The Color Of Beauty

Angell Conwell Full lips, brown skin, a round derrière- are these qualities attractive in a woman? 10, 20 years ago the answer was a resounding no- or at least according to the larger society that dictates the beauty standards- the answer was no.
Of course as women of color, we know that these features that were once hated by the larger society were actually loved in our own. Our men always loved our lips, skin, and for damn sure our behinds.

However, we cannot get away from the world at large and the message it send us about ourselves. This whole topic came to me as I logged onto my Yahoo homepage a few weeks ago and saw an article touting the health benefits of a large behind. What was really striking however are the women used in the article. If memory serves me correctly, they featured Jessica Beil, Kim Kardashian and a host of other Caucassian females. The article brought a smile to my face as it solidified what I had known for years.

The reason that so many features possessed almost exclusively by Black women have been hated on for so long is because those who did not have them were jealous. However, now that doctors and scientists have gone into the laboratory and figured out how to give said woman all those once hated features- all is good and they are now hailed as attractive attributes for all women to have.

Lip augmentations and butt injections are now on the list of the top 10 cosmetic procedures had by non Black women and is it any wonder that now these things are being portrayed as less and less Black. Amazingly enough, when a sista with a full behind is seen these days she is questioned about its authenticity relentlessly- while non Black women are given a pass to claim they gained their new found curves via such things as Pilates.

I titled this post “The Color of Beauty” because that is what beauty in this society is based on. It is a fabricated construct to deem those with the least amount of pigmentation the most beautiful and thus superior- even though their own actions show they don’t really believe their own lie. Let’s face it- if they did- they wouldn’t spend so much time trying to make it look like something it naturally is not.

In closing I just want to say- Black is beautiful sistas and always has been. Love yourself and all the enviable qualities that God gave you… for free.


  1. Amen!

    As a child I was called bubble gum lips, super cooler lips, oero cookie, chocolate chip and high booty…lol I laughed then and I laugh now – none of that was acceptable until certain non black women had them but it’s cool copy me and be careful in that tanning bed…HAHAHAHAHA!

  2. Let’s be clear, the answer was always yes, but for those who did not have those features and were jealous went on a campaign to try and convince others that these features were ugly.

  3. This is all great for black women who have always had some “junk in their trunk”-but what about the black women with not much junk in their trunk?

    We’re often overlooked by the black man for the sista with a big booty and now, we’re getting overlooked for the white counterpart with a big booty as well. What’s a lady to do?

  4. I think all types of people (not just people of the mainstream) are jealous of people with different attributes than theirs.

    As a black woman, I’ve experienced jealousy from other black females. They would make rude comments about my hair, shape, etc.

    I feel like women in general need to become more confident so that they aren’t constantly harrassing people. And my belief is this–what you say will make me stronger and make you weaker, so you need to check yourself!

  5. This is a clear case of how racist the world is and will continue to be, what black women have since time begun was not considered attractive until a white sister has it. The whole j-lo craze was just so annoying to me… this is the world we live in.. Sisters just be proud of yourself and what god gave cos I know when god was giving out all these attributes we were clearly first in the line..

  6. Body image plagues us all, regardless of race. Because sistas who don’t have a booty, with slim hips, a high or wide waist, slender legs can also suffer because of being teased of being built like a white girl and grow up feeling they lack, especially, what many brothas seem to really like. We come in all shapes!

    Now with more racial interfacng, many young black girls are developing eating disorders to be thin because of their environment. Since most white women can’t or won’t elect to have plastic surgery, get the brazilian butt, or whatever kind of implacts on the market, their ideal of beauty will continue to dominate in magazines, tv and film.

    Black women need to love themselvs, stick together and co-op resources, because the music industry is fading us out, it’s built for only a select few, boy did we go back in time, tv networks don’t care about us having shows that we identify with or show us at our best, film execs aren’t readily making black angelia jolies or kate hudsons…we better pay attention…our paradigm is changing…especially, with the increase of bi-racial kids being born, the country is truly becoming brown and black will be pushed aside, the world is already three quarters people of color! But, where will this leave the American Black Woman, who doesn’t have the mix or exotic blend of euro/asian-black features, alongside the manufactured whites girls who buy them?

  7. Soon we us bruthas wont need “real” sistas, we’ll just get us a tanned white girl with butt and lip injections. They already have the “good hair”

    : )

  8. Finally! Thank you for the story Brown Sista. So glad you took it there. I can relate to this.

  9. We already knew we were beautiful. NO black woman should be surprised by this article. We were always the desired one that is why we are in so many different hues and shades.

  10. Hey it happens. What about the slim sista’s? We’re expected to look a certain way. We’re not less black cause we dont have certain assets. All body types should be celebrated.

    And I must say, who cares what “they” see as beautiful? They’re not as perfect as they want to be seen. “They” have an entire industry dedicated to their ‘imperfections’. They think they can fix it, but they pay the price sometimes. Former Ms. Argetina died trying to make her butt bigger? sad. Thats why I hate when Black women in Hollywood follow what their women do with the plastic surgery, makeup, etc; If we’re ugly, be ugly with pride.

    But time changes. They’ll want Kinky hair soon enough. My co-worker cant keep her hands out my afro

  11. This is great. In regards to what CYNTHINIA stated. growing up, i was super skinny, and in fact borderline bonny. I’m from west Africa, where in that part of the world, more than any other, body is everything. there are some parts of Nigeria, and even Africa, where he bride to be is chosen based on her body. that is the thicker, curvier you are the more capable (for lack of better word) you are for marriage.that means the slim, thin,and the a-s-s-less do not stand a it is a village mentality, so it’s not necessarily as popular anymore. but generally Black men, real African men love that curvy and voluptuous body type. One could have an ugly unattractive face, but the body makes up for it. back to what i was saying. i was supper skinny, and its interesting how the ideals of beauty there are switched compared to here. as early as grade 7, no lies, i was made fun of terribly, i mean it was ridiculous, made fun cuz i was skinny. wow. and i was so oblivious to what was going on. i used to eat more than my 2 brother combined, but my body just wouldn’t budge. and i was like that untill i came here, now my mom was alway super curvy (very,very defined hourglass) and i always loved her body as young as when i was 4, the shape was so intriguing to me. any way i didnt “get body” untill i was like 16/17. i swear, one day i was walking into the mall, passed the refelection in the glass door, stop and went back to look. OMG i felt like i was looking at someone else. my body did a complete turn around. i had HIPS and ASS. my breast size is in the D the same as my moms, and she has had 3 kids. i actually have a shape, like my mom. and after that, i then realized what i have, and what the beauty is that sets us apart from the rest of THEM. we are too beautiful, and we obviously have what they want. we should keep an open mid, it’s not just black men who appriciate our bodies.

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