The Life Of A Rock Star 101

After finishing up her sold out show at the 02 Arena last night, Rihanna hit up the Mirror Bar and Whisky Mist Nightclub for the after party. The pop diva was on her fashion A-Game- however, behavior wise, she was less than lady like. Clearly tired of being followed by the press, Rihanna lashed out by giving the paparazzi a few nasty glares… accompanied by a little something extra.

Check the sista out below using a bit of sign language to let us all know how she feels.


  1. Love the outfit. She not going to be the first to give up the finger and sure not going to be the last lol.

  2. She a sad disgrace who lacks talent and modesty.. I will be glad when her garbage career is over.

  3. Rihanna use to be so pretty to me..spiral (downward) since Chris brutally attacked her. She is still very cute

  4. Rihanna is here to stay. Talent or no. LOL. Only she can rock this outfit. Umm. Yeah. LOL.

  5. She looks like she’s having fun. I like the outfit. Not feeling the hair too much.

  6. Rihanna looks good. Also is there an afterparty for every tour stop?

  7. L like her shirt….as far as leggings & heels girls wear that s**t all the time. she Is drenched In make-up damn take some of It off


  9. @ lisa…the 20,000 ppl she performs for almost every nite at her sold out shows beg to differ #i’mjustsayin

  10. Muuuwwwuhahaha!!! Show them how you really feel Rihanna. The papparazzi was probably talking garbage to her anyways. So she gave them the finger(s).

  11. Love the outfit! She may not be talented, but, with songs like “SOS”…”Hate That I Love You”…”Take A Bow”…”Umbrella”…”Disturbia”…”Rude Boy”…”Cold Case Love”…”Photographs”…”Te Amo”…”Fire Bomb”…people are going to come see Rihanna, somewhere in the world. If putting out these songs make her untalented then be it. She is a better studio artist than a live artist (other than her exceptions, AOL Sessions etc.), but talentless?…well, 7 number #1s says a lot of people have enjoyed her talentless music. Not that big sales means the music is good let alone great…won’t name names. Love her swag…

  12. She can flip some birds lol! I like her rings and nails.

  13. She’s living her life.Wow folks so judgemental Ohh she flip off the paps LoL chick performs before 20,000+ crowds then makes 45,000 at club for 1 hour.If I was her hater I would be mad too.Damn who wouldn’t want her life.She’s 22 and having fun.If some of you had followed your dreams you would n’t be so bitter at Rih chasing hers

  14. Leslie,
    I admire the Life of Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey ,if you admire the life of Rihanna then you’re aiming mighty low.. Aim higher girl.. LOL

  15. love her! she’s not the first to flip the paps the bird, she won’t be the last and i’m sure even Michelle and Oprah wish they could too. spare me the “she’s not ladylike” crap.

  16. Please! Michelle Obama and Orpah will be around long before this hack of a talent will. Aim Higher sweetie.

  17. Hmm Whatever I still think that her and old the others bikini wearing pseudo singers need to go away, But she does what she wants, and her fans think she is the best thing ince slice bread, so there you have it.

    I don’t know about her not being vocally strong anymore, i heard cold case love live, and it was amazing.

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