The Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

Move Over Unnatural Lotions, Hello Coconut Oil!

Surprisingly, coconut oil has just recently made its way to super stardom as one of the most spoken about beauty must haves. Recent studies have shown that coconut oil is characterized in a way that allows it to work wonders, not just on food but skin and hair also.

So what are the benefits of this remarkable oil?

Coconut oil is full of fatty essentials that act as anti-oxidants. In the misfortune of an extremely stretched myth, people were left believing that the fats found in coconut oil are that of the greasy kind! This oil has been demonstrated to lower cholesterol and should be used as part of a healthy diet.

This oil also works amazingly on the skin; it can be applied as an all-round moisturizer with excellent effects. Many commercial moisturizers are water based which eventually dry out the skin. Using coconut oil on the other hand leaves skin very moisturized as it goes far below the surface of the skin to allow deep moisture.

Coconut oil has also been proven to act as a sealant and a hair protein rejuvenator. This distinctive oil sustains the moisturisation of the hair fibre in means other oils just cannot. One of the key factors is the lightness of the oil that allows it to be fully absorbed into the hair.

This popular trend of pro naturalism will leave users benefitting from the effects in the long run. Coconut oil is proving to be a breakthrough that we should include as part of a health and beauty regimen.

Author: Hidaya W.
Tiwtter: @HidayaW


  1. Have been using olive oil and coconut oil for years. Always get the organic extra virgin kind. Wonderful for the skin. You will never again buy lotion and a little dab will do ya.

  2. I”ve been hearing about coco oil but I’ve yet to try it. I will though. Thanks for this write-up!

  3. Just ordered some Coconut Oil from Amazon the other day. Really excited to try the stuff.

    I was recently sitting in a doctor’s office and heard these Spanish women talking about how they use olive oil on their skin. I googled this and apparently people have been doing it for year.

    I’m gonna give it a try as well.

    All these oils I think are better being added to the skin just after a shower and while the skin is still moist.

  4. I love coconut oil. I have been using that stuff a lot. I like it because it is light weight. My parents and grandparents kept a steady supply of coconut oil for cooking, hair, and skin, so it has been popular for a while.

    It is funny how internet buzz makes people think certain things are newly popular, and then companies see the buzz and start advertizing it and using it in more of their products.

  5. People have been doing this since biblical days. Everything we need to survive, God has already supplied it to us in the Earth.

  6. I bought coconut oil once and tried it a couple times and no matter how little I use was always greasy but when it does absorb (hours later) my skin did feel great. Also not a big fan of the smell. I much prefer almond oil.

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