The Evolution of Rhi-Rhi

When Rihanna burst onto the scene in 2005 she was a cute, fresh faced, Beyonce-look-a-like, girl next-door.

Two chart topping albums later; we fell in love with the “Good Girl Gone Bad” dancing along with her under her Umbrella. We had to, we couldn’t have our own sassy, asymmetrical bobs destroyed by rain!

We watched the transformation of the bob into a sassy short cut, streaked with blonde – don’t forget the femme-fatal, mohawk rocked on the Rated-R tour.

I have watched this generation’s style icon evolve and enjoyed every second of her image evolution. Rihanna’s dramatic, fiery red locks long or short are indisputably “LOUD” causing a red hair craze to sweep the nation. So what’s up next?

I hope something more exciting than this boring and bland, Nivea ad campaign. When the brand called on the international super star to represent it’s 100 year celebration couldn’t they have been more creative? The monochromatic nudity and a partial smirk are boring me!

“No heels, No shirt, No skirt, All I’m in is just skin.” Honestly, I’d rather see some naturally bronzed makeup, hot hair and fierce fashion! I’m so bored with this.

Do you consider Rihanna one of this generation’s style icons? Answer our poll question of the day and let us know what you think.

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  1. I like this article- it’s good when blogs throw in something to read rather than just a pic of someone you know.

    I think they were trying to go with the girl next door look, but I see where you are coming from. I am so accustomed to rihanna looking ‘extra’ that the subdued face looks like they forgot to put on her makeup lol

    All in all, I prefer her red hair the best (the darker red) I think it suits her outgoing persona.

  2. I loved her as a blonde and can’t wait to see what she does next.

  3. I thought the nivea photos were bland too…Rihanna’s one of my favorite fashionistas…along with Halle Berry, Gabriel Union, Kerry Washington…J-lo, Jessica Alba and Eva Longoria…Rihanna has a glam squad, but she’s the one who has to wear the clothes and not let them wear her…when she went to the short haircut and hot red lipstick GGGB…it was on from that point on…I haven’t liked everything she wears, but she always creates a fashion story…fashion statement…even the dancehall outfits she wears…she make them work for her..the wardrobe for “What’s My Name”…Cindy Lauper meets Madonna, meets one of Prince’s girls…Ciara is another one kill’em…both have model good looks…fashion is drama and this pop princess does it quite well!

  4. I always hate when people say Rihanna was a Beyonce wannanbe/lookakile looks wise when she first come out, last time I checked Beys whole look was based of 2 LATINAS, Shakira and Jlo

    Don’t act Like Bey is the most original person in the world

    I am so happy that Rhi has evolved become real successful and proved her haters wrong

  5. whoever is styling her should get the glory. well… for her past stuff, cause now its just trashy.

  6. Speaking as a stylist, Rihanna’s style game is on point. Her Stylist is great! It’s young, fresh, edgy and classy. She dresses different. Most brown celebs dress very “expected” example wear a blue dress and blue shoes and blue purse. Ri Ri always steps out the box w/ different pieces that look great together. I’m not too much a fan of her music… but she has the style game on lock…

  7. Her evolution reminds of mine when I was 20 – wow. I went through so many weaves, wigs, braids and different styles galore. i was having fun and she seems to be too. More power too her!

  8. itz a shame that she had all her own hair and now she has burned it up with these chemicals and now she has to wear these ugly red wigs..smh….

  9. They were always comparing her to bey when she first came out and she said Ima go left and went black. Shes the type that looks good in damn near everything. Shes sexy and exotic and her forehead fits her. Bey cant pull off what she does and she knows that. Shes young and at a wild age and i think shes lovin it. Fashion shows pay her $100,000 to sit in the front row and bey gets $80. I love watchin her, i only watch her performances and videos to see what she is wearing not to buy her album. She keeps us guessing and of course talking. Yes she is a true style icon thats goin down in history and she deserves it.

  10. Yall need to get used to this….any light skin black girl that breaks into the music industry will be compared to Beyonce. You’d think a record company would think, “hey lets choose a black girl of a darker skin tone cuz they aint been one in a while,” now y’all know that’s not gonna happen

  11. Um, she’s promoting natural healthy skin in the Nivea ad. The focus is not gonna be on hair or fierce makeup. N-T-wayz, y’all can’t deny what an impact she’s had on style and setting trends! ^_^

  12. Beyonce hasn’t change her look since 2003 I hope she come with a new hair style or some thing different.I like how Rihanna change it up on every album. Maybe after 10 yrs Beyonce start believing that the lace front is her real hair. who knows?

  13. it’s not about light/dark it’s about publicists. if publicists for these dark/brown celebs had that hustler mentality, fighting tooth and nail for their clients, their clients would get prmotion. Kim K mom is her agent and probably her publicist in some areas, and she markets kim out like every 5 seconds. kerry washington is a darkskin beauty and she is always promoted. it’s all about promotion. you don’t get on the hottest lists unless your publicist fight to get your name on it. that’s what happen with kourtney , her mom got her on the females i believe most likely has public relations people with no experience in the entertainment field, let alone public relations. Or they are just pure lazy, and don’t know jack about hustling in the broader sense to a global market, and not the urban markets. jmo. when the jacksons left their father and hired the right people that’s when their faces were saturating the markets.

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