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Brazil Nut Body Butter After years of hearing about The Body Shop I finally decided to visit their website and give a few of their products a try. In the past I had heard their body butters were to die for and rumor even has it that Jennifer Lopez used her pull to get one of their shops to open up after hours just so she could buy a few cases of the legendary cream before leaving the country. But it wasn’t the name J-Lo that got me to purchase their creams. Instead it was the rave reviews of friends, family and dozens of acquaintances online who finally led me to try this line of beauty products.

So, with credit card in hand, I hit up The Body Shop’s website and went on a mini shopping spree. I of course picked up the Brazil Nut Body Butter, as well as the Vitamin E Moisture Cream, Milk & Honey Light Body Lotion, and two of their Lip Butter treatments.

My products came in the mail last week and I have been using them religiously- but not because I like them, but rather because they cost me almost $60.00. Much like Carol’s Daughter, I find the products from the Body Shop to be over priced and underwhelming.

I will start with my least favorite of all the products I ordered- the Vitamin E Moisture Cream. If you have very dry or even mildly dry skin, this product will not hydrate it. Once applied to your skin the cream vanishes, leaving nothing behind- not even the moisture it claims to supply.

Next up is the lip butters which you truly only need a little bit of. I dabbed some on without a mirror and when I finally got a glance of my face I was shocked to see a white ring around my lips. This stuff is no chapstick. You truly only need to use a very tiny pinch which will cover your bottom and top lip. What these lip butters won’t do however is moisturize your lips. They are basically overpriced tubs of Vaseline that evaporate very quickly leaving your lips dry and sticky feeling.

Last up is their body butter which I really expected to perform some sort of miracle based on all the things I had read about it. Needless to say this cream is no different than a million other creams you can buy from the local CVS and worst of all, it doesn’t even smell good. I at least expected it to smell good. If nothing else the Body Shop is known for it’s fabulous smelling products but this Brazil Nut Body Butter falls short. It smells almost as bad as the shea butter cream from Carol’s Daughter.

So, all in all, after spending a small fortune on fancy products with pretty packaging, I have found that what I needed I had all along. My $12.99 bottle of Neutrogena Sesame Oil does everything my body needs and then some. (( I haven’t used the Milk & Honey lotion so I could not give my opinion on that product. ))

Btw, a post on Afrobella got me to try the Sesame Oil, so do share your beauty secrets as well sistas and feel free to let us know which products you think are not worth our time or money.


  1. Hey Sista!
    I have only gone into the body shop once, to purchase a loofa. You can smell the store down the street, but for some reason I’ve never been tempted to purchase the creams and things…thank GOD! This brown child has no money to waist! Body Shop :noway:

  2. There body butters do smell good but you have to buy one of the scented ones. The nut butters and cocoa butters do not in my oponion smell good at all and I personally cannot stand the smell of cocoa butter.

  3. Some of the body butters – like the brazil nut, pink grapefruit and papaya – do smell too artificial. But the almond and cocoa butter ones are the business for black skin. They moisturise your skin all day without feeling too greasy.

  4. I hope you’re getting paid for this advertisement :dance:

    The mango body butter is on and poppin’

    I don’t like the lip butters…too greasy for such a sensitive part of your body :thumbsdown:

  5. :iagree: I have been using the Mango Body Butter for a while and it smells so good.
    Check out Carol’s Daughter….Those Products are Great.They have stuff for kids too.

  6. Best body butters are Strawberry and Passion Fruit. If you don’t want something that smells fruity but still smells good, I’d recommend the Shea body butter. I agree that it’s overpriced. However, I like that it gives the skin an almost glossy shine but it’s not greasy. I also highly recommend Bath & Bodyworks’ Need a Margarita Citrus Body Scrub. It’s the best exfoliating scrub around.

  7. The Neutrogena Sesame Oil is Good too. It’s Light and smells good.

  8. I love their Body Butters… well some of them. I find the Brazil Nut and Cocoa butters to be the best.
    Pink Grapefruit and Passionfruit are good for the scent.
    I think I’m the only fan of the Honey. I smells weird in the tub but really nice & sweet on my body.
    I wish Bath & Body Works would bring back their Cocoa Body Butter – it was really nice.

    Body Shop stuff has gone up about a dollar or so… It is too high.

    As for Carol’s Daughter, I think they’ve got the last dollar out of me. Nice idea and concept, not worth it and the products don’t deliver results (for me anyway).

