The Jackson Family In Court

Randy and Janet Jackson were in court yesterday for a pre-trial hearing concerning Dr. Conrad Murray, the physician who is accused of administering the fatal dose of propofol ((A powerful sedative used mainly during surgery. )) that took the life of Michael Jackson. Janet and her family have stated several times via the media that they believe Murray is responsible for Michael’s death. Murray has been charged with manslaughter, a charge he plead not guilty to. Reports say Murray’s defense will be that Jackson administered the lethal dose himself. When asked about the legal tactic, Miranda Sevcik, a spokesperson for Murray’s lawyer, Ed Chernoff, said it’s “premature to discuss defense at this time.” The defense team is expected to request a later date for a preliminary hearing to allow more time to go over evidence from the district attorney’s office. The defense will also take up California Attorney General Jerry Brown’s move to stop Murray from practicing in the state. In February, Murray was released on bail.


  1. Such a sad time. I hope justice is served whatever that may be. I know they want to put this whole nightmare of Murry etc behind them. Stay strong and look up above to where you’ll receive ALL the strength you need to help you cope with the tragic loss!

  2. That’s not a defense! HE was his doctor and what he(Murray) gave him killed him whether he took it himself or not. Murray knew better than that s*it!

    Still can’t believe this happened.

  3. 17150918, i disagree. janet herself said that they’d had an intervention with MJ because of his drug use…so then how can we be sure that MJ didn’t take something else to hurry along the process of trying to get some sleep. I don’t believe the doctor is innocent i just don’t believe he committed manslaughter…he was definitely negligent and shouldn’t be a doctor anymore.

  4. Wow what a burden to carry… being known as the man who killed Michael Jackson. I hope the truth comes out so that this family can move on.

    I am glad to see that Janet and Randy were at the pre-trial. They were Michael’s younger siblings and I can imagine they really loved and look up to their big brother. Latoya mentioned (who I think is a good person and has grown) before that Janet and Randy genuinely loved Michael because they were so young and in their eyes he was their big brother. Jackee (and Tito)also said how protective he was of Michael and was more of a father figure to him in the early years.

  5. IRIS-I’m not saying Murray was on a mission to Michael, and I don’t put the full blame on him yes Michael’s to blame aswell… I know. BUT I am sure almost positive that Murray was trying to broke off even more than he already was so he kept giving Michael this powerful drug until it was too late. Murray knew how dangerous it was/could be and I’m sure he knew sooner or later something bad would happen unfortunately. And I’m not even going to mention the mixing of the drugs. A doctor mixing different potent drugs together??? COME ON!

  6. *I’m not saying Murray was on a mission to KILL Michael.*

    *BUT I am sure almost positive that Murray was trying to GET broke off even more than he already was*

    My bad on the mistakes.

  7. I forgot to mention how fine Michael looks in the picture. He was such a beautiful man it took a lot of procedures for him to mess up that kind of Fine-ness

  8. Yes, MJ was extremely fine. I’d say MJ was fine up until the mid-last part of the History album years. Bu even years later when he kept his weight up, he wasn’t bad looking. But, through it all, MJ still had sex appeal and swagger. Something, his brothers donot possess. I’ve seen the movie, and you could tell it would have been so easy for MJ to get women, on his personality alone.

    I’m not going to blame Dr. Murray because I don’t know what happen. The one thing that bothers me about this thing is how the family wants to put the blame solely on the doctors. They claim that there were interventions, but it didn’t work, ok, so why did they continue to ask MJ to do the family concert? And if they knew MJ was strapped for cash, why didn’t they take over the responsibilities of taking care of Katherine? MJ was her sole financial support, why would they continue to allow MJ to support her? And why would they allow for their children and ex-wife to live in that house, knowing MJ was supporting the mom, living there.And if MJ always talked about being lonely how come not one of his 8 siblings didn’t make sure that they spend time with him. Rotate. Why didn’t they do what Cicely Houston did, and get a court order demanding that he go to rehab,he could have taken his kids with him like Whitney took Bobbie C. And Joe wants to say that if he would have known his son was in trouble he would have went there with his gun, ok why didn’t you. How many days of the year did the family concern themselves over MJ? Did any of them try to visit him in Ireland, Bahrain, Las Vegas,. Virginia. The places he was staying. Cuz, my family would have never allowed for others to keep me or anyone away from the family. What type of personalities do they have, they must be complacent people, because there is no way in the world, a huge family like that should have allowed others to move in on MJ, knowing that he was incapable of telling people where to go. I can’t find an excuse for that family. If my dying grandfather can drive from Pacoima to L.A. walk a flight of stairs to check on his eldest son, and drive back to Pacoima, there is no way, Joe Jackson who seems to be in good shape should have allowed people to manipulate MJ. That family should point the fingers at themselves and not Dr. Murray.

  9. 100% agree with Bohwe. Murray is not innocent but the family and every person who was in MJ’s circle have a role to play as well.

  10. The truth will come out. Murray made himself suspicious, by leaving the scene.

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