The “Ego” Has Landed

Beyonce Ego Video Beyonce’s new video premiered earlier today. Unleashed upon the world at exactly 12 o’clock noon and exclusively through her official BeyonceOnline website, Ego is the fourth single from the singer’s multi-platinum I Am… Sasha Fierce CD. In the video Beyonce/Sasha Fierce can be seen sporting curly blonde locks and a shimmery gold bikini/leotard, which makes her look eerily similar to the Foxy Cleopatra character she played in the movie Goldmember. Those similarities aside, Ego is pure Sasha Fierce- sexy, arrogant- and a bit on the jiggly side (lol).

I’m sure most of you have seen it already, but for those of you who may have not, you can check it out here.


  1. I am a diehard B stan, but I have to admit my disappointment. After the simplistic look of “Single Ladies,” which was a masterpiece, and the rush job of “Diva,” I feel that she needed to take things in a different direction. What she needed was something more than another black and white video shot on a soundstage with two female backup dancers. I am getting the feeling that she sometimes mistakes simplicity for cheapness. This is a cheap video.

    There are some obvious pros. We all know she takes her physique seriously, and it shows. Her body is a perfect balanced between musculature and curves, gotta love that. The choreography was excellently performed, the leak of the demo clip several weeks back notwithstanding. If she was fully satisfied with this clip, fine, but she could have at least released it in color to differentiate it from “Single Ladies” and “Diva.” Or they could’ve used spots of color (such as in “Sin City”) to mix things up a bit.

    All in all, it’s a solid addition to her videography, but I sincerely hope this is the last B&W clip we see from the album. Hopefully the clips for “Broken-Hearted Girl” and “Sweet Dreams” will offer a bit more. “Ego” is one of my least favorite songs on the album, but I’m really looking forward to a futuristic vibe from “Sweet Dreams.”

  2. What bikini??? Stephanie did we watch the same video???

  3. I actually really like the song, but the video — not so much. It’s totally different from the video treatment I dreamt up in my head. There’s nothing special about it. It’s black and white, features a lot of dancing from Beyoncé & her 2 back-up dancers, and the scene never changes. Yeah, it’s pretty much like Diva and Single Ladies.


  4. being a big beyonce fan i was disappointed in this video. it was like “single ladies” 2.0 or something. i was really hoping for something with more “umph” for this video, but i was mistaken. but i hear she is releasing another version with kayne so i pray it is more interesting.


    I really enjoy seeing the synchronized dancing.

    She was feelin’ it at the end of the video which was cute because it’s not often we get to see Bey let loose and just BE…

  6. i loved it!!!this girl is sexy and she can definately back it up. i like how simple it was, the choroe was on point. go on sasha! :thumbsup:

  7. @ Fashionista: WHERE can I get the blazer/jacket Bey has on in the video- lovin’ it?!!

  8. Her roots look nasty. And so does she, the leotard is illfitting tome.

  9. Again if the stans will stop over hyping her things would be so much different, this video coming from any other chick would have been either too much or just right, but because it’s her people are underwhelmed because she is paint to be that great “icon” and videos like that makes her what i always thought she was… nothing special,I wonder where she got the hair for her weave in the video, look so much like my natural hair, my friend wants the same weave so if fashionista u know anything let me know

  10. OMGOMG OMG i love it!!

    Remember everyone! Beyonce WANTS her video’s to be simple!!
    and not do the TYPICAL rnb video!

    i mean Beyonce has the MONEY (obviously) , but it is her CHOICE to make the videos like this.

    ok anyways! i really love itt!!!

    the synchrinisity! n oooh!!

    that jiggle!

    the confidence! n urgh!

    im gonna learn it today :)!

    after school T_T (coz in aus, its 8:31, i have two free periods. so i start at like 10:44) so yeah, after school 🙂


    im gonna upload a triple video :)!!!

    single ladies. Diva. Ego!!

    hmm. i might do ego first yeah lol :L

    im sure people are gonna be sick of seeing sumone dance single ladies.
    so il start with ego O_O
    then diva



  11. i for one have always loved videos that are really sexy, i like this video…i dont know if those that dont like her expect to much of her? i feel like she gives her all and thats more than most can do… with that being said i think its a solid video, i really dont know what other type of video you could do with a song like ego except dancing over confident and hitting ever beat….it was predicatble but i already expected it to be just what it was so im happy

    now for “Sweet Dreams” i cant wait to see that video now i EXPECT it to be out there and different from those shes done, if not THEN i would be disappointed