  9. I’ve never shopped at The Body Shop and I probably won’t shop there, however I have ordered Carol’s Daughter products and I really like what she has. No wonder Mary and Jada are fans. My favorite products from her are the Ocean and Almond Cookie Shea Souffle. It’s not too light and it’s not too heavy, it’s just right. It’s intense and gives the right amount of moisture, and the good thing is they smell sooo good! You just can’t stop smelling yourself. Each 4oz is $12.00, so 2 for $24.00 aint bad at all. The Body and Bath Oils are nice, it’s not greasy and it also makes a good romantic massage oil too. I have the Ocean body oil and the Mango one. The cleansers are good they keep my skin feeling fresh and clean plus they don’t dry like regular soap. I will buy more products from Carol’s Daughter to me most of her products are worth every penny. But there are two things I don’t like about CD one is her fragrance, they smell real good but you can barely get any out. I have to keep pushing and pushing until the point that I have to pounce on it to get any perfume out. So if ya’ll want to buy any fragrance I suggest that you go to a department store and spray-test it before you buy it. Never order it. Two is the Original Mango Body Butter it’s too greasy and it smells really bad, it almost made me sick when I kept smelling it so I just threw it away. Other than that next time I will try the black vanilla leave-in conditioner and her lipglosses.
    When I’m not shopping online, I’m shopping at CVS for my favorite products like Vasaline Intensive Care Moisture locking lotion and I love Dove and Caress body washes. For my face I use Philosophy purity made simple cleanser and hope in a jar moisturizer, there great but you can get the same great effects with Neutrogena, Aveeno and Biore. Hope that helps. Happy Independence Day to everyone!!!

  10. :iagree: I have visited numerous body shop outlets and they all seem way too expensive. But the staffs are nice and friendly though!

  11. wow, I have never tried the body butters but the souffle’s are wonderful. I love love love them.

  12. ohhhhhhhhh and the body salts. man i love that stuff. im surprised at this article.

  13. The word butter in body creams has always turned me off. The name alone sounds like it will be greasy and I hate greasy creams or lotions. I agree that Neutrogena’s oil is great because you put it on while your skin is a little moist after a shower or bath and it is soaked right into the skin and dries without a trace leaving your skin so silky soft. I learned a long time ago not to but expensive creams or perfumes because they are usually no better than the stuff you can get right from your neighborhood pharmacy or convenience store.

  14. my comments are in reference to Carol’s daughter products.

    I am and forever will be a Bath and Body Works girl.

    I hate Victoria SEcrets. It smells good but it does nothing for moisturizing the skin.

  15. What do you guys use to remove blackheads on the nose? I have quite a few I just discovered and they look awful. I feel almost deformed. 😥

  16. The Bath & Body Works body butters are on sale for $5 each. I have never tried them but for $5 I think I will.

  17. Tamara’s 5 Beauty MUST-haves:

    1. Olay Moisturinse In Shower Body Lotion
    If you want a skin moisturizer that smells like a dream and keeps your skin soft and supple, this product, I can 100% guarantee you, will do the trick. You apply it to your skin in the shower, rinse it off, and not one lick of ash will be found on your skin for the rest of the day. I prefer to use it after I get out of the shower. I just put it on my damp skin and leave it – it’s like a perfume and lotion all in one. Price: $7.99

    2. Olay (Night of Olay) Firming Cream
    We all want tight, beautiful skin. This cream achieves that every time I apply it to my face. Once I wash my face at night, this Olay product goes right on and it starts getting my skin nice and taut right away. Wake up in the morning and all I see is smoothness. Price: $8.99

    3. Clean & Clear Liquid Cleanser
    I’ve been using this face wash since my freshman year at Florida State University. I tried it then and it made my pimples evaporate into thin air. I’ve tried other cleansers over the years (Cetaphil, various scrubs), but nothing has been as good to me as this product. Six years later, I’m still using it. Price: $4.99

    4. Neutrogena Home Microdermabrasion Kit
    I always heard about the microdermasion treatments celebrities indulged in to make their faces so flawless. Desperately, I wanted to get it too, but the amount of money for the treatment was beyond what I could afford. But alas, the genius idea to make it an affordable home treatment came about and I invested in Neutrogena’s version of it. It definitely buffed my skin and gave it a healthy glow. Price: $40.00

    5. Seabreeze Astringent
    I wear foundation. Foundation combined with the polluted air in this world takes more than a little face wash to get my skin totally clean. All the extra dirt and oil comes off when I use this astringent after I wash my face. It also helps to dry up pimples and leaves my face feeling fresh. Price: $3.99

  18. I have not tried any of The Body Shop products. However you are on the right track with Neutrogenia. My mother introduced me to Neutrogena when I was in high school and after trying different products such as proactive I have returned to Neutrogena. I also like Bath and Body Works their produts work very well to moisturize the skin. I don’t really care for Victoria’s Secret I find myself having to mix my regular lotion with their lotions to get enough moisture in my skin.

  19. Burts Bees Honey and Milk lotion are nice, they do moisturize the skin and they smell okay. I do not like the Burts Bees Apricot Baby Oil. It’s real greasy plus the apricot scent only stays in the bottle for two or three days after you buy it.

    Johnson’s Softoil in the lavender bottle is way better in fact that’s the best babyoil out. They also have a bodywash and softlotion which is good.

    I really love Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Ylang-Ylang Myrrh lotion that keeps my skin so soft.

