It seems as if he’s become an overnight celebrity, he’s made guest apperances on The Wendy Williams and The Martha Stewart Show. We Know him as Ja’Maal Buster, but he’s known as “The Eyelash Guru to the stars". He has established a reputation in the beauty industry for his art with lashes. His speciality is custom tailoring each set of lashes to best enhance the unique features of a woman's face. He uses a variety of lashes including fab lashes, bio lashes, and soiree lashes. Buster stated "Anyone can put on store bought false lashes my goal is to create art for the eyes. I truly take the time to look at the shape of a person's face and eyes, and create a look that radiates beauty". His salon Fabulous Lashes is located in Beverly Hills, it is a second home to A-list celebrities such as Rihanna, Keri Hilson, Beyonce and many more.

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  1. I am a total lash queen- hence my Diana Ross avatar. I don’t think I will ever wear fakes- but I will continue my never ending quest to find just the perfect mascara.

  2. I thought about getting false lashes but for now I will just continue to let the mascara make my lashes pop but hey maybe for a special occasion. I did not know Rihanna wore them but Kim’s are fabulous!

  3. Maybe, I have to see it in person because ol’boy seems to be selling snake oil to these stupid celebrity women with more money than common sense. Those lashes are not at all different from the ones applied by skill anywhere else. WTF?

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