Black Woman’s Manifesto

Chicago based radio host Monique Caradine has put out her Black Women’s Manifesto for 2012. Fed up with what she calls the “sorry state of the black woman’s image,” Monique has come up with nine rules for sistas to live by in the coming New Year.

Ordinarily this type of thing would usually make me roll my eyes; however, I really liked what the sista had to say and her motives for saying them.

Monique’s manifesto, and its accompanying video, touch on many areas, including child rearing, self-image and speaking positives results into existence.

Check it out below.

1. We will strive for better health–mentally, physically and spiritually.
2. As mothers, we will put the BEST interest of our children FIRST.
3. We will absolutely NOT flirt with, lunch with, spend time with, share personal information with, engage in long conversation with, or have sex with another woman’s husband.
4. We will raise our standards and level of expectation when it comes to relationships.
5. We will vigorously protect our image in the media.
6. We will create a multiple-streams-of-income lifestyle.
7. We will ONLY speak words that give life.
8. We will lovingly forgive ourselves for bad decisions and stupid mistakes.
9. We will honor ourselves (and the God within us) everyday.


  1. I wasn’t going to read this article at first because like the author said I too often roll my eyes towards such topics, but I am very happy that I read this manifesto and even watched the video. Nicely thought out and uplifting 🙂

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