The Greatest Beauty Invention Ever

I love shopping for beauty products online. I particularly love discovering new products that I would never have heard of if not for the internet.

One such product is the Salux Japanese Bath Towel. I was on Tumblr when I came across this product that was getting such great reviews and decided to do a little bit more investigating.

My investigation led me to this article on Makeup Alley, where it is the highest rated product out of thousands.

After reading even more glowing reviews there, I knew I had to try a Salux for myself. I skipped Amazon, where quite a few people were complaining of fakes, and instead ordered mine from Sheair Butters.

I got my Salux about three days later and I knew the moment it touched my body that I would never bathe with anything else again. This thing is amazing. It exfoliates, it invigorates, it is truly a life altering product. My skin is softer, smoother and those bumps I once had on my elbows are almost completely gone.

After hearing me coo over this thing for weeks, my daughter requested I order her one. She is now coo-ing right along with me.

I rarely advise people to buy anything, but for the Salux I make an exception. Buy one! But it now! Then come back to this post and thank me.


  1. Love Makeup Alley. Have discovered so many great products from that website.

    I gave up loofahs a few years ago for a Salux and they are great. With continued use it is like you have new skin. I use it everywhere including my feet and purchased them for everyone in my family.

    Never had the guts to try it on my face though. 😆

  2. Don’t scrub your face with the Salux. You should not even be scrubbing your body with it. The towel does all the work. Use a light touch. Try it and you will see. My face feels like newborn baby skin.

  3. I bought mine after reading about it on Makeup Alley also. Shocked more people do not know about this thing. My husband loves it. Most men I give it to do. There are tons of knock offs via places like Sephora and The Body Shop but they are more expensive, don’t last as long and don’t feel the same.

  4. Where you been at Sista I been using these things lol. When I use mine my skin’s the cleanest it’s ever felt. But I find I can’t use it everyday because my back will start breaking out from over exfoliation. But they last literally forever.

  5. @John

    I use mine daily. I had to retrain myself not to scrub though. We are so used to scrubbing but with the Salux that extra pressure isn’t needed. I use a very light hand and am able to use my Salux every day, even on my face.

  6. I purchased several at a Korean market near me and I love them. Have passed them out to family and a few friends on my job. I love that it is long enough to easily wash my back and is more hygienic that loofahs. Can’t live without it now. But I don’t think I would it n my face, which is already pretty smooth and clear.

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