The After Party With Mr. & Mrs. Carter

Actress Joy Bryant and eighties rap superstar Sandra “Pepa” Denton were just two of the celebrity friends who came out for the Heart Of The City after party at Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club in New York City. In their first public appearance together since getting married last month, both Bey and Jay walked the red carpet for the paparazzi but did so separately. They did however pose together inside of the club with actress Joy Bryant and other club goers.

I think the public is just waiting for Jay to slob Bey down in public but that just ain’t gonna happen (lol). Absolutely nothing has changed for this couple since they married. They acted like they barely knew each other before they married and they’re acting the same way now. If nothing else- these two are consistent.


  1. LOL @ people wanting to see Jay slob Beyonce down.

    These two know what they are doing. Playing coy keeps folks talking. Mariah Carey and Rihanna have been taking notes.

    I wonder will Mariah wear her wedding ring or will she she keep pretending as well?

  2. Bey looks 100000 better here than at the museum of art fashion ! I love her style and her make up!!But i still don’t really like the hair color…

  3. I think Beyonce is expecting. Everything about her has been very low keyed lately. Even her makeup is very low keyed, her hair is not as blond and bleached. She just looks so different. And it seems like her and Jay have been spending so much more time together. Where as this time last year, she was just all over the place.

  4. What is up with Beyonce and that weird @ss pose? Anybody else notice that she always got her hands fixtated on her hips when she takes pictures as if she’s a robot or manequin. Loosen up!! LOL

    That’s all I have to say, these two does not interest me anymore….

  5. Jay-Z and Beyonce are so boring and played out. And this game playing with the public with not wearing wedding rings, hands in your pocket and wearing gloves is really getting old. I guess this is the only way to keep Ms. Beyonce in the news while she works on her new album.

  6. I`m not too familiar with Joy Bryant but I wish the sista the best in her acting career.

    Pepa, what can I say? Except that she can be a little on the wild side every now and then. She and Salt are definitely sailing in different directions.

  7. Bey and those “Dreamgirls” stockings! She is looking so cute; messed up the whole outfit with those ice skating support hose!

    Joy looks better with a little makeup!

    The party looks fun!

  8. Joy is such a pretty woman! Jay-Z has become such an admirable man, I guess the money really does make a person look good. I like Beyonce’s dress, accessories and shoes. I’m hating the stockings and not feeling the pink-faced makeup lately. Then again, I’ve always liked her best when she is glamorous and in diva mode.

  9. Every one looks cute but I’m loving Bee shoes!! OMG she look madd cute too. She looks ready to party!! 🙂

    But Peppa better work it!

  10. What a total attention whore. What’s with the damn gloves and shorts? Is that not odd. Were her legs hot but her hands cold? This bitch wants us to keep looking for a ring on her finger. She needs to get over herself cause people have already moved on to Mariah and Nick’s crazy asses.

  11. 😆 @ the comments. Looks like good times were had by all. I love Joys look.

  12. I tired of them so this be my last comment on them.

  13. Lady is that you in your Icon? I feel like I just met a friend for the first time. What’s up Sis?

  14. I too can NOT stand Bey’s hoisery!! It’s so grandmommaish on her and I wish she’d stop doing that. Every time my sis and I see her with them on we say, “There she goes with those damn granny legs, again! Don’ mess’d up the whole outfit!” I still luv her though ;-p

  15. Nne, I do agree on the Granny Stockings!!!!! I hate that too. I like it better when she wears the fishnets. Plus they look like spanks. In all it’s spring almost summer the stockings need to leave!! 🙂

  16. Beyonce looks so average when she is not all made up. But she is still a very cute girl.

  17. @Nefertari yes that is me. Make sure u keep me posted about the concert ok.

  18. Beyonce looks super cute in her picture, and finally she can breathe. Joy and Pepa are pretty as well. Someone does, indeed, love those stockings. She probably buys them in bulk. As far as her and Jay, they’re not among my favorites and I see no chemistry. They are no Brangelina.

  19. I like what Beyonce’s wearing she will always be a style icon for our generation, the assesories work to i like how she has the gloves matching with the dress, bu7t some people up here don’t understand fashion so they don’t know nothin about this.

  20. Bey’s outfit is on-point – except for the hoisery – there has to be a very good explanation for that. Jay & Bey are starting to look like an adorable couple to me. Pepa looks very pretty.

  21. I love Beyonce but I hate damn near every outfit she wears. Her House of Dereon clothes are horrible! I can never say “she looks good” or “I love this outfit”. Her hairstyles are usually on point. Her face is beautiful but he sense of fashion throws me off. I would like to see her with the darker brown shade of hair she sported on her rerelease of B’day (spanish).
    I wish her good luck on getting married. Jay and Bey should stay together. They would actually look good if they showed their love for eachother. I can see them on the cover of Black Enterprise magazine for some reason.

  22. I agree Beyonce’s stockings have to go, I also agree that she is expecting, I just believe it so hard. If so congrats but as far as her and Jay go, they don’t fascinate me any more, never really did. My friends (fans of Beys) are just now catching on to the whole “privacy publicity stunt”.

  23. Joy is a very pretty woman and she look like she is having fun. Peppa well what can you say it’s good to see her out and about. Seeing her just bring back memories of the salt and peppa days. Beyonce’s outfit is nice but I must agree with the rest the panty hose must go.

  24. whats up with the gloves & stockings?….bey has lost her mind!
    joy looks way better than her…
    pepa is looking good these days…im proud of her!

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