  12. i just feel like, if it was another artist doing this video exactly and as good as bey did people would appreciate how great the video is but seeing that people expect so much from her its disappointing to some, especially her fans…. i appreciate the work ethic she puts in her videos she was dancing her butt of sexy in the video and i love it

  13. Well she said all of her videos from this I am… album would all be in B + W…so I was not shocked.

    I was just straight up disappointed. I loved the dancing but the scenery NEVER changed. It was just too basic for such a great song! Ugh….please go back to the drawing board for “Sweet Dreams.”

  14. I have already pruned this thread and will continue to so if ppl don’t know how to conduct themselves. Vulgarity and posting under different usernames to kick off drama won’t be tolerated.

  15. OMFG!

    Can this chick do one song without a dam wind machine???? She keeps snapping her neck like that she’s gonna be wearing a neck brace in the next vid.

  16. What’s up Steph? Hiya Fashionista.

    *waves to room*

    Now this video…hmmm… One might be quick to say RECESSION! or one might be quick to defend with the artistry of ‘simplicity’, thus explaining away the blandness of set and overall production and again to that I say RECESSION!

    😆 :bag:

    Umm, this video was nothing amazing. What I do like is that she’s keeping to the black & white monochromatic theme. She’s remaining consistent as far as that goes as well as the backup dancers and as someone pointed out, the wind machine and crazy hair thing.

    I like that Beyonce attacks everything she does fearlessly and ferociously…that being said, I still fast-forwarded to the end of this. LOL. I liked her jamming in the chair sans that stank “fierceness”…i.e. we get a lil’ bit of Beyonce instead of the ice queen Sasha.

    😆 :bag:


    I would like to say also that this vid is not as ‘infectious’ as “Single Ladies”…don’t know that there will be that many YOUtubes of this. 😆

  17. When I saw this video I thought of Mya (Lady Marmalade/Love is like whoa…type of vibe).

    Beyonce is beautiful as always, just ain’t feeling the video quality.

    Is the song about what I think it’s about? “It won’t fit”?

    And why wasn’t HALO in black and white?

  18. ii like bey ba dis is a sloppy ass mess…look like a cheap ass video..Cmon Bey…wat happen …too bad..NEXT

  19. Omg . i never seen so many hatefull people. Yall cant give the girl no kind of props for being a Top selling african american Artist. Shes a hall of famer face it. If you have nothing to say dont say it at all. Thats the way she wanted to do her video dang! let the girl be. Shes just another woman trying to make it in this world dispite all the haters she has.

    Keep doing you beyonce oviously if u have this many people hating on you your oding something

  20. I love it…less is more and it definitely worked here…I remember seeing an interview where she said that it’s gna b like SL but just more glossy and now I c what she meant…love it…another great Beyonce classic…I can see the YouTubers now. lol

  21. @ Chante, that’s right, “Halo” was ‘color’ but the tones were so muted I guess I just forgot. :brownsista:

    —unrelated blanket post to those using this word: :hater: —

    Not giving props isn’t ‘hating’…are we supposed to ‘like it’ even if ‘we don’t’??? No. That would be disingeniuous. Freedom of expression and opinion and speech is a beautiful thing.

  22. He’s got a big Ego…..
    I like the song, especially the piano portion.
    The Video does not do the song justice, and I wish there was more to it. I understand blah blah blah that she is trying to keep up with some theme, but lets be honest its not her best.

  23. Her fans should be insulted, its like she is saying, I’m gonna give them the same video 3 times, all i gotta do is shake my butt and they will forget they’ve seen this b4. They won’t care bcuz their OBSESSEd with me. I could pick my nose for 3 minutes and they will say, That was a hot video. i have 2 admit she is ballsy, but she knows most of her fans have the depth of a baby pool. This is Beyonce- i can sing about nothing just how fly i am, and all the $ i got cuz ima diva, ima ima diva while half my fans lost their jobs(great timing for that song by the way), my videos can just showcase my body and my “great” dancing abilities and every1 is happy. When your icon you can do anything look At Micheal-he’s a molestor but since he made “Billy Jean” and “Beat it” who cares rite??

