The Obamas Go To The Ball(s)

Barack & Michelle Obama After officially becoming the nation’s 44th President, Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama headed back to the White House to get ready for a night of celebration. The couple were scheduled to attend no less than 10 inaugural balls and did so in less than 3 hours. Barack and Michelle first stopped by the Neighborhood Ball which is where they danced their first dance of the evening- serenaded by Beyonce, who sang Etta James’ classic, At Last. The couple would repeat that scene 9 more times, attending The Youth Inaugural Ball, Commander in Chief’s Ball, Obama’s Home State Ball, and many, many others.

Pics of the couple, as well as the various celebrities who took part in the festivities, can be seen below.


  1. This fantastic moment in our nations history is one to cherish for a lifetime!!!

  2. What has happened to Mariah Carey’s voice? She sounded awful last night. I am not the biggest Beyonce Knowles fan, but she did sound pretty last night.

    I am just so happy that America has new role models to represent the African American community. No longer will our young boys want to be the next Michael Jordan or rapper and no longer will our young girls want to be the next Beyonce. I know Jay-Z and Beyonce are the richest couple in the entertainment business, but President Barack Obama and his wife are the most powerful couple in America. Power has nothing to do with money. Their stories are so inspiring, they speak well and are the new face of black America. Now young boys and girls will want to grow up and follow in President Obama’s path. Young black girls will want to model Michelle Obama’s role by getting a decent education, being a working mother and great support system to her husband. Michelle Obama is a 150% real and strong black woman. American now has a real-life Huxtable family.

  3. Michelle looks wonderful! Wonderful historical moment for our country.

  4. I wonder why Rihanna was a no-show for the Kids Inaugural concert? I like her hair and makeup as usual.

    I didn’t know BET was having anything…

    Anyhoo-all the ladies look great. Bey did a great job as usual, Mary did great. Alicia was okay…she only sung a few lines, but she screamed them! No BS love for Mariah? She cannot sing as well as she use to…she can’t hit those notes, but she still sounded okay.

  5. Im just so happy for Barack Obama. I cried yesterday morning and last nite. I seen black love before but they take the whole cake. You see them on tv you can feel the love between the both of them. There alot of men like barack out here. So no thugs ladies lol. I want a man like barack strong black man. Right now let talk about obamas today not celebrities they get there shine on all the time.

  6. Lola, everybody and they mama had an inaugural ball last night. There are so many pics from so many events. I tried to post them all but gave up 😆

    You can still view them on Getty though 🙂

  7. I cried, I laughed, I sang, I jumped and even pintched myself and after all of this, it was still really happening …I began feeling cold …goosebumps all over my skin, It was amazing people everywhere…..all I can say is “I am proud to be AMERICAN”, I thank the Obama family for getting the courage to press on and fufill there dreams together, as a young black woman I can say all things are possible through GOD who strengthings us day in and out. Peace ya’ll

  8. I loved the entire day because it was dedicated to our new President, his wife, and the kids were so gorgeous. Everyone did a great job at the neighborhood ball. I just felt so overwhelmed because of this event. I am still in awe that we really have a black President, with a black wife and black kids. Amazing.

  9. Oh so they were many performers at the ball, I’ m not crazy, I loved how when they danced everyone was watching them, they are truly mesmerizing

  10. They are a very handsome couple. Beyonce DELIVERS last night. Ashanti looks gorgeous. Everything is right on her. I miss Jazmine’s performance. I will check it now…

  11. It is so nice to see an educated beautiful black family is representing America and being embraced globely.

  12. The Obamas are such an elegant beautiful couple. I’m so happy for them.

    Mariah seemed a little off but I still love her.

    Bey was good..that dress is another story.

    Now Mary J! Gurl was wearing that dress!

  13. Great…now the whole world knows that blacks can coon it up for whitey on the hightest level…. I am saddend by the fact that this is how Obama choose to start his start as president…. A booty shaking, married to an supposed ex drug dealer, fake hair wearing,i wish i was latina(to get there money) dosen’t have a high-school diploma, greedy,vindictive,selfish,protraying black women in a whorsih light, singing a legends song cause she paid to make a movie about her beacause then, she can claim the song as hers and sing it(such as in this case), alter ego(demonic spririts),sing a song such as, nasty put some clothes on, but flash ur coodie cat in our face 8 years later,fooling the public,bait and switch, yodeling ,wanna be hoodrat……But she’s got money and thats all that matters????????? OK!!!! we will see!!!

  14. It is so amazing that after all that has happened in America people like blindleadingtheblind still has time to hate on someone who the night didnt even belong to. be happy that barack and michelle are together and they are giving your country a better chance. go somewhere andfind your self esteem, next to the pack condoms and behind the tampons at your local drug store!!!!

  15. Love the Obama’s! They are only showing America what a lot of us have known a long time. I grew with a successful father and mother and I am 30 years old. Take that America!

    Bey sounded good. That dress was a hott wrinkle mess. She better be glad the Serect Service didn’t have a man down situation with those boobies looking like they were doing a 2 gun salute to the President…lol

    Rihanna is having an almost Janet Jackson Superbowl moment! Tuck the booby in sweetie.

    Mary K rocked the house. She was looking better than the young ones.

    Alicia did okay. Her make up and outfir were super cute.

    Mariah looked like a prom queen from the 80’s! That hair was ugh!

  16. Everyone did well with their performances. Alicia looked cute and sang from her heart. Mary got the crowd hyped. Bey was alright, I have to admit that I would have loved to see a Patti or Gladys for that moment, they have some classics that fit the Obamas even better. Jay Z gets a ticket for not combing his hair and wearing those tacky glasses but his performance was ok. Kanye did better though at the youth ball, he did a medley of hits and rocked it. I think you can see it at His hair was questionable as well. Shakira was ok, shaky at times but the crowd seemed to be into it.

  17. @blindleadingtheblind:

    Wow; you didn`t hold back did you? LOL!!!

    Of course I enjoyed, my girl, Alicia Keys and Vanessa Williams who, like Alicia, is so fine and stunning. Of course, with Vanessa she still has it goin` on considering her maturity. If I`m not mistaken she`s between 45 and 47 years of age and can still hang; I`ve had a crush on her every since her time as Miss. America. There were performances that I wasn`t interested in and chosed to change the channel at certain times; Stevie Wonder was also great.

    President Obama and Michelle are indeed a great looking couple. I just hope that he has the moral conviction to try and bring about justice for “ALL” people, both domestic and abroad. Until there is a level playing field and justice for “ALL” people, America will never reach its` highest potential. If America realizes this potential then there`s the chance for peace with “ALL” nations.

    P.S. Eliminate “ALL” the unjust foreign policies……

    MJ & The Golden 80s forever!!!

  18. I can’t believe Beyonce actually got her way and sang for the first couple as if her ego isn’t big enough. I guess money can buy you almost everything in life except happiness and love. Now that she got her moment to shine, maybe she will stop chasing after that Oscar award; she is really getting annoying and the media just caters to her. It makes me sick because this moment was all about the Obamas and of course she used it for own career and to boost her sagging record sales. Pretty soon, her career is going to seriously suffer from way too much overexposure.

