The End Of Girlfriends?

Everyone looks pretty in pink.


  1. Of course it was the end. You know how they do long running Black shows. You think it’s the season ending finale and then come fall the show isn’t there. The fact that they even brought things to a decent ending shocked me. They rarely if ever show us that respect. I heard there may be a Maya Danrnell spin off. Does anyone know if that is true?

  2. Tracee is so pretty from the neck down. Her body is to die for :booty:

  3. :dance1: reported that there would be another episode/season but a white girl would be replacing jill marie jones’ character?

    there still on the old seasons in england, so i havent seen any of the latest ones, and over here jill marie jones is still in it (thats how old they are). i looooooooove Girlfriends and wish jill stayed.

    and does anyone know if mediatakeout was wrong?

  4. Why do people contiue to give that site validity? It is a total sham. Everything posted there is fabricated.

  5. I hope it wasn’t the end. I thought the show was doing pretty well even though Toni had left. I like the way they kept her name in it and made it look like her and Joan were fighting, instead of just taking her off and acting like she was never there. But when Maya announce her pregnancy I thought this is the end of the show. I just don’t think another baby would fit right now, but I guess they try to keep it as real as possible.

  6. I love that show! I hope that it is not going off. That is one of the good ones. Even with Toni MIA the show was still very good. I think that Monica and William covered a lot of the void that was there when Toni left and Mya and Lynn stepped up their funny for the show. I hope they do come back. I would love to see a wedding and all that but I don’t know. 😉

  7. I think that was the end and I would rather see them go out on somewhat a good note then were the show was heading. The show show “the game” has step up real nice and took has become the new faviorte in black households.

  8. Well I have inside knowledge of the show because my cousin Richard is now on the show and there will be one more season of the show. So stay positive “Girlfriends” fans. They will be back for one more year. I’m sad that it will be leaving because it’s the best show ever, but all good things must come to an end.

  9. But you got to face it that show was going downhill since toni left. Toni brought the life in the show. Since she’s gone the show was getting dull. If they come back for another season I hope the writers will step there game up or we are just going to have another black show ending with a cliffhanger.

  10. Actually I would have to disagree. I loved Toni Childs Garrett. She was my favorite character, but the show didn’t suffer because she left. It was still funny and the writing was great. I admit that it took me some time to adjust, but I think the show is great even without Toni

  11. :noway: i wont believe this story until i hear it from the show’s creator or one of the stars of the show.

  12. Yes the show was alright, but it’s still not the will never be the same without toni. Toni sudden departure left a major upset and I know it’s a matter of ones opinion but the ratings still went down.

  13. I only started watching this season(because of The Game with my girl Tia lol), but when watching old episodes on BET Toni is IRRITATING. I understand she’s the selfish one, but watching this season and Joan harping on their rock-solid, long-time friendship and seeing how destructive Toni was to Joan that resulted in Joan’s low self-esteem and dependency makes me question why Toni was seen as such a great character on the show. ?? Can anyone clarify this for me?

  14. I love this site but there is this one popup that annoys me. Everytime I come here that tribafusion or something like that keeps popping up. :hmph:

  15. I’m tired of people saying Joan is not pretty. She is a very attractive woman. I have to stick up for my fellow big pretty-eyed girls!

  16. I watched this show faithfully for the first three seasons. I loved Mya and Toni’s character’s best. Joan was the star but couldn’t hold my attention. The loony one doesn’t even register on my radar.

    When the writers turned Toni’s self-absorbed, materialistic character into a repented saved/sanctified woman I stopped watching. Up to that point the appeal of this show was that I could relate to all of the characters on some level and the writers did a good job of keeping the storylines believable. When Toni’s character was re-written so that she was less than glamorous and not the shallow person she used to be, she lost what made her character unique. And when she left the show completely, I had no desire to start watching it again.

    Still, eight years on the air – congrats to them all!

  17. i still will remain a fan of the show even though. i must admit the show is somewhat weird without toni but i still enjoy watching it

    and joan is my favorite on the show. she is beautiful, sexy and funny. she is who makes me laugh and she is why i enjoy watching this show. people are always dissing joan and i dont’ get it. this women is beautiful.

  18. I’m really late on the comment but I watched it—even though I’m really just OVER the whole ‘Girlfriends’ thing since Toni left (it just isn’t the same). I thought that Toni was gonna be one of the ppl there. I started hyperventilating thinking that she was.. it would have definitely made the show a keeper and something to look for when next season comes around.

    I believe that next season will be the last season. There just isn’t much more to look forward to. Ratings definitely haven’t been the same. And the CW network is just as unrecognizable as UPN was.

    But congrats to Joan, we all know how she’s been hustlin’ for a ring since the show started. Although, I would have loved for it to be Brock who she was marrying…

  19. If it goes another year Jill Marie Jones will definitely show up for the finale :banana:

  20. Ever since Toni left, I hadn’t really been keeping up. I got so sick of Joan’s whining! I miss Jill Marie Jones and the show truly isn’t as good with her gone!

  21. I agree. Joan’s desperate need for a man was always a lil too much for me to take too

  22. I don’t think the show will return. What is left to do?

  23. Does anyone why why Toni left the show? I tuned in for the season premiere last fall and when I realized Toni wasn’t around anymore, I stopped watching completely.

    They should’ve gotten rid of Lynn. The whole lesbian stint was absolutely ridiculous.

  24. Tracee Ellis Ross in Vibe Vixen I believe, said it was a money issue. She said when Jill learned there would be no pay rises for the cast after seven years of being a hit show, Jill decided it was time for her to move on.

  25. :brownsista:
    I hope this isn’t the last season. I LOVE this show, and I think the writing so sophisticated and funny. In my opinion it’s one of the best shows on TV (and has been for a while). But I also had a hard time with Toni’s departure. Despite her self-centeredness, her character has something endearing about it that I really liked. Truthfully, I would’ve been absolutely fine with Maya leaving the show (maybe joining hubby down at NASCAR). I find her to be snobbish and abrasive.

    Anyway, I still love the Girlfriends, William, even Monica (surprise) and will be in an uproar if they don’t return next season.

    By the way… The Game season finale was tight!!!!
    (Thanks for everything Mrs. Brock Akil)

  26. does anyone know the title of the song that was playing when dude asked Joan to marry him??


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