  24. ‘Ego’ is my Favorite song off her latest album. “It’s too big, it’s too wide & etc” are all the terms that she uses to describe the ego. Of course she set it up that way to make a sexy play on words that @ 1st listen a person is like huh?, But listen closely & you’ll see the ego is what the song is about.

    With that said, I had envison so many concepts for this video sadly she didn’t think on the level that I did LOL. The dances were on point & all, but that was part of the problem… I am tired of seeing her dance. We know she can shake her money maker. It was running along the line of SL. I would have liked to see a Lead guy in this video. However, it was nice to see her jamming out @ the end. Don’t get that from Beyonce in public too often. I think the video was ok.

  25. I like straight up dance videos so I liked the video better than I like the song. It had a look & feel like Envogue’s Never Gonna Get It. Love the look of shiny costumes shot in black & white. Very polished.

  26. Yo…Bey’s mad cute at the end of this vid. She puts a big fat smile on my face (^_^). I like these little add libs when the videos are coming to an end [~SL,Diva]. It’s like you’re being privy to some extra insight that is sweet, fun, not too serious. They always get to me. I love the song for a while now…minus the B!+(# part. The video is hotness. I love the dance. The swagger & confidence is on point. The body is banging. I’m glad I didn’t hear or see Kanye in the official vid. I like him , but no ma’am…not on this one 😆

  27. Once again Bey has PROVEN why she is THE HOTTEST CHICK IN THE GAME :bowdown: She danced like NO ONE’S bizness and it was classy, sexy and simple. I wish she would have done a little more with this video, but I love it nonetheless! HATERS FALL BACK! 😆

  28. Boring!!!!!!! :thumbsdown: Whack!!!!!!!! :thumbsdown: Same old dance move. Is that all she can do is shake her a$$?

  29. yeah that end was to cute my favorite part of the video, actually ego was okay to me at first but seeing her moves in this video, of course yall know im already practicing… 😆

  30. The video was hot and on point at what she was doing. This woman can walk across the street and people would find something wrong with it.

    She said it was an extension of SL in a different form, she made it simple and to the point and y’all dont get it. But because it’s Beyonce y’all thought she was going to come out with some major production! Not! What she does is showcase her talent!!!!!

  31. @boringbey

    i think you went a little overboard sweetie, most of what you said is nowhere near true

  32. Beyonce’s videos are simple but not very creative.

    Let’s face it, nobody will ever have music videos as great as Michael Jackson. The only other artist that is creative with his music videos is R. Kelly.

  33. This is y America is not in a recession/depression but judgment. We don’t worship God, we worship our little “gods,” entertainers. Good is evil and evil is good. No, im not saying B is the problem, we all are. She just represents the “game” entertainment, which shows us where society is morally. Now if ur against gaymarriage ur a bigot, if ur against abortion u don’t believe in women rights, if u think people are way too overexposed in their attire &; don’t call it “classy, ur a conservative or “hater”-the sad part is this comes from those who claim they believe in God. Of course this comment will be ridiculed and laughed at, but i don’t take it 2 heart cuz it isn’t directed at me, but at Him. Sitting in front of the “idiot box” watching videos that r nothing more than”soft porn”, shows and music that blatanly disrespect Him by idolizing sex & $ does not please Him. He does luv u, but u must make a choice this world or Him. We will all die & stand b4 Him, waht will u say?? Everything u need 2no is in his Word-Bible. ipray 4 every soul on here.

  34. meh… that video and repsonses from it are so typical… next to nothing on… jiggling and twerking as an excuse for dancing…. dancing i might add that she’s done again and again… hair that looks beyond ridiculous… and folks claiming it was an amazing video… i’ll pass on this one as well….

  35. @boringbey beyonce must mean alot to you to make a name dedicated to her…and to follow up on her statistics which arent true :loser: haha i laugh at people like you jelly? well everyone wants beyonce jelly cuz girl look good in all the right places

  36. by the way my comment in my previous post that”most of Beyonce’s fans have the depth of ababy pool” i do apologize if any1 was offended.

  37. Checking the time 10:35 EST. Will be back in an hour to how the haters have rolled this count up to 80 post! Beyonce knows she can get folks talking! There’s not another singer around that folks get more riled up about than Beyonce! She got the fans and haters on lock! Secrets to her success!LOL

    Love the choreography! Simple and sweet! Go head with your badself!