  19. President Obama and first lady Michele are such a beautiful couple. Yesterday was such a great day.

    Beyonce got just what she wanted. She wanted to make this moment all about her. She is a self-absorbed, self-indulged brat.

  20. I like Alicia and Mary performance the most out of everyone even Beyonce did good “still dont care for her though”.

  21. lord have mercy..michelle obama`s gown was ugly..i mean come on..was it a wedding? or what? but then again i`m not surprised when it comes to fashion i have never been impressed by her, i`m kind of disappointed because when a woman like her , who is not easy on the eyes in the first place makes questionable fashion choices…it just throws off

  22. Why is everyone focusing on Beyonce? She wasn’t the only celebrity to perform at the inaugural events this weekend. Numerous celebrities performed multiple times this past weekend. Most of these celebrities wanted to be a part of this historical moment also.

    But, it really doesn’t matter which celebrities were there, because all eyes were focused on President Barack Obama (I love the way that sounds) and his lovely wife, Mrs. Michelle.

  23. Obama is definitely a sexy man. And a cutie-pie. For some reason, I love his hair. If I was Michelle i would totally rub his hair every chance I got. And the way President loves his wife is so sexy. He seems as if Michelle is the only woman in the room. And to call Michelle ugly isn’t call for. Obama isn’t like the average man, who finds beauty in the Beyonce types, his type is obviously the Michelle type. The type that is obviously African decent, the type that is beautiful to him, he said in an Essence interview that he prefers Michelle with out make up, and without her hair being done. And that she has a beauty that isn’t intimidating. Obama see the perfect woman, and if he wasn’t physically attracted to her, than he wouldn’t find a need to be all over his wife. Americans feel that beauty is when your features are nonblack. People must understand that Barack’s mother taught him that black was beautiful, so she obviously allowed him to embraced the beauty of black features. And for that his mother should be loved by women.

    Mary and Kerry Washington moved me, when they cried and displayed real emotion , not for them, but as they watched the Obamas danced, it was so moving. To watch the Obama one cannot help but be filled with emotion, as my sister said last night, that is one man that loves his wife.

  24. Obama is physically and obviously sexually attracted to his wife Michelle. He has describe his wife as alluring, a beauty that isn’t intimidated, but approachable. He said in Essence Magazine that he prefers Michelle without make up and when her hair isn’t done. He’s a no frills guy. So, as long as Michelle is the most beautiful and sexiest woman to Barack. Than who cares about anyone opinion. His mother taught him that black was beautiful, she obviously embraced and taught him to embrace natural black beauty, and because Barack is half – African (Kenyan), it’s obvious that his standard of beauty is one which is deemed as African in nature. Since Michelle is purely African decent. By her hair, features, complexion. Obama is physically attracted to African characteristics. Maybe less Africanness women don’t appeal to him. Just saying.

  25. IT was a great day.
    The comments are hilarious! Where to start? Um…….

    @blindleadingtheblind….Love the rant, hilarious.
    @koko…..Jay gets a ticket for rapping that garbage ass song, and I thought he was talking about Beyonce but he was talking about V-victory.
    @Annoynomous…if 09 teaches you nothing else, please know that money will always buy whatever on this earth you want….but when you leave here its a different story.

    Everyone was okay last night. I am kinda mad that Alicia Keys is not getting her just performance dues because she killed No One last night. Beyonce did well but……(im scared to say) I really think she was lip synching , also the dress she had made should go back to the designer because it was to much of David’s Bridal going on. Mariah is pregnant so that why she couldnt sing from her belly how she was suppose to. Mary was Mary and Shakira was a little annoying.

  26. LMAO@ all you FOOLS that cant seem to take Beyonce out of your mouths??? This isnt about her she KILLED it last night and the Obama family was so happy to have had a nice angelic voice sing for them instead of the HEAVY screeching, yelling church chior voice! No one wanted to hear that shit last night, so with that said She was one of the best performances that night! Mariah was dreadful, Mary J was ight, and A.K rocked it!

  27. @ KENNY That was a LIVE performance hunnie! Believe that..she hardly ever lip sings. She did sound that outstanding where u would think she was lip singing. But she wasnt.

  28. I enjoyed the performances but was Beyonce lip synching or what? Uum, how would one know if she was or not? Isn’t that the point?

  29. Ya’ll are really silly about turning this into anything then a Great show for everyone even if you didn’t like someone for stupid reason. Yes I could nikpik but I just will look at the good over the bad anyday. Obama 2009 – 2017(hopefully) Yes We Did!!!!

  30. Mr. President and the First Lady looked beautiful as well as their children.
    I love the moonlit pic of Obama.
    Jamie looked okay, Beyonce hair and makeup was great and dress not so much. Still a fan but she looked like a fat fish/mermaid w/hard nipples. She sung the song well but too many runs.
    Alicia did good, but I wished she would have picked another song.
    Jazmine S. dress in nice.
    Ashanti is a pretty woman,who I thought had stepped her fashion game up.
    I love Jay-Z performance-best of the night.
    I did not see Mariah but I listened to her-horrible. How do you mess up your own song.
    Terri Macmillian girl, are you ever happy? Damn!
    Joe and Jill Biden looked wonderful, red is Jill’s color.
    And Stevie stop letting people mess up your songs.

  31. @ blindleadingtheblind

    Do something different in 09, cause the ish is getting old. Do you have any comments about the Obamas or anything besides hate?

  32. Everyone looked great. Especially Ashanti…… Rihanna..and the lop-sided boobs ensemble..not so much…her was face was cute as ever though……

  33. Of the pictures above, the two best dressed ladies were Michelle Obama and Ashanti. The worst was Rihanna. In one of those interviews, her left boob almost popped out. I like that tuxedo that Jamie Fox has on. :o)

  34. Would say more, but don’t have the energy to get into it… but I will say congrats my fellow Americans NOW we can see some REAL work done w/ our government that will trickle down to the citizens & benefit US… President Obama, do your thang 😀 !

  35. @Lola. Rihanna was never suppose to be at the kids ball . she was book for the Music industry ball (RIAA)

  36. Beyonce was not lip syncing. she used a backing track for the instruments to get the authentic sound like the original. The original was recorded with an orchestra. the band did not have and orchestra on stage. that’s why she used the pre record tracks, but the voice is live. it just like when she did single ladies on Monday night. she uses the backing track for the chorus because her backup singers were not present, but the lead vocal was all live.

  37. @ malcolm

    News reports as well as the PIC listed her as appearing at the Kids Inaugural ball on Monday as well at the RIAA charity event on Tuesday

  38. omg i am so angry! i was supposed to be there, it really hurts that i didn’t get to see all this in person. a once in a lifetime experience and i totally missed it. hopefully he will have a second term because i won’t be missing this again!!

  39. oh, and rihanna looks deathly pale in her pictures. not a really good look

  40. i`m kind of disappointed because when a woman like her , who is not easy on the eyes in the first place makes questionable fashion choices

    Michelle Obama is an attractive brown woman and super educated Harvard/Princeton who gives a f**k what you think about her looks, her husband finds her beautiful and that’s all that matters, only an idiot like you would put such infasis on looks and clothes in the mist of such a historical moment, disrespectful a&&hole!

