Ariana Neal to Play Young Nicki Minaj in ABC Family Comedy

Ariana Neal To Play Young NickiThe cast of Nicki Minaj’s upcoming ABC Family comedy has been announced. The network has reportedly found their young Nicki, casting eleven year old Fruitvale Station actress Ariana Neal in the lead role.

Other notable cast additions include Selita Ebanks as Nicki’s mother, Grace; Wesley Johnathan as her father, Vincent, and McCarrie McCausland as Nicki’s older brother Jaylen. Whoppi Goldberg has also been cast in a recurring role, playing the family’s kind-hearted, yet slightly nosy neighbor, Miss Martha.

The half-hour comedy is set to begin shooting within the next few weeks, reportedly in Nicki’s old Queens neighborhood. Tim Story, who directed Ride Along and Think Like a Man, is also set to direct the pilot.

I have pre-screen access to all ABC shows, so stay tuned, as I will surely let you know well in advance if the show is actually worth watching.


  1. The cast is extremely generic. When I read Wesley Jonathan I was like WHAT, he’s playing Nicki’s drug addicted and abusive father who nearly burned down their home? Selita is also generic as all get out. Is she even an actress? Everyone is generic and plain expect for the boy that plays her newly accused rapist brother. I guess after the news they decided to cast someone hard looking to play him. I guess with the show being on ABC Family they are out to show a very watered down comedic side of Nicki’s life. That’s fine I guess. But young Nicki better have some flavor to carry the show cause Wesley and Selita are no Tachina Arnold and Terry Crews (Everybody Hates Chris).

  2. Maybe she didn’t want to pay money for more quality actors, yet I feel bad because every actor is looking for their big break….

    I dunno how this even got a green light though….are they going to go in about her being a stripper and fauex lesbian and dressing butch?

  3. ABC Family is a part of the Disney family of kiddie networks that include the Disney Channel, Disney Jr., Disney HD and Disney Radio. In other words, Nicki’s show is going to be very Disney friendly. 😆

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