  38. OH god it’s been so long since I haven’t posted here! I went on well-deserved vacation!

    I actually like the video but not the song! I think Bey is one beautiful lady with a beautiful body and she knows how to work it!The video is simple and sometimes annoying but it’s ok.
    The girl can dance (actually I wouldn’t call it dance but never mind …) and sing but needs to improve her lyrics. It seems that most of her songs were written by a 17 years old girl.

    Other than that good job Bey 🙂

    ( I just went to youtube and saw the paranoid video starring Rihanna!! OMG this girl is fierce and the video is Fantastic. She always surprise us. Has anyone seen it?)

  39. This video is too much like single ladies..booooooooooo :thumbsdown: There was no imagination put into this.

  40. @Melissa… there are other singers who get folks to talking… Beyonce does not have a lock on this. She receives no more than the next… hell to be truthful she receives less than some. Every black female artist that hits the scene is always and forever compared to Beyonce. And if and when that singer/artist begins to make a noise in her own right unfortunately fans of Beyonce launch an all out campaign to critique and demeen everything done by the other artist… all up in any and every post of the other artist forever trying to hype on lack of talent or some other nonsense. This is nothing new, any artist that gains some type of success faces this regardless to how much and how many times they state they don’t dislike Beyonce… her fans still do the same and hate on the other artist.

    @ Marie…. yeah I saw the Paranoid video the other day and all I can say is :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: she played crazy to a tee and looked beyond fierce doing it. I can already guess the response to the video when it is officially released…. folks just not ready.

  41. I liked the video, simply because it was her doing her thang and showing us her cocky Sasha side. Beyonce knows she is very sexy and sultry. If you don’t like the video thats cool and if you do than thats fine too. Either way, you can’t deny that she is talent and is going to be remembered 20 years from now as one of this generations most legendary performers, especially African American performers. KEEP IN MIND FOLKS, there aren’t too many nowadays that we all can consider on the level of past legends. I love the play on words for “Ego”….its a sexy song and has a jazzed up soul about it. :koolaid:

    I am however looking forward to her Sweet Dreams video in the coming weeks (I hope…)
    We all know that she will SMASH the stage at this years’ BET Awards special! No doubt!

  42. Beyonce, Beyonce, BE-YON-CE!!!!! Why must you do this??? LOL! Why do you keep on making me wanna go to the gym. Hate it or love it, her body was soooo right and on point and ain’t no other chick can compare with her on her thickness and right amount of jelly! The girls’ got it.

    I got one question for y’all though…if Ms. Beyonce is soooo tired and her career is so-over then why did she just have the BIGGEST freakin’ phenom. of her entire career with SINGLE LADIES!?!

    Yes, thats right everyone…keep on hating and talking pure non-sense when it comes to her because at the end of the day, does it really matter. NOOOO. Hating on Beyonce is sooo 2004-2006. While I don’t like everything that she puts out, I do admire her hard work ethic and her knowledge of understanding and getting what it really means to be an entertainer in that business. She goes all out and that is something I admire in a woman. She knows how to make her money and is on her grind trying to make use of her mega star status by opening doors for herself and others to come. I don’t need to put any other female artist down to raise Beyonce up, but you all know exactly what I mean.

  43. Okay, it is officially time for Beyonce to take about five years off, have some babies, experience life’s ups and downs, do some community work and come back with music and lyrics with substance. This crap that she thinks is a masterpiece, along with these cheesy recycled videos is just plain whack.

  44. Hey, I like this :brownsista: .
    I loved the coreography. This isn’t my favorite song on the album so I expected garbage of a video, but I was completely surprised. It was good, it wasn’t mediocre, and it wasn’t over the top, it almost touched single ladies, but not quite.

  45. Bey @ her Best!! luv it, i must admit i dont like the outfit she is wearing.. it looks its a little padded. But overall it’s on point!!!

  46. Ummmmmmm :stop:

    This is Single Ladies Part III

    *Diva was part II*

    I need her to change up her steez!

    This CD should be called
    Total Leotard Domination:
    I have one in every color :thumbsup:

  47. wtf was this like foreal I like B and all but this was the shit and I don’t mean it in a good way..
    it was a HAM and soooo boring that I have to pause at 00:30
    step up your game B

  48. What in da hell is going on with her roots?

    The hair don’t even look like it’s matches.