  41. @ blindleadingtheblind

    WOW! That is hate in its highest form!

    I am happy that Obama as conquered a corner of the ‘dream,’ now, he has a lot of work to do to establish himself as the CCO of America. Their are a lot of people who want him to fail and a lot who are waiting to see if he actually ‘can’ so they can point fingers. I just pray that he is led only by the hand of God and that he does not let his fame crowd his judgement. He hasn’t up until this point yet we have seen many public figures fall and to poor judgement. Other than that-I like Beyonce she is a great entertainer, and Mary J is always the Queen bc she does her thing. Where was Fantasia though? Now she can bring down any house.

  42. Rihanna looks beautiful to me. I did not get to see the ball but I have already heard Beyonce sing At last. Im not feeling her dress at all. I thought she would have worn something more radiant. Ashanti looks nice…showing some buns, Mary looks good too minus the tatoos.

  43. [TARAJI henson and viola davis got Oscars nominations yall] I am so happy hollywood is finally seeing our real talented sisters, I m sooo Exited I cant stop bouncing up and down 😀
    Shoo Obama Is shedding lights on the best ,Now those are some good ass actresses hopefully hollywood will stop handing awards like it’ s some pieces of gums and rewards the very best

    @OLIVER You are just one of many that is mad as fuck that a black man married to a real black woman is in a high place and loving his wife every minute of it but oh well!!!! Change has come you better get with it or get lost

    I wonder why beyonce didn’ t sing single ladies for the obama balls, everything she does is sooo classy she could have sung diva and do the dance with michelle too i’ m sooo disapointed

    Rihanna go get some sun honey 🙂

  44. @Kenny beyonce had a back up track what she really did by herself was those tired asses run, can’ t she sing a song without exagerating?! but yeah you can call it lip synch, shoo I caught her lyp sinchin a lot of time, but you already know her fans have very light ears so they wouldn’ t pick up on it even if the volume was all the way up

    jayz need to take his wife buy and island and go there to constantly stroke their egos

    Alicia was the best performance of the night

    the rest was cool

  45. alicia keys that face was PAINTED i loved it! haha she looked good and i love it when she wears her hair straight! it was nice…i didnt like that flap in the front of her dress though…for me that was a no no she was screaming in the mic a little to much in my opinion but she still sounded great

    i didnt know ashanti was doing anything…she looked good and that dress is hot on her body

    rihanna looked good as usual

    obama….that is one sexy man right there! michelle you cute too…i want you to put a track up there though lol i can see it no…she would be so super flyy

    beyonce…girl these outfits lately! i did not like that dress and her hair needed some more body….i know shes going for this natrual look but shes taking it a little to far…but noone can take away her singing for them…that was the best moment of the whole day in my opinion…she sang that song and when she did i felt it and i think the obamas did too…that moment couldnt have been more perfect for the obamas or beyonce….it was just perfect and beyonce interview afterwards was so emotional…i was very proud

  46. Now that Beyonce has had her “moment” and redeemed herself from the Dreamgirls and Oscar drama, will she please go away. If her ego gets any bigger, her big head will fall off her shoulders.


    Why describe beyonce in this manner? She is classy and none of the things you say about her is true.

    How can you be so hateful?

    Please explain to me where your hatred comes from.

  48. Stephanie I need to see Jasmine’s performance .
    Thanks much love and respect.

  49. We really represented! I’m proud of Barack and Michelle and everyone who participated in this event! We’re all pretty phenominal!

  50. They looked so happy and in love up there on that dance floor. Beyonce did a Magnificent job! She didnt do to much with the song she sang it just right, she looked pretty too. I wasnt feeling the whole dress though, the back was the best part of it. Rhianna THANK GOD she didnt sing a thing that night but she looked pretty too..Ashanti looked decent SAME hair due and that dress looks table cloth like…Alicia Keys looked great and MARIAH CAREY’s performance was dreadful! She must b preggas!?

  51. i have said it once and i say it again…..she is ugly and she looks like a man but then again barack is effeminate and effeminate men love women who look like men….harvard? who cares! you blame for putting importance on looks but you put importance on “white-people“ manufactured education? sounds like a sick person telling another sick person to go to the hospital..the gown looked like it was made out of toilet paper…yeah i said it!



  53. The President and First Lady looked so beautiful. When I saw them come out for the first time, all I could say was “beautiful, just beautiful”.

    I would like to know why the song “At Last” was chosen? To me, that song does not fit in. The song is about finding love. A beter song could have been chosen.

  54. @Oliver:
    Oliver, about the only thing you’ve show us is how ignorant and country you are. Please have a little respect for yourself. Don’t forget that you are talking about the wife of the president of the United States. “So what” you say? That’s what I’m saying… you’re ignorant and country and proud of it! Now, I’m going to show you how illiterate you are as well.
    First of all, you scoff at the fact that President Obama is an educated man. You state, “… harvard? Who cares!” Notice the “h” in how Oliver spelled Harvard, y’all. Oliver, Harvard is a proper name of a university and therefore is to be spelled with a capital “H” as in Harvard, not “harvard”. But let me continue by first mentioning that from this point on, I’m going to be brief and concise for fear of stressing out your paltry mentality.
    You further scoff at President Obama’s education by calling it ” ‘white-people’ ” manufactured education’ “. That only goes to show me that, again, you are as misguided as wearing two left shoes. You see, about almost 6,000 years ago, the village peoples of what is now the Middle East united to form the first civilizations; they have come to be called the Sumerian Civilization. By the way, Sumerian is not what they called themselves, they called themselves “Saga-Giga”, “the black-headed people”. Now once they gathered together, it didn’t take long for them to start to get better organized and build cities. Pretty soon they started to grow plants and animals for food so they could eat better. That’s called Horticulture as is taught by our land-grant colleges and universities such as Alcorn A&M. What else? Pretty soon after that, they invented writing and started to write things like the Gilgamesh Epic. That’s called Literature. They wrote down their codes of conduct in this writing called the Hammurabi. That’s called Law. They invented banks and trade. That’s called Economics. They were able to organize the people to build those cities in the first place. That’s called Public Policy. They were also able to chart the path of the six planets that they could see with their bare eyes because the telescope hadn’t been invented yet. That’s called Mathematics and Science. All of these are subjects that are taught in our universities and colleges today. Later the Egyptians came along and took these subjects to the next level. To all of these elements, the Egyptians added Enginerring. That’s how they built those giant pyramids. But how did these subjects come to be taught in our colleges and universities? When the ancient Greeks came , they wrote down this knowledge and took all of this knowledge back to Greece with them. That’s why, at one time, but not anymore, scholars used to say that the beginnings of western civilization came from the ancient Greeks. NOOOOT!! It is now known and accepted that the knowledge used to build Western Civilization came from the Middle East and from Africa… from peoples of color. And that is how culture and civilization is now taught in our higher education today. One last thing. When the Europeans came in contact with what was left of the Greeks, they couldn’t read the ancient Greek language and neither could the Greeks of that time. The only thing the Euorpeans could read was Latin, and wouldn’t have been able to read that if they weren’t taught by people who were left over from the Roman Empire. But when these stupid Europeans couldn’t read ancient Greek, it was Arab scholars who translated ancient Greek into Latin for them. The Europeans then took all of this knowledge and learning and used it to build the Renaissance. So again, that was not a European thing, it was a peoples of color thing. So, back to my point. When you call President Obama’s Harvard education (did you notice the capital “H” in “Harvard”?) a ” ‘ white-people’ ” manucfactured education”, you are only showing me how uneducated you are your own self. The subjects taught today are Middle East in origin, not “white”. And again, please have some respect for the ladies who post here at by showing some respect to Michelle Obama. After all, she is the wife of the President of the United States, as I’ve mentioned.
    President Obama is “effeminate”? The only way you would know that is if you are effeminate yourself.

