The Girl Code… Can’t Date Him Law

We all know that men have these “man laws” that they live by but no one ever talks about the girl code.  To be fair, I can understand why we don’t, its one of the most complicated rulebooks known to man.  I mean, if this current Congress tried to pass it into law, they’d have a harder time doing that than they do the budget.  And we’ve all seen how difficult that is for them.

The girl code is complicated.  It has so many variables. If this then that.  If that then this.  It can seriously result in confusion.  That’s why you always need one female friend with some reasoning and morals to act as the coach.  You know that one friend, “Girlll you know you wrong!.” “Girlll, you can’t even think about touching him!” She’s the fun patrol, the party pooper, but she’ll usually keep you out of trouble.

One rule that women rank higher on the list is the ‘you can’t date him rule.’  As much as this rule has complicated my life, I’d be lying if I said I haven’t thrown it out to my friends at times.  My friends already know, even if I got married, they could never date 3 guys from my past.  And the sad thing is, one of them dates back to elementary school! LOL.  He is off limits.

I have history with those three guys.  At those times of my life, I was madly in love with them, yes even the elementary school one. (You couldn’t tell me Love & Basketball wasn’t written about us.)  But there’s an emotional attachment there.  That’s how I justify keeping those three on the list.  But I swear some women throw men on that list just because they saw them first.

I have friends that had crushes on guys and never went any further than a hi or bye and still stuck those guys on the list.  Or how about the friend who likes a guy but the guy likes you and she forbids you from dating him.  Is that really fair?

In a world where the majority of us are single because we’re looking for the best catch we can find, should we be in positions to mark some guys off as forbidden?

I don’t know. Like I’ve said, I’ve used it but I’ve tried my hardest not to abuse it.  So what say you? How do you feel about this rule and what other rules have you had to follow from the girl code?

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  1. I know this will not sit well with women but I’m going to say it anyway. No man is off limits. I don’t care if you used to date him or was married to him. Once he is single he is fair game, even to your best friends. Who says your Mr Wrong can’t be your girlfriend’s Mr Right? I don’t follow any such rules with my girlfriends and have told them point blank that any man I walk away from is more than fair game for them.

  2. I agree and don’t. My sister talked to a few guys I had serious relationships with and I had a female talk to one. I think it made me upset only because they weren’t hooking up with them because they saw it going somewhere or had feelings. It was for some self satisfication or stroking their ego, saying they got a guy that once used to claim he was crazy about me. How do I know? The little *&^ches told me.

  3. I agree. It’s dead wrong & inconsiderate. He’s probably playing to you get back at his ex anyway. Meanwhile, you’re the untrustworthy broad with no self respect.

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