The Braxton Sisters Get Summer Sexy

The Braxton sisters, minus big sister Toni, recently did a sexy summer photo shoot for Vibe magazine. The reality show starlets were photographed wearing some of the season’s hottest bathing suits from Victoria Secret, Xhilaration and W Swimwear.

The sisters, Trina, Tamar, Traci and Towanda, experienced huge success earlier this year when their reality series ‘Braxton Family Values’ became a ratings winner for the WeTV channel.

The show’s finale is scheduled to air tomorrow night, with the reunion show set to air right after.

You can check out a preview clip from the reunion show below and see what the sisters have to say about their upcoming album, as well as the criticism they get to read first hand from viewers on Twitter.


  1. Wow the girls look great. And the photoshop and air-brushing doesnt seem too over-the-top. Nice….I love their show !!!!

  2. Call me old fashioned or a straight up heterosexual female but Traci looks the best to me in the black. The baby blue is nice though maybe because it covers up more..

  3. The girls look great!…it’s nice to see them and their newfound success…especially, for Traci…she probably thought it would never happen for her…I wish them well and hope they do an inspirational album…I love their harmonies…sisters who sing, harmonize like nobody’s business…Go Braxtons!

  4. Tamar irks my nerves. How she acted on this show is a prime example of why Toni should NOT NEVER EVER do an album with her sisters. Toni has lupus and stress is the very last thing she needs. Working with Tamar and having to come to a consensus with 5 women will bring nothing but stress. Toni is a solo artist — always has been. Tamar wants her to be in a group. It’s like it’s one big slumber party that never ends for Tamar. Toni is a grown woman with her own career and success. This is not respected by Tamar. The sisters need to establish their identities outside of Toni and they are not going to do that if she is singing with them in a group. Since Tamar likes to remind people who she’s married to, maybe she should go on and do her own thing.

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