  55. I am still in awe of the occassion! It was simply beautiful! Mr. President and The First Lady looked absolutely gorgeous! Obama is so smooth. He loves and adores his wife. They have such a beautiful family. You can see it in the way the relate to each other and to their children! I just loved it! Beyonce did a magnificent job serenading the President and First Lady for this historic event! The whole world enjoyed that magically moment! It was just beautiful with the dancing and vocals! Folks can hate all you want, but Beyonce sang that song which the President and First Lady enjoyed!

  56. @Smooththug go head with your badself. You just taught me something. It does not matter what she look like we have brown in the white house. I think michelle a beautiful woman just do not get on her bad side lol. She going to be role model for alot of women out here. Love the obamas.

  57. WOW! That is hate in its highest form!! No hun, thats truth in its highest form….she is an opportunist, who feeds off of peoples energy…good or bad…u can say im hating if i want to but if you can prove any of what i said was wrong, than do so…. blindleadingtheblind, that suits u and anyone who falls for this sucking and jiving, Jane Tousaunt!!! she should have called herself that instead of Sasha Farce!!

  58. The president and Our first lady Look Great and they are a great Inspiration
    Every one else was invisible to me that night after Watching them and listening to the speeches I went to Sleep.

    The all beyonce debate amuses me, Her singing does not impress me, Didn’ t she sings at bush’ s inauguration? Doesn’ t she sings in Every Movie she does?Isn’ t she a singer? What would have rocked my world and leave me speechless is her getting up on a podium and deliver a speech about that moment of history, With correct grammar and proper English, That Would Have Knocked Me out, Not her singing, She sings all the time, And what kind of dummy will sing a song about finally founding Love at an inauguration Ball?At Last in mostly sung at marriages, Wth?

    Anyway Everybody Look Great

  59. @ Smooth Thug

    They betta leave you alone!
    You truly dropped science on that azz!

  60. Ummm Dark Sista that “dummy” you are talking about would be President Barack Obama and his First Lady Michelle. They requested that Beyonce sing THAT song. In fact, they danced to THAT song at 8 other balls that night! THAT song has special meaning to THEM! And as meaning historians that have reported on THAT song and dance have all concluded that the song was very appropriate.

  61. @ blindleadingtheblind, she and her husband are friends of the President and First Lady and it was an honor for her to sing for them. Folks just mad because she received this honor and will forever be a part of this historic event!

    No one needs to prove you’re wrong, but you know to prove you’re right!LOL All you doing is ranting and raving!

  62. Alicia Keys was PHENOMNAL. A flawless execution of the song. It captured the sentiment of the moment.

    Love Michelle and Barack, Truly inspiring.

  63. Alicia Keys was PHENOMNAL. A flawless execution of the song. It captured the sentiment of the moment.

    Love Michelle and Barack, Truly inspiring.


    Melissa:If it has a meaning to them then that’ s understandable, However To me the song did not fit the Moment of history,That’ s me and i don’ t care about what historians says, If we were to listen to critics your queen would not have performed at any events Concerning Barack Obama

  64. From this point, I have decided that I will only refer to The Obamas as Mr. President Obama and First Lady Obama. Out of respect for their posistion and leadership and the fact that the media has been so disrespectful, we the people should make the effort to eliminate this disrespectful behavior, they are not our personal friends and the media needs to respect that. I was listening to Michael Besiden and he said that the website was being flooded with emails from people complaining on the lack of respect white reporters give the President. Some reporters donot call him President Obama, but just Obama. And it’s disrespectful how the media , aka. TMZ reduced the Obamas to a stereotype. Posting the question whether the Obamas consumated their first night at the WH.

    Let’s break this down, and before I begin this will be controversial so forgive me.

    1.President Obama having rhythm and talking about his big feet, disrespectful, he’s not some black athlete that has been bred to perform athletics, because the government purposely deny inner city schools funding to enrich the academia of black men.

    2. President Obama and First Lady Obama are two educated, sophisticated people who are married, and their dance at the Ball was not sexual in the least. If he pats her on the butt or whatever, it’s not sexual because the President would never disrespect his wife like that.

    3. On TMZ, they took a poll asking viewers how many felt the First Couple consumated their first night. How disrespectful, so because black people , the only things on our minds is sex. When research has proven that black people are the group that is least preoccupied with sex. How disrespectful, it amazes me how people constantly over sexualized us as a people, but historically speaking Europeans have been the only race that has been obsessed with sex. Natives of Asia, Africa, Americas lived without any nudity, never sexualized it, but the minute Europeans conqured the world, nudy became sexualized, because of their lustful nature. If, I’m lying please read French History.

    4.And people wonder why First LadyMichelle Obama wore that Princess ball gown? Because if she would have worn any other dress, the media would have been asking and saying hateful and disrespectful commentary. She’s a shaply woman and people can’t wait to point that out. Look at Arsenio Hall, he was on Jay Leno, and after First Lady Obama left, he came on, and said, oh we have a fine first lady, Michelle has a fat a….. Disrespectful.

  65. President Obama and first lady were beautiful hands down!

    I think Beyonce was putting on. There’s nothing genuine about her. Hint: Not calling Jennifer Hudson after her family tradegy. She didn’t support Obamas until it was the “IT” thing to do and safe for her career. Then, she’s all on tv begging to sing for them. I wasn’t impressed.

  66. Hello,

    This world is a selfish and deceitful one. I feel that it is important to never venture through life’s journeys wearing rose-colored glasses. I could not relate more to this particularly philosophy in this past week than I have in my life.

    For obvious, I am withholding my identity. Nevertheless, what I am speaking of is a first-hand account and without of shadow of a doubt a testament to greed and “modest corruption” so to speak.

    I was honored to have the opportunity to work on the committee of one of the most historical events in a lifetime. I was not head of a certain planning groups but I was one of the many aids. Now I am heading back to school to finish my masters. With that said, on the day of January 13, a call was placed to my supervisor by the name of *******. It was from non other than Music World Entertainment. I know this undoubtedly because I answered the phone and transferred the call to *******. I am 100% sure it was Mr. Matthew Knowles, because that is what was said after I said may I ask who’s calling.

