yet don’t have a stitch of talent to speak of.

  3. Teyana Taylor this girl is so gorgous, her features are something serious.

  4. Hmmm…I’ve never heard of this magazine, nor Teyanna or Teirra. So, how did something about these two get top billing when there are more relevent news in the world? I mean, did Brownsista know that The matriarch of Ebony, Jet and Fashion Fair just passed away? I mean these people are pillars of our society and they get passed over by two people that haven’t even contributed to the profession they claim to belong to? Black people, we need to do better and set our priorities right in the New Year. SMDH!

  5. @Cicely I agree…Shes like another Fantasia..yearning for fame but doesnt have the look but can actually sing and have real talent. Never heard of this mag! Good Luck to them tryin to stay relevant.

  6. Both ladies look good esp. Teyanna.

    RED LIPSTICK- she/he probably didn’t hear about that news yet, be patient give them some time. Also are you talking about all black people???

  7. Neva heard of Teyana. but people keep saying she don’t got the look-you mean complexion, cuz face wise and body she is Bad. So ya’ll must mean the mixed look, with blond weave thing right? Tearri, yeah she is pretty but noting special talent wise. I was sooo turned off when i saw that clip of her riding that dud like a donkey. It wasn’t that serious 2 get back in the game or put a spotlight on her.

  8. Want to know what Teyana Taylor does for a living? Absolutely nothing! And this is coming from her own mouth, not mine.

    Check out her interview with Egypt here where she says it herself. I won’t post the link because my comment might not go through, but please “google me baby” and search for Teyana Taylor and Egypt Said So:

    Here’s the deal. I have a Lipgloss line coming out called “Dope lips.” We are still developing it but I’m excited because we have ‘Salute The Nude’ under the lipgloss line for all the girls who like nude colors. It will come in all different shades. The website is http://www.DopeLips.com I’m a Songwriter too, I’m about to write for Blackstreet and Usher. I wrote a Timbaland track for Usher, Teddy Riley heard it and said “That’s crazy!! If Usher don’t want it then bring it here.” So now I’m about to write for their album. I’m writing stuff with Chris Brown, Omarion, oh and I’m about to start getting in with Brandy too. So I am really heavy into songwriting. I have my own publishing company called “I Am McLovin Publishing”. I am also hosting the Jamaican Awards (YVA) in Kingston in February because the kids in Jamaica love me. I didn’t even realize I had so many Jamaican Fans. I’m in the newest Source magazine with Yung Money on the cover and I’m about to do the covers of Persona and Bleu Magazines. I’m a model too! I modeled for Zac Posen and Deisel during “Fashion Week” in Miami. And I did a campaign for “Married to the Mob.”

    – It’s 2010 and that lip gloss has YET to show up in stores. When or IF y’all see that in Macy’s or Rite Aid let me know.
    – She writes songs, but none were ever picked up by any of those artists.
    – She shoots magazine covers for magazines no one has ever heard of.
    – She hosts award shows that aren’t broadcast anywhere on TV.

    So there you have it folks. I’m not being a hater, just keeping it real! She gets paid for doing little to nothing while there are far more people out there with actual talent barely scraping by.

    As for Teairra Mari, her new single “Sponsor” is all about having a man who does nothing but pay her way and spoil her with gifts. Enough said!

  9. Wish them both the best, but I don’t like the pic of Tierra grabbing through Teyanna’s legs AT ALL…that’s rather vulgar. Very Disteful.

  10. @ Hello city- Why exactly are you hating so much! At least she is trying to make a name for herself. She young, give her time. The last thing she needs is Your negative and unproductive comments. This site was designed to build Brownsistas up! Get with it and stop hating and it seems you went thru a lot of trouble to discredit her too! Sad!

  11. ~edgy~

    I hate pleats. Gah, I hate them.

    Teyana looks well into her 30s here. LOL. Let me stop. Srsly, both ‘young’ ladies are pretty. These images are ‘meh’.

  12. Teyana Taylor was an artist that was brought out by Pharrell around 2004/2005 and Teairra Mari was the first female R&B artist to be signed by Rockafella with Jay (before Rihanna). Teyana (though alot of you may not know her) is considered a teen triple threat. She can sing, rap, and act. Now we can add modeling to that category. It may seem that she does nothing but if you want to say that, then that would mean that none of the other celebrities really do anything either.

    I have never understood why celebrities are really celebrities anyway..we give them money to sing, rap, act, or create a style. And that warrants millions? LOL

  13. thank you RUSERIOUS you took the words right out….but she looks the fiercest. lol

  14. Well, I’ve known Teyana for a minute now. It is funny that so many comment on her being a nobdy yet just as her song says “Google Me”, you should do so. She is a triple threat to the game. I love the fact that she keeps it CLEAN, not like most of these raunchy chicks (i.e. rhianna) who seems to think being naked will warrant added attention. Plain and simple, she does what she do. As for the person who said she doesn’t model for known magazine and such, please look up your information before you start typing. She has been in PLENTY of well known magazines and walked down the runway for many famous designers. As it was said before, her look is hella different and we love it, from her rocker/urban style to the wild n crazy hair. Get ya game up before you start yappin’ about things you know NOTHING on!

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