the good life.

Living well and living quality at it’s very least requires an attitude. To do it well and consistently there needs to be a certain level of inner diva mixed with a compassion for the knowing that life is a gift wrapped in big red bow.

And for the love of God our names should not have to be Diana, Aretha, Beyonce, or Kanye to have this attitude. Love them to death; but nan one were born with something any more special than us so called regla folks. Can you feel the snarkiness oozing out of your computer screen? Well a little smugness and entitlement wouldn’t hurt either. The reason why? There are always gonna be people in this world to tell us that wer’e just being plain selfish and snotty for wanting what we want. So get ready. They will test you and rock you to your core of core with the guilts and make you second guess your gut.

GT philosophy: Don’t be the fall guy in your own life.

I live for like nice things and HGTV is like watching house porn. But understand that living well is a philosophy. A set of principles that are in place before you run out and buy anything. I understand that the umbrella under which Home and Living Well fall unders is ginormous. And I thank many of you who have contacted me. But the essence of where I’m coming from is what this post is about. Enjoy your Monday Morning Ladies.

Q&A: Conversation is a two way street. What are some principles that you live by when it comes to living your life?


  1. Well, I live by this; I believe all people should be treated fairly from the V.P. to the maintenance man. Now I do have my mood swings so unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen but I don’t believe in looking down on people just b/c you are doing better financially. I also live by the principle of “Family first”.

  2. I like that linked list, it’s very positive. I’ve always referred to myself as a ‘Natural Pessimist’, because truthfully I find it very hard to be optimistic and see things on the brighter side. I like some things to do with decorating, and someone has told me that your space can sometimes affect how you start your days. For example…I hate bright colors. I keep my bed dark, I never open the curtains in my room, and I always close the door. I should change that. XD Excuse the rant.

    As for what I live by…I believe in being Honest, with myself no matter how much it may hurt and with other people no matter how difficult it may be. I believe in keeping an open mind when it comes to the world and people, as well as learning from those who are different from myself. I don’t believe in complete satisfaction, because there’s always something to be done, achieved, or attained. Although sometimes that “There is always more” attitude works against me.

  3. That bed is absoulutely beautiful I would be late everday because that space just looks so peaceful.

  4. Living well is a state of mind in my opinion. Im a magazine whore and i will admit that the beautiful homes, the egyptian cotton sheets, the designer decorations all look very lovely but reality is…that’s not my life. I have a country humble home that is definitely a work in progress. I take notes and do what i can with my Big Lots and Bed, Bath & Beyond budget. Whether its clothing or homes, if ur not in that tax bracket which most are not u can still live nice. Do small things for urself, ie. candles, bubble bath, a perfume u’ve been smelling for the longest and swore u wouldnt buy cuz its too expensive. Little gifts for urself is NOT against the rules. Depending how much u can use to treat urself never forget to do so. Even if u got 3 kids and it never seems to be enough to have enough time to get a good nap in take time for urself. Whether its an exotic vacation or a gurls shopping day do something for Yourself. That’s my definition of living well.

  5. im realizing u guys at brown sista blank out cusses so let me take this oppurtunity to better my speech. When i said magazine wh@r3 i shoulda said magazine fanatic. There. That’s much more ladylike. Im tryin to get better. I promise:)

  6. I know this may sound bad, but honestly I have learned to put myself first- above all others, including family members. My entire life changed when I realized that only I had the power to control my life and that I didn’t owe anyone anything. I was always the fall back guy. When things went wrong ppl ran to me and I had to fix it, even if I didn’t want to or if fixing it meant putting myself out. No more. I do what is best for me first and all others come in second. I also learned to say NO. I think women, especially Black women have a problem saying no cause we are taught to care for others and at the cost to ourselves. Truly if I could give women just one piece of advice it would be to learn to say NO.

  7. I agree with you Lindsei. Learning to put ones self first and realize that you are worthy of the finer things is life, can be very difficult for many women. I think with age comes this wisdom, but let’s not get into thinking that living well is just about money or what we have. We need to start far more internally or we will just be buying things to fill a void we have inside.