    Instead of going back into her office, ******* took the phone right there in front of my colleagues and I. After exchanging greetings, she said and I quote, “We are currently going through several performers for the dance, but nothing is written in stone as of yet…..How much…Are you serious?” She walked into her office and closed the door shut. Shutting her office door is something ******* never does. Never. Never. I can not stress that enough. The woman always has her door open. Moreover, none of the performers were paid to perform. So I know she was not asking how much does the committee have to pay for Beyonce to perform. Mr. Knowles offered her an undisclosed amount of money to finalized Beyonce as the performer for the first dance. Common sense right?

    Anyone with a brain would automatically revert to a notion that money matters. The next day ******* announced that she was going to approve the performance of “At Last” by singer/songwriter, Beyonce Knowles. The only reason she gave was because At Last appropriately fit the occasion, Beyonce is a good singer, and that time was winding down. That was all that was said and done. She was not hearing any more of our opinions and our votes did not matter.

    It’s funny because that same morning, we had lined up several choices of musicians. John Legend and Alicia Keys were tapped to sing and play the piano. Even the legendary Gladys Knight was being considered. Yes, Gladys Knight. It seems that to have just the right amount of “paper”, people can do and get away with anything they want. Receive bribes, payoffs, and things of that nature is unethical, but in these days, who cares? Given the wonderful anticipation everyone was in, I chose not blow the whistle and to always remember how cutthroat the world is and particularly the music business and Mr. Matthew Knowles of Music World. I try to be objective and say Beyonce Knowles had no hand in this but that’s just blatant denial and I would be lying to myself.

    Overall, please understand the fact of the matter. No one asked Beyonce Knowles to perform, her and her management paid a supervisor of the committee to finalized her as the performer. No one voted at all. Money talks.

    A Lesson Learned

    P.S. If they would pay someone off in an event like this, they would sure enough try to pay voting board members at award shows and where ever else they wish to corrupt.

    P.P.S I assure. Neither President Obama nor did any of his closest aids and advisors had anything to do with this. Mr. Matthew Knowles and Beyonce Knowles deeds were completely unbeknownst to them.

    Opportunities present themselves to those who present themselves to opportunities…

  67. @ Bohwe:
    I agree with you 100%. Those fools on TMZ ain”t nothing but a bunch of buffoons. None of them have any talent for jounalism or for reporting the news. That’s why they have to take a second rate job on that second rate show. And the one who writes on that board is the biggest moron of them all. You wanna see a real journalist, some real news reporters? Just pay attention to Gwen Ifil on the public TV stations and to Robin Roberts every morning on Good Morning America.

  68. @ A Lesson Learned

    You have posted this on several blogs all day under different names. Basically, you are accusing our new African American president and his entire family of accepting bribes from Mathew. The Obamas girls, Michelle, and Barack have stated they’re fans of Beyonce-so I guess Mathew paid them to say that, right? Also, Michelle and Barack stated during an interview that they personally picked Beyonce to perform for their first dance-guess Mathew paid them to say that as well, huh? I do believe accepting bribes is a call for impeachment! *immediately calls cousin who happens to be a US Rep* GTFOH!!!

    Beyonce is not going anywhere, no matter what you say or do, get a life, and get over it!

  69. @ Lola you are a liar that’s blind! So it does not matter what you say Beyonce will fizzle! So now you get a life LOSER and then maybe you wil not have to live your sorry life through Beywolf. That’s messed up! Now I know the haters are going to come on here and say that’s not true Matthew would NEVER do something like that. But let me tell y’all something. It doesn’t matter who you are in the music game money talks and it pays well. So don’t believe the hype that Beyonce is always getting these gigs because she’s good. Nobody wants to see her all the time. Her people i.e. Matthew Knowles pays folks to get in places. That’s why the broad is so famous and her and is EVERYWHERE. Come on now STANS, WAKE UP. THE WITCH IS NOT THAT HUMBLE. SHE’S PLAYING THE GAME AND Y’ALL STANS ARE FALLING RIGHT INTO IT. SILLY RABBITS

  70. @ A Lesson Learned

    Thank you for proving my point. You are so crazy, deranged, and delusional that you don’t even realize what you are accusing our new president of!

    It’s not that deep! Brush the chip off your shoulder, and move on with your life!

  71. A Lesson Learned: If and I say If this is true [which will not surprise me], that will be what? reason number 1.000.000 I can’ t support beyonce fully, I know she is manipulative, But what i refuse to believe is that the president and our first lady knew any of this, That is unbelievable to me, Further More I crack up when beyonce’ s stans fight so hard to make her a friend of the family, Lool As if The first Lady will have her daughter grinding down to Single ladies How pathetic, It’ s brand new day and the likes of beyonce have a very clear place in history, No matter how much money she has she can’ t change that, So go on With your day, For our first Lady don’ t look like beyonce, Is educated, Don’ t talk like beyonce, and sure as hell don’ t act Like her
    that’ s all that should matter

  72. *sigh*

    John Legend has backstage footage of the performers and the Obamas at the Lincoln Memorial concert. Michelle is talking to Bey, and asks if Barack has showed her his Single Ladies dance. Barack laughs and says he had to show his daughters that he still has it. He also says, he doesn’t dress up like Justin (SNL spoof), but he has the hand movement down, and shows.

    Lighten up, if the Obamas can see the fun in it, I’m sure you all can to.

  73. It goes to show you what people will do to discredit Beyonce@ Lola. And this poster is posting that “info” in several blogs? You know, if this is not true(and it most likely isn’t) then this is slander and it has been done to Bey and the Knowles before so people need to take that in mind. What gets me is: Stevie, Mary, Bruce Springsteen and Shakira perform at both the Ball and on Last Sunday and yet no one is accusing them of bribes or that they were doing too much. Though I saw on another site that Mary was “mad” because Beyonce was “getting too much attention. ” People need to see it what it is. Let’s bring out into the open. If this really happen, don’t you think the whole media would LOVE to expose this. Especially since many of the media actually have an axe to grind with the Knowles.

    See, THIS is why Beyonce fans defend Bey like they do. Someone people that her fans will defend her like she’s a family member. Didn’t that happen when I mentioned Alicia and Swizz’s relationship a while back? I had at least 3 people jump on me in this very site to defend Alicia but Mashonda(Swizz’s wife) comes out and said that Alicia DID break up their relationship. Now I could care less about the whole situation, but it goes to show the double standard. I have not heard one person criticize Alicia for this or even entertain the possibility that she broke up a marriage. Why? See, the same way people want to say that Bey is manipulative and that her fans are being taken for a ride, people should be saying the same way about Alicia because she is part of the same “mainstream machine” that Beyonce is apart of and every artist is. No matter what demographic they are. Sorry for typing a long message but once again, a beautiful week turns into drama all because of a light-skinned entertainer who some don’t like. Sad.

  74. BTW, I am an Alicia Keys fan but I HATE hypocrisy. Despise it with a passion. I will be the first to admit when Bey is wrong or the Knowles is wrong or whatever but enough is enough. It is like as soon as Bey and the Knowles do something, no matter what it is: Here comes to the backlash to discredit them. Like Wow. Like I said, Enough is enough.