  20. Sorry im going to have to disagree. I have been going to the Body Shop for a year now and have no intention of stopping. I have really dry skin and the Body Butters works perfectly fine for me. When I use them I dont even have to add any body spray. The scent stays with me the entire day. I usually use the Papaya,Mango,Coconut,Strawberry,Grapefruit. The stay on all day and will make heads turn. All of the other scents like the almond and cocoa butter tend to fade. :noway:

  21. [quote comment=”9899″]Tamara, great posts. I’m going to try #3 and 4 on your list :thumbsup:[/quote]

    Thanks Stephanie :koolaid: I hope they work as well for you as they did for me for you. And if they do, spread the word!

  22. I use the coconut, shea, or cocoa butter body butters from the Body Shop. I love the body butters and have been using them for a number of years. I would recommend these formulas for very dry skin. I also would recommend the cocoa butter body scrub as well. It’s absolutely amazing!!

  23. Carols Daughter hair products are probally the most over-rated products out there right now. I did not pay any mind to all the bad reviews on http://WWW.AMAZON.COM and ordered the products anyway to show my support for black business. I read the reviews and thought ‘dang why they hatin on the sista’s products like that?’ But now I see EXACTLY what they were talking about.

    I got the products (shampoo & conditioner) and now I want my money back. First of all, the shampoo DID NOT lather and left my hair a oily mess. Then to top it off both the shampoo and conditioner smelled way too strong. I get the sense that she concentrates more on adding all these oils and perfumes just to say these little fancy oils are in the product and really is not concentrating on the fact that it also needs to CLEAN your hair. Next time I will pay more attention to the reviews before I buy anything because those folks on Amazon were telling the truth!

  24. The CD products I purchased didn’t harm or help me so I just never ordered them again. The lip butter was fine but not good enough to justify the price. The shea butter was greasy and also gave me no benefit that would justify it’s price. I also ordered the face butter which it took me two tries to finally get. Each time I tried to order it the stuff was outta stock. That really excited me as I thought the stuff must be as good as I had heard. So good they can’t even keep it on the shelves. Unfortunately, when I got it the stuff gave me a pimple and was also greasy rather than creamy.

    The Body Shop Viatamin E cream is really bad you guys. Do not order this stuff and the lip butters I ordered are terrible. They leave a taste in your mouth at the back of your throat that is irritating. These butters cost $6 and should be of better quality than that. Anything made for your lips should not irritate you if it gets in your mouth or on your tongue. I can only imagine it will be also be unpleasant for anyone you may kiss as well.

    I tell you as I was using these products last night, trying to get my money’s worth out of them, I just shook my head at the money I wasted. From now on I am sticking to my Astarte face cream, Neutrogena body oil and good old Chapstick and Carmax lip products.

  25. [quote comment=”9870″]Burts Bees Honey and Milk lotion are nice, they do moisturize the skin and they smell okay. I do not like the Burts Bees Apricot Baby Oil.[/quote]

    I have tried a few Burt’s Bees products. I like their lip products- very tingly. I also have their Coconut Foot Creme. It is really greasy and honestly isn’t all that great. Anything greasy is not moisturizing. Grease sits on the skin and does not penetrate it and add moisture value at all.

    Honestly, I am a beauty products-aholic. I just love shopping for these types of things. Some people like shoe shopping- I like shopping for cosmetics and things of that nature. I am forever addicted and my next stop is Bath & Body Works. Those $5.00 body butters are just calling my name and I must respond 😆

  26. I’m a beauty product junkie too, but my thing is once I get tired of something I give or throw it away and move on to buying the next “extravagant” product. The best thing is to get something that works best on your skin whether it’s from the drugstore or a department store. The truth is one is just as good as the other.

    Like you Stef, my new found favorite store is Bath and Body Works. I bought this Aromatherapy Ylang-Ylang Myrrh body lotion and before I went out this morning I put it on. Thoughout the rest of the day my skin stayed soft and smooth. Not an ash was on me, my skin was glistening I reapplyed one time just now.

  27. I wait until the goods go on sale and then I spulrge. They recently had bottels of lotion on sale for $3.00, can’t beat that price.

  28. I heard about the Body Shop so now I’ll have to check it out. Cool site. I’ll have to bookmark it. Like the hammer icon. :dance2:

  29. :booty: I think most of u should touch my bare booty, honestly i agreed with the price issue until my friend a The Body Shop @ home party. Which was awesome, & i brought so much stuff, & i’m 20 & my skin was terrible, now after using the products for 1 month my skin is amazing & i still have more than 3/4 of the products left. I’ve been using the Vit C Face exfoliater, the Vit C Capsules, Jojoba face moisturiser, & Spa Wisdom hydrating puree. I honestly think you all should judge The Body Shop on your own, ppl don’t realise whats in the products that ur using, u need 2 take the time to find out becoz u may find the stuff ur using is not doing u any good & all The Body Shop stuff is full of many natural ingredients. Good Luck Shopping girls. 🙂

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  31. For anyone interested, the body shop is owned by Lo’real. They were just involved in a lawsuit for not wanting “ethnic” women to promote products, such as shampoo, in France. I, personally, love the Body Shop but now plan to buy my shea butter elsewhere.

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