The Dreamgirls Walk The Oscar Runway

Well our three favorite Dreamgirls, Anika Noni Rose, Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce Knowles have walked the Oscar red carpet and I must say they all look amazing.Right now Anika Noni Rose is my pick for best dressed but Bey is right behind her.Jennifer Hudson’s dress is okay but the bolero jacket she topped it with is questionable.Check out all the high quality pics below and let me know what you all think.
Anika Noni RoseBeyonceJennifer Hudson

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  1. Beyonce is beautiful, as always. Anika looks fabulous, Jennifer looks great (but that jacket throws off her look)… :brownsista:

  2. Keep a space between your words and smilies or they won’t work Des- I’ll fix it for you 🙂

    I agree about the jacket- she should have skipped it.

  3. A quick search of Google for Jennifer’s name shows that her outfit is already being slammed.She looked best at the Los Angeles premiere of Dreamgirls last year.All her outfits since then ahve been very bland.She needs a good style team for big girls.

  4. i don’t know guys i’m kinda feeling jen’s jacket..anika is so pretty and i love beyonce’s dress

  5. Everything about Jennifer is just wrong.The color is drab and the jacket looks like she grabbed it off of something else while walking out the there.Anika is looking sexy and Beyonce’s white is dress is eye catching but still lacking punch.I’m not feeling her hair, make-up or those seashell things on the dress.I have seen her look so much better.

  6. Anika has the best dress! But Jennifer won so WHO CARES!!! GO JEN! And it looked better when she walked across the stage without the jacket And she looked sharp in her red dress during the performance!!!!

  7. Yes Jennifer’s read dress was lovely and so was Anika’s.Beyonce’s was my favorite though.It looked better than the dress she arrived in.

  8. i am so glad jennifer hudson won for best supporting actress! jennifer’s chocolate dress was simply elegant. the color and style of jennifer’s gown was classy and beautiful, but she could have left the “python” bolero at home. sometimes LESS is MORE. jenn’s hair has looked better but it looked ok. beyonce’s hair and makeup was nice, but her red carpet dress was a bit gaudy at the top and bland on the bottom. anika noni rose’s overall style was very tasteful and i loved her hair. CONGRATULATIONS JENNIFER!

  9. Odly enough, I like Jen’s outfit. It’s got a patti Labelle, thing going on. Now the pockets in the dress, I do not like. but she did look good wih out the Jacket walking across the stage. I am soo happy for her. I pray for her sanity b/c things are happeing so quickly. Anika’s dress is cute & elegnant. I like the soft color Beyonce has on instead of the loud seqins that she usually wears. She could have ditched the grapvine going over her shoulder though 😀

  10. :stop: Jennifer Hudson’s entire look is tragic. That color is boring and her hair is not really happening. Andre Leon Talley is wrong for this one. Girl you better stop letting him style you.

    I like Anika’s look. She’s a pretty woman. And Beyonce’s dress was pretty without that whole shoulder action. She looked very natural.

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