    People who aren’t fans of hers, please don’t come in here to spread drama. Or make up names to start cyber-fights on here. This is a good site and we have enough black sites that feed on the “Beyonce hatred” designed to get blog traffic. In fact, there is even a hate on beyonce blog. Go to that. Again, enough is enough.

  75. OK, I don’t understand why I feel so compelled to even attempt to put my two cents in on a discussion about someone that is so insignificant to the “Bigger Picture” but Curtis, love…what does Beyonce being a light-skinned entertainer have anything to do with the discussions that are going on here. That utterance right there irks me more than any other negative thing being said. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! =(

  76. btw…it kills me how people talk about this girl as if they, in no uncertain terms, know her. Y’all to grown to be falling for the ole okey doke. In Hollywood or the entertainment industry, nothing is ever what is seems. My Daddy always says, believe half of what you see and none of what you hear…I think some of you grown folk need to take heed to that notion. I don’t know…it just seems to me that the few times a week I visited this site it’s always the same people who seems like they have so much energy invested in this girl and they are repeating themselves about the same thing but with different people.

  77. The bottom line is Beyonce did a magnificent job at the request of the President and First Lady! They personally picked the song and personally picked Beyonce to sing for them. President Obama talked about it on CNN the Friday after the announcement were made. Folks are just made because she was brillant twice. She stayed low key and kept the whole moment about our President and First Lady. She will forever be a part of history for her contribution! Beyonce and her husband also enjoyed dinner on Tuesday at the White House along with other guest of the President. Jay-Z played a private show for President Obama’s staffers on Wednesday at the DC Armory. Beyonce and her husband are friends of the President and First Lady and it was their honor to perform for them.

  78. @ Y’all:
    I was just watching President Obama and First Lady Michelle dancing to ” At Last”. As they danced, I realized that when they looked into eachother’s eyse, the President whispered at Michelle, ” Hi, my love”. Is that romantic, or is that romantic?

  79. @ Dark Sista, Umm, Our First Lady ask her husband if he told Beyonce that he knows how to do the Single Ladies routine. He even did the Single Ladies wave. President Obama said he should his girls that he could do it! It was too cute. I’m sure you can find the video on the net!

  80. @ Smooth Thugg, it was just beautiful! They are truly in love! I just love this couple!

  81. Idk if it’ s true However unless you was living under a rock or YOU are the hypocryte bey has been known for having shady ways, ei. the dc scandal, taking credit for song she didn’ t write it’ s not unbelievable t hat she could pay people and i aint said the presidential family i said the people around to make her a prime performer, i aint say she did, i said she not so innocent that she would NEVER do none like that
    stop crying and acting like this country is corruption free, and between us, If i was in her shoes i would have paid people to make me serenade the couple, Stop being so outrage about it, IF people want to call alici akeys a homewrecker when she has been none but classy , articulate and straightforward her entire career , just because a wife is insecure and con’ t keep her man under control,then we sure as hell have the right to doubt beyonce’ s honesty
    like its been doubed b4, so stop crying witches

  82. The bottom line is that folks are just made that Beyonce did a phenomenal job at serenading the President and his First Lady at their request!LOL Her song was minor compared to the historic event that happened that day. But folks, with their Beyonce sickness, have made it bigger than it really is! Face it and move on! She was personal asked, did a marvelous job, and is recorded in history! Not as important as Barack Obama being sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America! Folks, put your energy where it belongs!

  83. Thank you Voice exactly Lola has a problem and it’s called being DELUSIONAL!

  84. @ A Lesson Learned


    I am far from delusional. I just don’t believe everything I read on gossip blogs about any of these celebs.

    Now with that being said, as I stated above, my cousin is a US Rep, are you accusing our new president of accepting bribes because that is totally unacceptable

  85. Lola then I guess you are just IGNORANT LOL! I doubt you have a life the way you defend Beyonce with every fiber of your being. It does not matter what you say the fact of the matter is Beyonce and her team bought that slot and since you think you know so much please offer us some evidence that she did not. Good look at making up a lie to trying to defend your side. No matter what you say Beyonce will fizzle and it is already starting to happen so continue to hold on to your delusion LOL peace LOSER!

  86. First of all, the email is NOT about any presidential committee, it is about the entertainment committee nice try stans, so the president and his cabinet have nothing to do with it. No one is throwing shade on them. However, I believe that it is the kind of thing beyonce would do…and probably a lot of other artists as well.

    Even if Bey paid someone off to sing, she DID NOT SING AT THE INAUGURATION!!! And I believe that the president did have a say in those performances. OBAMA DIDN’T CHOOSE HER!!!! End of story.



  87. @ A Lesson Learned

    You still fail to realize that this is so much bigger than Beyonce. You have also failed to answer my question. I’m offering you the opportunity to out Mathew/Beyonce as paying off the president, his family, and/or the campaign, and now there’s no response. You seem to have the evidence, and I have the connections, what’s the problem?

  88. @ Beyonce is a liar

    1) Etta James covered At Last just like Beyonce.

    2) A Lesson Learned indicated that Mathew paid for Beyonce to perform. (Even though Barack and Michelle have both stated several times, that they and their girls are fans of Beyonce). The Obamas stated to the press that they personally picked Beyonce to perform. Sounds to me, that A Lesson Learned is saying that the Obamas were paid to allow Beyonce to perform.

    Did I read wrong?

    It’s not about being a fan or a stan. It’s about facts vs. fiction. Celebs that I am not a fan of, I don’t cruise blogs in order to berate them, spew hate, or rip to shreds. I don’t research them, and I don’t click on their posts. I bypass them altogether. What I don’t understand is why those that can’t stand the girl, seem to know more information about her than her fans. There are more comments from them than the fans. They spend more time on every post on every blog complaining, berating, hating, judging, spreading lies/rumors, and disrespecting.

    To not like her music is a respectful opinion. However, they way some of you carry on, I would think you know her personally, and we all know that is not the case.

    With all that being said….who really needs a life?

  89. @ Bohwe:
    Please go to the “The Day of Change + Beyonce” thread. The reporter doing that interview is Robin Roberts. She is a for-real journalist; she’s not like one of those idiots on TMZ.

  90. @ Lola I think you are the one that has failed to realize that this is bigger than Beyonce. If you did then you would not continue to deny or defend the fact that she paid for her slot. And you too have failed to anser my question. Were you there when the decisions were being made about who would perform? Your answer is no and you still have not provided any first hand evidence that you know what you are talking about. SO tsk tsk you are still beating a dead horse. Beyonce will fizzle and that’s the reason why they bought that slot and movie roles. Nice try Lola but try harder.

    @ Beyonce is a liar
    Thank you, for breaking the e-mail down to delusional Lola. You made excellent points. Nothing she brings up or says will change the fact or truth that Beyonce bought that slot. She can say or make up anything she wants it is what it is and there is nothing she or no one else can do to change the fact that Beyonce is a liar that buys her way through the entertainment industry.

