The Bey is Back

House of Dereon, the luxury label birthed by mother/daughter duo Beyonce and Tina Knowles, has just unveiled their Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

The new ad campaign, fronted by Beyonce herself, was also showcased today, as well a newly revamped

The image was shot by famed photographer Tony Duran and features the pop diva wearing a structured stud-embellished khaki bodice and stacked bangles, all from the collection.

To check out more looks from the House of Dereon 2012 Spring/Summer collection, check out the video lookbook below.


  1. Some of those outfits in the video don’t look half bad. I actually like the Dereon bedding collection.

  2. never been i fan so im being honest when i say…she is really getting better with her designs. good for her, keep refining.

  3. Ironic how Beyonce’s always about being bootylicious and curvy, but HoD follows the status quo with using only skinny models. However, I’ll hold my judgement until the clothes hit stores–that is, if they ever do, since Bey and Tina have unveiled so many ad campaigns of clothing they’ve never stocked in department stores.

  4. @GiGi Im not a fan of Dereon period. But I do know for a fact that the “House of Dereon” Line which is the upscale version aka the clothes beyonce wears in her pics and etc are sold at places like Macy’s, and Bloomingdales. and other places where expensive things are sold. You’re not going to find any of the nicer clothes in places like Citi Trends or your other stores like that…..Thats what She has Dereon for. so that the people who cant afford HOD could get Dereon. And She also has alot of plus sizing clothing too.

  5. THUMBS UP TO @SAVETHEDREAM took the words right out of my mouth! i used to work at maces & was there when her line first launched & she made an appearance. awesome day! The collection is improving quite nicely

  6. It looks like tacky hoodrat clothes to screams cheap and ole girl will halk anything to keep her 20000 dollar lacefront habit from dying

  7. At least there is a progression of other models (not just Beyonce) in the video-ad. That’s great! The above pic is beautiful however I seen nothing of Dereon but everything of “another beautiful picture of Beyonce”. That’s what they need to move away from. Continue to show other models wearing their fashions. Give them just as much shine as the spokesperson (Beyonce) so that fans and consumers can see themselves in the clothing and not just see another image of Beyonce looking fabulous.

  8. Fake’ens, i’ve seen plenty hoodrats wearing this stuff and go to the club in it. Its so cheap though. I’ve also seen her stuff at bealls. kanyade, they will never leave beyonce out of the light. Its all about her. We never saw kimora all up in her stuff like that.

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