The Next Rock Star

Alexis Jordan is the newest talent signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label. With her ability to amass a huge following on You Tube and the fact that this girl can really sing, it comes no surprise to me that Jay-Z added the South Carolina native to his roster.

On her You Tube grind since 2007, Jordan has been hard at work trying to fulfill her big dreams. Jordan is now back on the music scene, this time with a music contract in tow, and a debut single and video to go along with it. “Happiness,” Jordan’s new single, is an up-tempo song that she hopes will appeal to the masses. I’m not exactly sure when Jordan’s debut album will drop, but on her MySpace page, Jordan had the following to say about her new project.

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  1. don’t like the song, but her voice is pleasant. -nothing to flip over tho.

  2. yeah Jay love them yellowbones lol….but girl find another label to sign to the ”Illuminati’s” are sneaky smh

  3. I have heard her music and it is mediocre. So if she cuts her hair and becomes a sex-pot she should be a success.Notice how she looks just like Rihanna pre her makeover

  4. Her voice IS nice and she’s pretty but there’s nothing jumping out at me. She’s a mini-Bey 😆

  5. Jay – z is trying to recreate his wife, He is very bad for business, He birthed rihanna who is Her fiercest competition yet, and now this thing?He needs to stop, No one wants another copy of his wife or Rihanna, Enough

  6. @ xedos 😆 I get your point isn’t entirely true.

  7. Wow can SOMEONE give this girl a chance? Oh I forgot if it has anything to do with Bey, Rih, or Jay they wont get one. Oh and I also forgot Matthew, Tina, Solange, and Juelz, did I miss anyone?

  8. Lol it kills me how very little people know, The knowles -jay-z-rihanna-gaga clan is part of the rest of the 93 percent of us, Taking orders from those 7% of leaders (The strippers, and ex drugs dealer ARE NOT part of that group of people), If these are your example for what people “follow”,Kill yourself, You know Nothing.Never bought an expensive pair of shoes so now these are your summit?Tchrrrr

    I am tired of copycats, I want some originality until then, rant all you want my money will not go to another stereotype barbie doll, singing about nothing.

    Be mad, But good luck miss Alexis:)

  9. She sounds cool but not jumping up and down. They are going to make her look like Bey – they way they did Riri just so people will notice. I wish her good luck.

  10. i wish her well and i hope she does have success. hell you know what happened to TIFFANY EVANS and KARINA PASIAN.

  11. She is not another Rihanna because this girl can actually sing..

    So stop the hate! Her hair is real nice too.

  12. Hope Jay-Z doesn’t turn her into a Demon worshipper like he did with the previous Project Rated R!

  13. sorry but ugly ppl dont sell music

    And that’s why the music is compete garbage, because Producers sign these no talent women based on looks and how much @ss they can sell. Look at how long it took Jennife Hudson to get an album deal but yet Puff Daddy (coon of the music industry) can sign and invest money and 2 albums on a chick like Cassey because she’s beautiful and light sinned..What happened to Laura London from American Idol, that chick could blow and nobody signed her…If you look like Beyonce and have an average voice, you can get an album deal…SAD!

    When I look back a singers like Pattie, Gladys Kinight, Aretha, Anita Baker real singers rocking their natural hair, afros thick hips who didn’t need to sell sex or looks because they had real talent and nobody cared how they look..Real soul sista’s making music that people could actually feel.

  14. She has a GREAT GREAT voice. But her music (if its all like this first single) will only appeal to young girls like her – not to the masses like she hoped. Its very cheesy and sloppy.

    I am absolutely a fan of creativity and originality, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE her first video! Has nothing to do with her, because the horrible song was very distracting (although I did notice that girl, like Tiffany Evans can SANG!) but the video was not what you see with every artist, whoever the director was actually put a little work, and didnt do the typical barely dressed artist in front of an expensive cars, or in front of one backdrop boring the hell out the audience.

    Okay I said enough! LOL

  15. Great another toy for jay-z to cheat on his byatch with

  16. She’s in…for sure…she looks like a teenage Beyonce, a pop sound like Rihanna and an Alicia Keys vibe, plus the right shade of black…Miley is officially adult…Taylor Swift is a mega superstar now…so the planets have lined up for this young lady, indeed!

    I like her vocals and vibe…soft and mellow, some substance…no powerhouse, but that’s not necessary if that’s not your thing and you can tell a story and engage listners as she obviously has based on youtube views and Jay-z enjoys winning! He also knows how to keep a girl on her toes!

  17. people are always pointing out jay z turned rihanna into this devil worshipper. Its strange that rihanna is this big devil worshipper, but his wife beyonce is never mentioned as a devil worshipper. How can he turn out ri ri, but be married to bey and somehow she escaped the devil initiation. Its just that people want to hate rihanna so much they jump on this devil worshipping mess, while somehow overlooking the wife of the leader of the flock. And to those saying she aint no rihanna she can actually sing. that may be true, but sanging ain’t all it takes, its the star quality.. and rihanna has that. This girl will fizzle out in no time, just watch.

  18. mari
    I laughed so hard at “Escaped the devil initiation” lol you’re hilarious.

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