Rihanna Performs In Abu Dhabi

Rumors of Rihanna being asked to tone down her sexy attire for her performance in Abu Dhabi clearly fell on deaf ears, as the singer showed up for her New Year’s gig dressed in full stripper chic. The pop/rock diva was joined by her band Madhouse for what was said to be a half-a-million dollar engagement at the Emirates Palace. Rihanna reportedly took to the stage just after 11pm and performed several of her hits- including SOS, Russian Roulette, and the biggest of them all, Umbrella. Check out pics below and video of her performing Breaking Dishes can be found here (You Tube).


  1. Why do those Muslim countries keep enviting people if their music and overall image doesn’t match their moral standards? Yes I know they cliamed the rumors were just that, but it is still odd and there has to be some truth to it seeing as how Beyonce decided to skip that part of the world rather than change who she was.

  2. Rihanna looks good, and if they(the sponser) doesn’t have a problem with it why should we?

  3. Rihanna is not a all out singer or performer….but her swagg is still hot

  4. that chair should be burned. the last thing she needs to do on stage is sit down.

    get up and perform like it’s your last RihRih!

    she looks good. hair is questionable.

  5. @KANYADE I agree

    (last thing she needs to do is sit down)….perform like it’s your last!

    lol cause what she Is doin’ I can do that in my living room and bedroom

  6. YES! I hate that chair for the performance. I love the Russian Roulette song but I think it can have a much better performance.

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