‘Best Man’ Sequel Gets Release Date

According to director Malcolm D. Lee, Universal Pictures has finally given him the greenlight to start shooting the sequel to his 1999 hit romantic comedy ‘The Best Man.’

As we reported some months ago, the entire cast met up for brunch with Lee and confirmed they would be willing to return should a sequel ever be approved.

Lee confirmed today that the entire lead cast, consisting of Nia Long, Taye Diggs, Sanaa Lathan, Terrence Howard, Monica Calhoun, Morris Chestnut, Melissa DeSousa and Harold Perrineau, would indeed be returning for the sequel.

Universal has set a release date of November 15, 2013 for the film, with shooting set to begin in Atlanta later this year.

At the time of its release, ‘The Best Man’ debuted #1 at the box office and grossed just over $35,000,000 in ticket sales.


  1. Hmmmm…not sure how to feel about this…yes these are quality actors but it’s been so long…guess we’ll wait and see

  2. It’s about time! We need more quality movies like these anyway…this could be good 🙂

  3. I hope it works! I think Macolm D. Lee is a wonderful director (Love “Undercover Brother”) and I wish he could make more films, as with Cassi Lemons, so talented and so many others…who can’t do what Tyler Perry has managed to do because of his niche market and base(church people).

    To see the cast together will be picture perfect at the very least!

  4. @ Nikki I agree, It’s definitely not needed….. People should learn 2 leave well enough alone!

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