  91. I am just so thrilled that President Obama and First Lady are so real! They are truly blessed and humble people! They will definitely do America proud! The Obamas will have a positive impact on a lot of people. Well, maybe not these childish haters! Folks are still mad I see! President Obama said in his CNN interview that He and the First Lady selected the song and Beyonce to sing! Sorry haters! Next time you go to the American History Smithsonian in DC make sure you stop by the exhibits! You will love it all. It’s a part of history! It’s been Tuesday since Beyonce serenading the First Couple marverlously. And you all still can’t get over it! I guess it will take you all about 2 more months!LOL

  92. @ Lesson Learned, You claim it’s bigger than Beyonce. Yet you can’t stop ranting and raving and posting 5 paragraphs(false) about her on several websites!LOL Obviously, you are bothered that Beyonce was selected by the President and First Lady! You seem really hurt. President Obama gave an interview to CNN stating that he selected the song and selected Beyonce to sing. You really need to move on! You’re making it more about Beyonce than it really is. The dance wasn’t the biggest moment! Sorry to burst your bubble!

  93. @ Lola I think you are the one that has failed to realize that this is bigger than Beyonce. This is about the Obama’s 100% and they are the ones that will go down in the history books forever not Beyonce no matter how hard she tries. If you did then you would not continue to deny or defend the fact that she paid for her slot. To be quiet frank I did not read your your entire post because I have found that most of what you are writting is obsolete and just wishful thinking not the truth. And you too have failed to anwser my question. Were you there when the decisions were being made about who would perform? Your answer is no and you still have not provided any first hand evidence that you know what you are talking about. S tsk tsk you are still beating a dead horse. Beyonce will fizzle and that’s the reason why they bought that slot and movie roles. Nice try Lola but try harder.

    @ Beyonce is a liar
    Thank you, for breaking the e-mail down to delusional Lola. You made excellent points. Nothing she brings up or says will change the fact or truth that Beyonce bought that slot. She can say or make up anything she wants it is what it is and there is nothing she or no one else can do to change the fact that Beyonce is a liar that buys her way through the entertainment industry.

  94. @ Melissa you are just stupid and I dobt they will impact you because you are so ignorant. So go and find yourself a life and stop living through Beyonce you want win.

  95. @ A Lesson Learned

    This whole back and forth banter is pointless. You are not backing up your original accusation, even when I provided an outlet for you to do so. Media sources CNN, USWeekly, and NBC News (and even John Legend’s behind-the-scenes Lincoln Memorial footage) have printed, reported, and shown in interviews(and the conversations on the JL footage) that the entire first family are Beyonce fans . This is why your accusations are not believable! Whether you like it or not, they personally chose her to perform(CNN). It’s over and done with, and there’s nothing you can do to change the fact. You are correct, the dead horse I am beating is your ignorance.

  96. I work for a popular Black news medium and I can definitely say that Ms. Knowles not only paid to perform at that ball, but also that she and Mr. Carter were the only artists who demanded to be paid to perform at the Neighborhood Ball & that concert at the mall which was FREE.

  97. So she paid to perform at the ball, and then demanded to be paid to perform? That is the most contradicting sentence I’ve ever read! That doesn’t even make sense! LMAO!

    Oh yeah…I work for the PIC!

    I am done….for real!

  98. Sorry Miss Andi K, the interviews were posted and stated on the Inauguration Official site that all performers had to pay their own airfare and their lodging for the Inaugration. President Obama already shut down Fox News and the other racist sites that were trying to claim that Obama paid for the performers. Try again. Did you also know that Jay played a privated concert on Tuesday in DC for Obamas staffers? President Obama was there too.

  99. @ Melissa Bravo you have just a little sense LOL! I am glad you just realized what intelligent people with rational sense already knew. The balls were not that important so stop being a hypocrit and trying to spruce up the fact that people are mad because Beyonce performed. The Inauguration wear the swearing in took place was the most important aspect and Beyonce was not even considered to perform. So if anyone is mad it’s you grow up and I hate to burst your bubble.

    @Lola correcto it’s pointless to go back and forth you too have not provided any evidence that you did any work behond the sences to know the true facts. So once again your debate is obsolete. You are a sad case to believe any and everything the News media feed the general public. The people that work behind the scenes know the real truth and by the time it reachs the public is has been watered down. Once again nice try sweetie but you still have not identified any first hand personal knowledge that you have.

  100. Miss Andi K,

    I believe you. I mean of all the talented singers, how did Beyonce wiggle her way in. Then it dawned on me: Papa Knowles and Jay paid for her to be there.

    I mean people who have common sense know that she paid to play. How else was she going to be at the inauguration? But I find it distasteful that they demanded to be paid for a FREE concert. I mean they are not in high demand. Sorry Jay. They really need to check themselves before they find themselves losing a lot during the receccion.

    But I don’t think she will perform at the SuperBowl, JHud is supposed to be doing that. Plus Beyonce already performed with Carlos Santana I forgot the SuperBowl, but it was the Oakland Raiders vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And she was dancing like an alley cat in heat. I think she got that on the strength of DIL, I mean she would have to pay to play again if she even wants to DREAM of performing there again…Just my two cents.

  101. @ Lesson Learned

    How have you proven that you were behind the scenes??? Above I claimed I worked for the PIC—who is to say I did or didn’t? It was a joke, btw. This just proves it’s so easy to create a persona on the internet.

    I offered to provide an outlet for you to explain the corruption that you claim went on behind the scenes and yet….I get nothing!

  102. @ Lola I have offered to provide you with an outlet you did not want to accept it. You are really upset and bothered by the truth of Beyonce. Lola she’s not that serious to be so defensive and upset over. Sweetie do you have any dreams and goals of your own? It just seems like you live your life through Beyonce. Maybe you need to re-read the e-mail to answer your first question. Also didn’t you say you were done?

  103. You know why they demanded to be payed…. Ding Ding… they probably gave a hefty amount to perform. I pray that main media catches on. I mean really. I have no sympathy whatsoever. I’m tired of people kissing this girls behind because she has money. That’s the only reason. If you noticed nobody was kissing her azz when that Destiney Child issue went down years ago. Why? Because it was all over the news. Now that she has beaucoup money supposedly which I don’t believe as well everyone seems to want to be all up in her azz.

  104. Y’all still mad!LOL Don’t forget to go to to see some of the official pics! You can also place an order for an officiall Inauguration book. I’m sure you will see loads of pics from the dinner on Tuesday night and the private concert on Wednesday! The Obamas do it with Class! I just love the First Family!

    Hope you can get over if Lesson Learned! It’s all about The Obamas!