  8. I love this topic. You have to do for you in order to have some peace and that is with all areas of life. Aspire to be the best you can be.

  9. Good point Lindsei! There are times that you should put yourself first. Sometimes that is hard for family to understand.

    I used to feel that I had to apologize or down grade how good my life was to other people, especially people I went to high school with. My life is better than all of my “friends” in high school. I am a college graduate, working in my career (not just a job), happily married with no kids (not yet), and travel alot. People would think that I was bragging about my life, I was only stating how my life is. I have learned that other people’s jealousy is not my problem.

    Principles that I live by: have no regrets, treat others as you would like to be treated, and smile more, you have no idea what a smile can do for someone and yourself.

  10. I wanted to add a big shout out to all the writers of this blog. I love the variety of gossip, girly topics, fashion and relationship talk. Keep up the good work 🙂

  11. Maybe I am a little slow but I’m not getting this post. I read the Philosophy page on the other blog and some of it troubles me. Living well isn’t just nice things. I agree with Lindsei. Living well should encompass more than just believing you deserve the finer things in life and then buying them.

  12. What principles could be better to live by than Bible principles? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you… Love God with your whole, heart, mind and soul, and then love others… (the two greatest laws)… Bad associations spoil useful habits… Do not become intoxicated with wine…Seek God’s kingdom first and everything else will be given to you.

    Follow the Bible’s counsel and all else falls into place!

  13. words to live by.. be true, be real, be YOURSELF. If you allow the true you to be free ALL the stress to pretend to be something else is gone. Love the post… it is very relaxin 🙂 .

  14. Sistas.

    Your comments have been amazing. And I’ve learned a lot about your values…

    Family First
    Being True
    Aspiring to to be the best
    Recognizing Self Worth
    Having no Regrets
    Smiling More
    Recognizing Personal Flaws

    As the Home and Living Well Editor for Brown Sista I couldn’t agree with my sistas more. Living well means different things to different people; but should always be at the forefront of your life; whatever it may be.


  15. I need to visit this site more often, because I always miss out on the discussion!!! I have a LOT of life priciples, but one that is VERY important is to keep toxic people out of my life. They are like viruses and they can drag you down with them. I can’t control everything, but I will control who is in my life and how I allow them to affect me.

    I believe that you should always strive to be the best you can be in everything you do.

    I believe in trying to leave people with something good/positive when they come into contact with me. Whether it be a smile, holding a door open for someone, saying “good morning” when I walk in the am…..just being friendly, because people remember that. And you NEVER know when or where you might run into them again. And if you don’t hopefully they will be friendly to the next person they run into and so on.

  16. What i have learned is the power of thought and to try to control the negative interal chatter. I may be like i want to do this!
    THEN something says you can’t do that. i make it a point to change my internal dialoge. Something that’s what hold us back. Your feelings are the barometer to. It is impossible to be thinking good, powerful thought and feel horrible. so you can be like why do i feel yuck…and narrow it down. Like did that statment someone say in joking three day ago bring up some past pain…etc…
    Everything in the world begin because of thought. we are powerful. think back to how craxy they must have thought thomas edison was when he said this is something in the world that you can see but you can harness it power and light your home…or when alexander G bell said hey guys, i think it may be possible to talk to people who are millions of miles away? they probaly was like you know what you a nut..
    But they made it happen through thought and action..and so can we 🙂

  17. Everyone covered some of my main principles!

    One that I’ve been really getting into lately is being good to myself. I have always loved me, but I haven’t really gotten into me. I don’t know that I can blame it on my little guys and their need for me or not. I don’t think I have a reason. But, I’ve been really taking care of myself. I’ve always gotten into taking care of how I look and I’ve always been aware of how I feel. But I haven’t really reached out for a hobby or really researched what I liked or picked a favorite brand of makeup. Little things like that. I’m getting into that late in the game, but it’s nice to have a favorite body butter or know how to play spades! LOL

    When I buy something for myself, I ALWAYS send myself a gift message. It might seem crazy, but it’s always a reminder to be good to me. The message usually says something like “You work hard and you deserve this package… be good to yourself, Mags”.


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