The Evolution of Miss Kelly


In between putting the finishing touches on her ‘Talk a Good Game’ album and shooting episodes of her upcoming ‘What Would Dylan Do?’ series for BET, Kelly Rowland somehow found time to start work on a shoe and accessories line.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Kelly says the line is in its “early stages” but that she has met with a distributor and hopes to have her brand of “luxurious but affordable” designs carried in upscale department stores across the country.

Kelly says her foray into fashion is simply the next step in her “evolution as a woman” and that as a woman it was time she start doing “grown-woman things.”

Rolling Stone also took the opportunity to ask Kelly about Keyshia Cole’s recent comments on fellow band member Michelle Williams’ performance at this year’s Super Bowl. Kelly kept is quick and classy, saying simply: “It didn’t even make it on my radar until other people brought it up. It didn’t even matter. We had a wonderful performance, and that’s all I cared about. I was with my sisters and the three of us matter to each other, and that’s all that counts. We matter to a lot more people, with all due respect, than her. So, I really don’t care what she had to said.”


  1. Hopefully Kelly will remain insouciant and not get caught up in a childish game of diatribes back and forth. It serves no purpose, it only illuminates one`s lack of acumen. There is nothing worst than, seeing, two, supposedly, grown women involving themselves in, a public display of, stupidity for all to see. Someone needs to be an adult and not be enticed to participate in a game of tit for tat..wish Kelly the best with the designs

    MJ & The GOLDEN 80s 4ever!!


  2. right. if keysh thinks shes better then she shouldnt have respoded. especially if she has a tour a man and a son. recognize priorities keysh.

  3. Congrats, hopefully her line gets to come to fruition.

    “We matter to a lot more people, with all due respect, than her.”
    To me that quote could have 2 meanings…I wonder which way she meant it lol.

  4. @ SMOOTHCRIMINAL…Well said. I could not agree more.

    Although Lately these Celebs have been leaving an impression on me that NO ONE wants to grow up. And this goes for males as well as, female celebs. Does this have to do with the present and more recent generations? I’m not fully understanding this crisis.

    Am I my brother’s keeper? We all we got! ~ Nino Brown

  5. Gorgeous pics. Hate them shoes, tho’. Ick. Good luck with all your endeavors Miss Kelly 🙂

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