    :noway: :noway:

    Same outfit, same scenery…no no no!

    Single Ladies was the bomb! She should have upgraded b/c this is a hot pissy mess.

  49. I love Beyonce and I love this video! I dont know why people are saying its too simple etc. At the end of the day, other people need to make HUGE statements with their videos to generate attention, whereas Beyonce can pull something simplistic off and it still generates a HUGE reaction….just look at the comments on this thread.
    I think shes still got a long way to go with her career, but shes always gonna be at the top of her game. I am also seeing her perform in London this Tuesday…..CANNOT WAIT!

  50. “Ego” screams subliminal message in the part about her man, the music industry is known for doing this, quite like that “if you seek amy” thing………….

  51. @ VIRGO,

    How, pray tell, is tweaking n*pples classy? :bag:

    I understand artistic expression, but there was nothing about that opening sequence that I’d call “classy”.


  52. What up yall?? I know I’ve been gone for a minute, but yall didn’t 4get about a sista didja?
    Any how, I’m sorry but I’ve got to say NO :thumbsdown:
    I too was expecting something different. I know Single Ladies turned out to be a huge hit but at first, I didn’t like that video either!! I have to agree with KANYADE when she mentioned the Recession!! I said the same thing to my friend when I saw the video. The song is cool but I don’t like the fact that she is calling herself a b*1ch. For so long she convinced us that she wasn’t that kind of person but hey…whatever. She can blame those lyrics on Sasha if she wants to but I truly believe that is BEYONCE!! Like my uncle says “If it ain’t in you, it aint comming out” 🙂

  53. :lol2: @ DRmkpr
    Now you know Beyonce gets the most talk! You are a regular on LSA, so you really know the deal! Don’t act new! 😆 You witnessed and participated in MANY of those threads! 😆

  54. *shrug* same as always..I can’t wait for some new talent..the music scene..especially the black music scene is so boring right now…remember back in the day when we had Monica, Aaliyah, Lauryn, TLC, En Vogue, Xscape, etc. a variety of black female it’s pretty much been reduced to Beyonce..and that’s not saying much at she’s been able to get away doing the same thing for the last ten years! and only because she’s pretty. Anyone did this same mess over and over and over..they would be clowned to high heavens…lol

  55. @ REALIST. I agree. Let’s add the fact that people celebrate having egos too. Nobody wants to be humble anymore.

  56. BriannaC-u funny though, u made sum good points- i mean she went thru a struggle with the whole breaking up Destiny Child thing but u don’t c it in her music-where’s the real life music -show a lil bit of struggle .She don’t gotta be like Mary ten years ago-even though MAry’s pain gave us some classics, but show us life ain’t fallin in love, breaking it up, and partiyng
    Tamara-ino everyone looked different and had different sounds. Ahh Good ol’ days
    And I thought that was Jayz’s body-isn’t that his wife- i thought she would tone it down after marriage, but Jigga’s self-esteem is so low he doesn’t mind letting his wife put his goodies on display-that makes him feel like a “man” that everyone lusts after his wife. I wish men knew the difference between lust and respect= Of course they want to go 2 bed with her but would they want to have a genuine conversation with her with her clothes on-i doubt it-i don’t think she would seem that appealing. When a man thinks of B, his next thought is her body that he has seen over and over again, and we all know what the next thought is. I wonder when men think of the likes of Lauryn and Jill Scott what comes to mind-remember men not boys?

  57. WOW, people must be real tired where are the comments? should be about 250 comments and Virgo saying “she is the hottest chick in the game look, 300 comments ” :lol2:

  58. @ Realist you made some very acurate points and I have always said that myself :thumbsup:
    @ Voice WUZ Up? We are doing well I was not ignoring you on another post and everything is going well.
    @ Liyah welcome back sis :hifive:
    @ Ladyshawn01 how have you been and how old is that baby now?

