The Los Angeles Premiere Of “Dreamgirls”

Dreamgirls promotion is in full swing as the Los Angeles premiere of the movie went down last night.It was truly a star studded event as everybody and their mama literally showed up for the occasion.Noticeably absent was the third Dreamgirl, Anika Noni Rose, but the surprise of the evening was definitely Mary Wells of The Supremes showing up.Beyonce’s dress was big and bold but it was Jennifer Hudson who in my opinion stole the spotlight with her black and white evening gown.From the top of her head to the bottom of her feet Jennifer was on point like never before.Whoever styled her for the evening deserves an Oscar for that alone.Below I have posted just a few pics of the cast but tomorrow I will post pics of some of the other celebs who attended, including Vivica Fox, Natalie Cole and many, many others.
Jennifer Hudson @ The Los Angeles Premiere "Dreamgirls"Beyonce @ The Los Angeles Premiere "Dreamgirls"Jamie Foxx @ The Los Angeles Premiere "Dreamgirls"Eddie Murphy @ The Los Angeles Premiere "Dreamgirls"

Update Pics Below

Michelle Williams came out to support her fellow band mate.Macy Gray and Natalie Cole also showed up and to my surprise the “original” Deena, ((and Moesha’s Mama)) Sheryl Lee Ralp also turned out for the festivities.
Michelle WilliamsMacy GrayNatalie ColeSheryl Lee Ralph

Correction: Anika Noni Rose indeed was in attendance at last night’s L.A Premiere of Dreamgirls.Unfortunately, when I checked WI last night no pics of her were there at that time.I have now added some pics of her below and thank you for D. Lewis-Thompson for the info.

Anika Noni RoseAnika Noni RoseAnika Noni RoseAnika Noni Rose


  1. Beyonce has been wearing some really over the top dresses lately, dunno maybe that is the new thing in fashion.I agree Jennifer does look amazing and her make-up is gorgeous.Jamie is dapper as ever but Eddie Murphy looks suspect as hell.He is just looking very “how you doing” as of late.:???:

  2. I’m kinda on the cusp when it comes to Beyonce’s dress.It almost looks like a damn curtain but on the other hand it’s kinda cute and girly.I wouldn’t have worn it but I guess she was doing the diva thing.

  3. Jennifer’s dress looks great but she lost me at the shoes. But she will always get my vote b/c I am hearing great things and very anxious to see her in the Movie. She’s got a wonderful voice. As for beyonce, she does too but that dress gots to go. She is always trying to grap your attention.:roll:

  4. Is this open season on Beyonce? Last year she was the hottest thing going and now every website has something negative to say about her. No,I am not a major fan, but give the girl a break. She looks great in the dress.

  5. We have always supported Bey here but I must admit, the dress looked awful.It really did look like it was made out of someone’s curtains. 😆

    I have dozens of pics of it that we didn’t post and she was fussing with the dress all night and in one pic a man is even fixing the hem of it on the red carpet.

    Lemme know if you wanna see them.

    Stylists should work with their clients before sending them out in the public and at this point Bey should know better too.That dress was just not a good fit and looked very hard to walk in.

    I think Bey wanted to be over the top and she was… just not in a good way.

  6. Gnes, I understand whatcha mean…but seriously that dress is not the move. I think it’s just oversaturation:???:

  7. Beyonce once again overrated! Jen H was the bomb on American Idol and she’s off the hook now!

  8. [quote comment=”2240″]Beyonce once again overrated! Jen H was the bomb on American Idol and she’s off the hook now![/quote]
    Jennifer Hudson and no other female will ever get their due when they are placed side by side with the great Beyonce.i don’t have a problem with Beyonce doing well I just have a problem when other peoples talents have to be played down so hers can shine.

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