The First Family Host White House Poetry Jam

The First Couple How cool are the Obamas? The first couple, Barack and Michelle, hosted the first ever White House Poetry Jam last night. Th First Lady, who is a fan of poetry and said she had been waiting for this event from day one, attended the laid back affair wearing cropped white slacks, an asymmetrical top by Basso & Brooke, and her signature kitten keels. Performers included actor James Earl Jones, Chicogo poet Mayda del Valle, bassist Esperanza Spalding, and many more. The event was attended by over 200 friends and special guests of the first family and will be broadcast later on HBO.

Check out photos from the event below.


  1. Michelle looks amzing. I love her mak-up and hip style for the evening. I wish the President had’ve gotten a lil more loose wih his attire as well. That would have been so cool. :koolaid:

  2. Michelle looks stunning! :bowdown: I love it all, the outfit, the hair, the make up etc. I also wish the President had left the tie in his room and been a little less formal. They look great though! :thumbsup:

  3. Michelle is so fabulous…she makes me proud to be a black woman! She is an inspiration and an example of what a lady should be…independent,classy,smart!

  4. That’s refreshing to here. The Obama are really making

  5. Micelle is looking young, fresh and beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! And of course we love Barack too

  6. Awww they look so cute! That’s wsup…I wish I was there 🙁

  7. :iagree: Michelle is such a beautiful woman; smart, classy, real, the list goes on and on. Such a positive image for black women; women in general. :bowdown:

  8. Wow. Michelle Obama looks fantastic. What a beautiful couple.

  9. I have a girl crush on Michelle. She’s so fab! That outfit, especially the shirt is so cute. They’re such a lovely couple.

  10. I would love to see her closet. She has some really nice clothes.

  11. I really admire Michelle. She and Barack are showing people that marriage is a great institution and that you can have fun even if you are in a high position like him and her. Great couple.

  12. They are adorable,Michelle is FINE :hifive: ,I like the fact that they are so open to (real not gimmicks) Art,I love poetry hope they release a video
    Michelle is what every REAL black woman is : EDUCATED,ARTICULATE,CLASSY, beautiful, and confident :hifive: Hopefully little girls aspire to be like her

  13. So classy. I love our President and First Lady. That event must have been off the chain.

  14. I’m loving this hairstyle on her! She looks so beautiful in that first pic. You have to love our First Family. Good to see that they are bringing their culture/likes to the White House. How can I get invited to something?lol

  15. She seems to be wearing way more makeup than usual. LOL I guess they treated this as date night or something. She looks amazing. Love them.

  16. Mrs. Michelle looks stunning. I love her classy style. Even her makeup is on point! I so happy to see them do things that they like to do and not be pushed into other peoples molds and or exectations. They’re refreshing!

  17. michelle looks FABULOUS!!!!! :bowdown: i saw her top and wondered where the heck i could get one! lol she’s amazing and i just adore the love she and Barack have for one another. it shows in every action they take together, just beautiful. :hifive:

  18. They look great and Michelle looks absolutely stunning :thumbsup:

  19. Wow… just wow. Who knew a first lady could have soo much style. That’s crazy, and I mean that in the best way. That outfit is so professional and conservative, and its still fashionable enough to see it on a high school girl. That top could be on the runway even. Gorgeous Michelle :thumbsup:

  20. OMG! I completely missed this post yesterday. Our First Lady looks absolutely awesome! That blouse and her makeup are PERFECT.


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