  59. she’s been able to get away doing the same thing for the last ten years! :iagree:

    I’ll pass on this one. Looks just like Single Ladies, Diva, Suga Mama,etc..Let’s be honest people. Beyonce ain’t bringing nothing new to the game. She might be selling, but there is nothing fresh or exciting about her anymore. It’s the same old look, same old booty-shaking. I don’t understand why she won’t take some time off to re-invent herself. 🙁

  60. @ Melissa…. yeah I’m a regular on LSA so let’s not get it twisted. I can count on one hand the amount of discussions I participated in concerning Beyonce on LSA. I don’t like the chick and rarely waste my time talking about her. I think it’s foolish to go into a thread about a person you care little for and talk crap. Yeah I did it on here but every now and again I slip up so sue me. Hell the only time I type anything about Beyonce on LSA is when I’m cracking/egging on my cousin because she loves her ass and I know it gets to her… just like she says something rude about who I like.

    Since you brought up LSA and the constant talk… yeah Beyonce gets some talk but what about Rihanna? I was not trying to bring her name up in a Beyonce thread [another thing I find foolish…. why bring up the other name in a thread not about them… but I digress] but she gets just as much if not more hate thrown at her. Beyonce fans forever find themselves in a thread/post about her talking nonsense. So to act like only Beyonce gets talk that’s some bull. Beyonce, Rihanna, Ciara, Ashanti, Keyshia Cole, Brandy, Kim K, and the like all get talked about…. depending on where you go sometimes the talk is worse than others but nevertheless the talk is always there.

  61. MAybe i’m hallucinating…did she wear a white bodysuit/wedding gown to sing “Ava Maria” ??? please tell me i read or seen something wrong. If so i done seen it all and if that ain’t blatant disrespect i don’t know what it is.

  62. People are crazy to think that people who dont support her or critisize beyonce have never liked her at some point,but we were children back then and we thought she was fresh but as you grow you get wiser and everything about you grows…..she is still prolonging her childhood phase…….i wud rather support ciara or riri those girls are young but they do know how to outgrow a phase in their life,people might not like them coz change is uncomfortable,she has been shaking her ass and weave sinces she came out…… i miss the 90z when we had an abundance of black sistaz and we were supported every black female and they respected our space and went away for a while just like Alicia Keys… we have a recession of black talent and if you dnt support this overhyped person you get the hater label….i have a feeling that beyonce was deliberatly manufactored to kill the creativity and talent in the black female entertainment industry…..and to make black women as a whole demand less from themselves,the standard of acting for sistaz will go down the drain in no time.

  63. The video was ok, I get she is trying to role with that black and white theme …. However I do like the song.

  64. @ KSH

    :lol2: I am LMAO @ the album being called, Total Leotard Domination 😆 .
    This video is giving us a good idea of what Ciara’s next video is looking like.

  65. @Voice Hey hun….and YES she is the hottest chick in the game ENTERTAINING wise, not fashion wise. We all know NO ONE has Beyonce when it comes to performing hun lets keep it real 😆 and while folks are hating hard EGO will go straight to the top and so will this video! :hifive: Go Bey!

  66. Hey real talk: Yeah things are fine school is great, i’m dating a very nice guy right now and the money keep stacking i guess god is not tired of me anymore lool, how are you and the baby?

    drmkpr: Rihanna even before her scandals were talked about more than beyonce, half the comments were from beyonce fans doing exactely what they accuse others of doing, Hating super hard,the girl could look flawless they would still have something to say

    Hey Virgo!!!! Celine dion has beyonce beat on performances,alicia keys has beyonce beat on performance,britney spears has beyonce beat on performance,madonna has beyonce beat on performances,gwen stefani has beyonce beat on performances,norah jones has beyonce beat on performances and i could go on and on see the only thing bey have over these chicks are crazy tenacious fans trying to make everyine join the cult,don’t get it twisted everyone out there are doing their things,bey can sing beteer than most of those i stated up there, but bey’s singing did not bring her where she is today, her look did, and by way of consequences, whether she can sing or not matters little unless you’re a fan of course.

    Lizz: you better tell them , i grew out of beyonce i still like some of her songs, but i have no problem telling her to kiss my **s, just like i love rihanna but she can kiss mine too if her songs are whack, see the ting is people are not researching they just wanna talk shit beyonce i criticize someone’s performance i youtube other performances of that song and if they are all whack then i talk, rihanna and all them chicks can sing, not great singers but they can, and it is unfair to talk about how their look brought them to the light when it is the exact same for beyonce! Ya know? I grew up and she stayed at the same immature place it’s like she is still competing to be the hottest when she should be secure and feel like the hottest,Idk
    im hungry im going to ihop

  67. i have a feeling that beyonce was deliberately manufactured to kill the creativity and talent in the black female entertainment industry…

    ME TOO

  68. LOL…What RELEVENT female entertainment indsutry? The ONLY black female artists with REAL talent that are relevent is: Jazmin S., J-Hud, Christte M, Keyshia Cole, Letoya Luckett, and some what Keri Hilson, and they all have there own style not being affected by Beyonce doing her thing. Sorry but everyone else sucks on there own or is only relevent for other reasons but Beyonce hasnt a thing 2 with that hun. Thats real talk…

  69. ^^^ It’s funny how the fans always forget to mention ALICIA KEYS when they list the relevant artists, she sold way more than Beyonce. Who’s really the hottest chick in the game?


  70. :hifive: Hey Real Talk, How’ve you been! Hope everyone here is well.

  71. Hey brownsista family Hope all is well with you guys

    I’m over beyonce

    Have a bless day

  72. Voice continues to stay camped out in a Beyonce thread talking nonsense! 😆

  73. and melissa is still the cheap half dollar beyonce wanna be groupie she is LOOOl

  74. Voice is poison when it comes to Beyonce posts. I have to skip over her comments because they are always soooo negative. Let it go.

  75. LOL @ the beyonce “critics”. I know your entitled to your opinion but SOME people take it overboard. Anywho, the video itself looks cheap, but so did the SL video and we all know how that turned out LOL. Didnt too much like the video, but I must admit that she did look “fierce” as usual and when it comes to the performers of today’s generation, NO ONE comes close honey. And thats almost common knowledge nowadays (even though its a matter of opinion) lol.

    With that said, I am STILL over this chick until she releases “Hello” as a single but of course we all know that isn’t gonna happen. Oh well….. 🙁

  76. Voice, don’t disappoint us! You normally get in you average 20 + post in every Beyonce post spanning several days! You’re right on target! 😆

  77. she looks like a stripper dancing on a pole :thumbsdown:


  79. Yessir: That is true. But they in different leagues. Alicia 4 grownfolk, and younguns with old soul. Alicia got a wide fan base. My mom like Alicia & she’s mid 50’s, but do u think she gonna buy a B record. From early 20’s to almost senior citizen age could relate 2 her. We miss u Alicia!!! She probably busy saving Africa in between making records lol. That’s a Superwoman!! Maybe she got Swizz beat wit her in AFrica. Seriously, though i hope that rumor wasn’t true, cuz if it is that joke aint funny. Still love her-just pray 4 her. I know this is a Beyonce blog but…

  80. Alicia must be one amazing superwoman if she is busy saving more than 800 000 million helpless people in the continent of AFRICA.

  81. Melissa u bet,and u stay stalking a sister i luv it

    “I know this is a Beyonce blog but…” its not but when stephany post sum else NOBODY has sht to say n that include U

  82. @ REALIST, I do see your point, but my problem with them is they always mention Chrisette Michele and sometimes Jazmine Sullivan and they are in the “grown folks” league musically too technically. So I still feel they’re hypocrits. Why bring up a list of people who sell “less” than her no matter their league but forget Alicia? Also, Alicia appeals to the same age group as Beyonce, the difference is she appeals to that and MORE (aka your mom’s generation) and that’s why she sells more, but go to Alicia’s concerts, you’ll see her crowd is full of mostly young folks, teens included (16+) who see her as a role model (for girls) or their ideal “girl” (for boys). So she’s still competition to B cause they have potentially the same buyers. They even went on tour together back in 2003 or something. So why do people always forget to mention Alicia to the list of relevant competition? They know why. 😆

  83. Yessir:ur right. I kinda assumed the teenagers around that age that like Alicic – 16 or younger were probably more mature 4 their age and have “old souls” I did assume most pre-mid teens would like B more because her music doesn’t make them think, Alicia might be to deep 4 the “average” kid in that age group. That’s y i put her main fanbase at early20’s, but i cud be wrong. Still in all that’s a diva, and she don’t even act like one or probably care 2b called one, or brag about the $ she got, which we all know is there.

  84. Beyonce is the TRUTH no matter how you slice or dice or disect.

    She kills any performance… I’ve never heard her off key!!!

    She can fall down a flight of stairs head first and still be on key and in tune….. O wait she already did that!!! :lol2:

    Bey is my girl keep killin the game in your sleep!!!

  85. :lol2: ….AND THE SAGA CONTINUES! Beyonce looks AMAZING in this video!

  86. @ REALIST, some of your assumptions are right. It’s just that many of these kids like both good music (from mainstream artists) and fun music. For example, back when I was a teen, i remember teens liking both the fugees (good music, mainstream success) and the spice girls/missy (fun music). 😉

  87. Hey guts check out Jada Pinket-Smith’s new show on TNT. She is the start and the executive producer. It seems like it’s going to be a great show.

  88. @ REALIST, there’s some truth to your assumptions. It’s just that many teens (not saying the vast majority, but a good portion) and a few pre-teens like both fun music and good music from mainstream artists. Back when I was a teen, I remember a lot of kids (including myself) liked both The Fugees (good music, mainstream success) and Spice Girls or Missy (fun music) for example. 🙂

  89. LOL I totally agree with Tamara. She has been doing the same thing for just that long. I mean, anybody can shake and pop like that but it comes off rather hoe-ish if it’s done repetitively. Come up with something fresh and new Beyonce(since you that bi*ch)

  90. Her act is going to run out of stream just like Janet, the fan they started out with tend to grow up and move on, That why Janet will never come back, frankly I don’t know why she is working with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Hope she doesn’t make a cd sounding like Control at 43.

  91. @ LadyElle

    I agree, Beyonce knows how to do a show, and do it right. This isn’t true for everyone that doesn’t like Bey, but most people that don’t are just haters. I mean if Keyshia Cole has an off day with fashion, or If Keri Hilson sucks at spring bling, or if Ciara just sucks period, these people make excuses for them, and will give 101 false BS reasons why they are better than Beyonce. Now this woman can sing live, she can dance, and she is kind to fans, and she has also accomplished alot for her age, I don’t know why people are hating. As much as I love Alicia, I gotta say Bey is better than her too. Beyonce can sing any genre, and she can sing it well, and say what you will, but your precious Ciara, Keyshia, and Keri could never do that.

  92. To Lady Elle: Bey can sing better than Alicia, Ciara, Keyshia, and Ashanti, but I simply don’t like her voice. I’m not a hater. I think she is a good actress and a gorgeous lady, but I can’t stand her voice.

  93. Oops, I meant that last comment for Truthteller. Sorry, Lady Elle.

  94. @Voice the baby is doing well.

    @ Liyah I am doing well my husband and I are about to have our first child pretty soon.

  95. Beyawwwnce is slowly fizzleling off she is so far down on maxim hot 100 im surprised her pimp daddy matthew isn’t threating to sue them for not having her at the top of the list! Daddy can’t buy you everthing girl somethings you either have it or you don’t. Seriously don’t yall think same ole windmachine blowing fake blond hair and dances yall know that is so tired thats like every morning waken up to eat some broccoli every dam morning yall would go crazy, B need to change up reinvent herself o something that would be refreshing!!!

  96. Like the song but the video is garbage and boring.

  97. @ REALIST “Her fans should be insulted, its like she is saying, I’m gonna give them the same video 3 times, all i gotta do is shake my butt and they will forget they’ve seen this b4. They won’t care bcuz their OBSESSEd with me. I could pick my nose for 3 minutes and they will say, That was a hot video. i have 2 admit she is ballsy, but she knows most of her fans have the depth of a baby pool. This is Beyonce- i can sing about nothing just how fly i am, and all the $ i got cuz ima diva, ima ima diva while half my fans lost their jobs(great timing for that song by the way), my videos can just showcase my body and my “great” dancing abilities and every1 is happy. When your icon you can do anything look At Micheal-he’s a molestor but since he made “Billy Jean” and “Beat it” who cares rite??”

    COSIGN and they suck it up and love it…….. depth of baby pool pure gold omg. Truly.


  99. 😆 She is NOT A GOD bow down to what? Some of ya’ll clearly have personality disorders or something. She might got more money but that don’t necessarily make her a better person. You people that worship her are the reason they get overblown egos and they let you know that they can give you the same crap and you WILL love it. You can support your own but that doesn’t include loving and supporting EVERYTHING they do to where you seem like you borderline worship them GOHWT. It’s called open your eyes not be a “nay-sayer” or a stan …. their drawers might be more expensive they put them on the same way HELLO.

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