  105. @Lola
    I will as soon as you speak your mind as a grown woman should, instead of posting small little comments, as if people would be at your door beating the love outta you ! It’ s a blog honey Voice Your opinion, like me, i say what i want to say and if people don’ t

    A lesson learned Said: I did not read your your entire post because I have found that most of what you are writting is obsolete and just wishful thinking not the truth

    I say, You read those delusional perfect, It’ s all about the obamas, Look at who is at the white house? I would be pissed if michelle wore skampy little dresses, Let her man slap her behind in front of everyone, and wear a stupid chain thinking she is the ish, But she is not, She is my role model, She is proving once again that an educated woman cn gt everything she wants, and not being limited to a certain job, she confirms the fact that my bhind made the right choice going to college She is America’ s Best woman hands down? Beyonce who? Chile please, I love britney spears music and give her her props but do i wanna be like her? Heck No leave them things alone at the end of the day BEYONCE is not and i repeaT not OUR FIRST LADY she don’ t even look like our first lady like sumbody said so drop it 😀

  106. melissa said: The bottom line is that folks are just made that Beyonce did a phenomenal job at serenading

    U are such a beyonce fan I love your spelling

  107. @ Melissa you are the only one that’s mad. And it clearly shows through your posting. So stop coming to this sight and making up lies. You are just mad because that petition they had out for Beyonce not to sing at the Inauguration did work LOL! So now you are upset at the truth that your God paid to sing at the ball. While you are at please pick up a dictionary and look up the word mad and you will find that your attitude and behavior thus far far excedes fitting that definition than anyone elses LOL! Just use a little common sense Beyonce and Jay-Z are not even the Obama’s class and kind. They are just being nice and coordial do you actually think they would say anything negative about about anyone openly even if they thought it. And I am sure if you check your new history books for 2009 and eons to come it will highlight President Obama and first lady not the neighborhood ball performances and especially not Beyonce LOL. Nice try but it’s not going to happen so haters fall back because Beyonce did pay to sing and that’s a fact.

    P.S Melissa don’t be mad build a bridge and get over you just lost one LOL!

  108. i’m sure the knowles will be pleased with the power ya’ll put in their hands. ya’ll act like they are the most POWERFUL people on this planet. LMAO at beyonce bribing the PRESIDENT and FIRST LADY of the united states and the president is not facing impeachment nor is he about to go on trial like the governor of illinois. when you really think about it, it doesn’t make sense, but simple minded people who let hate for a woman they don’t know cloud their judgment or better yet….COMMON SENSE! i’d be embarrased to even post that, let alone argue on behalf of it especially when the president and first lady have said countless times that they are fans (mr. president was doing the wave to single ladies ON camera)….LMAO. the hate for this woman never seizes to amaze me!

  109. (mr. president was doing the wave to single ladies ON camera)

    You have the link to that?
    And the hate amaze you yet her absolute clueless-ness don’ t? It’ s funny, If one of you stans can convince me that beyonce is not a complete idiot, uneducated ghetto fool, then i might stop making you cry with my comments but as long as people have something to stand on they will speak their mind, everyonce get bashed or criticized beyonce is not the first lady or our bosses for us to make execption to her so sit down somewhere, Beside if you ppl could read you’ ll see that lesson learned said that the presidential couple had nothing to do with the so call deal further more barack had a comitte do handle the entertainment list that day u think he gon take the time so sit down somewhere and select people? get effin real if beyonce was that much of a friend she would have been up there with him at the inauguration where were she? shat up and get a ife aint nobody took nothing away from beyonce u never heard me said she couldnt sing or she was ugly, but beside giving her her props people have the choice to criticize or not deal with it if u dnt like it go to and post a praise poem or some

  110. @voice,

    that is your opinion….there’s a difference between criticism and hate.

    the other day, i was reading a blog (i forgot which one but it wasn’t here) and someone wrote and i quote “please God, take her life soon.” or when eartha kitt died and someone on ybf posted that they were glad that eartha died because she was allowing bee to play her in a movie and therefore deserved it and some laughed and cosigned with that statement. that is not criticism, that is flat out hate. to YOU, she is an uneducated ghetto fool and a complete idiot, but to many like me who has been of hers since she was in destiny’s child, she’s a woman with a kind heart who is smart enough to have accomplished what she has accomplished in the short years she’s been around. i don’t have to convince you to like her. i don’t care if you don’t like her music but to me, music is where the criticism should stop, but to go on rants wishing death on her is unexcuseable (this is not directed at you, just in general). i don’t know her personally and from what i have seen of her behind the scenes and countless of articles done by journalists, she’s very sweet and gracious. i have NEVER read an article by a REPUTABLE source where they called her a snob or a diva…never. anyway, i’m not going to try to convince you otherwise, it’s already clear your mind is made up about her. here’s the video of barack, but you should watch the whole thing cause it’s nice seeing celebs act like regular folks. he does the wave at 7:14

  111. Congrats to President Obama and his First Lady Michelle! I am still overjoyed that this momentuous occassion happened in our lifetime! President Obama is so SMOOTH. I was just tickled pink to watch him and the First Lady glide across the floor. Beyonce did us all proud with her rendition. She kept it simple and the attention went straight to the President and First Lady! I am so proud to be an American! Change is definitely on its way! Just a wonderful week all around! Sasha and Malia are too precious! Just a beautiful family all around!

  112. Its five days later and yall still are bickering about beyonce performing. She performed, did a great job and now its over. Get over it people

  113. @ Woohoo and anyone else above that failed to comprehend as to what my original post said. READING IS FUNDALMENTAL and if I were you I would be ashamed to post a comment before reading and understanding the e-mail LOL. Try again sweetie!

    The post specifically said, “P.P.S I assure. Neither President Obama nor did any of his closest aids and advisors had anything to do with this. Mr. Matthew Knowles and Beyonce Knowles deeds were completely unbeknownst to them.”

    To the haters yes Beyonce did sing but it was not at the event that will go down in history which is the inauguration. And to add injury to insult she had to pay to sing for the first dance. So build a bridge and get over it!

  114. What a bunch of pathetics! We get a Black First Family in the White House and folks can’t rejoice in the fact that we have made history! The Obamas are great remodels for the entire world! They selected Beyonce to sing! She did a great job! She was not the highlight of the Inauguration. It was the Obamas! Get over it folks!

  115. @ Tashee don’t you think you are just as pathetic? Actually you are no better you jumped in a conversation based upon your post that you do not have the full understanding. The point of the conversation above is President Obama did not chose Beyonce she paid to sing. So you need to get over the fact that Beyonce had to buy her slot. And while you are at it take a lesson’s learned advice that reading is fundalmental. Like so many above has said the Obama’s made history not Beywolf.

  116. @ A Lesson Learned


    P.P.S. This- If what you are saying is true, then Beyonce paid the Obamas, and the Obamas took the money. They are directly involved.

    Your attempt to discredit Beyonce, has resulted in the discredit of our first black family.

  117. The fact that this same email was posted on a blog designed to Hate on Beyonce speaks volumes. It’s no longer about Beyonce….it’s about how pathetic and miserable some people really are that they would:

    a) create a website to hate a human being, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the owner is black

    b) could turn a joyous historic moment for everyone into the total opposite.

    This has absolutely nothing to do about Beyonce, but if ignorance, hatred, and misery can’t allow you to see it, then there is no hope.

  118. Nothing happened to Mariah Carey voice that wasn’t already wrong, like with Beyonce, Mariah never had one. She is trying to go it now without the quality singing backup, that’s what it is. I and many other people have been saying forever that Mariah can’t sing. And Beyonce can’t either, she studio pieced her no singing voice in with Etta James–you can hear the difference without even trying to.

  119. Oh woohoo so he was next to beyonce and did the single ladies wave and smiled and???
    I mean i was waiting for him to break down and do the whole choreography or bow down to her or something.this is just another proof that my hero is down to earth and don’ t take himself seriously, tho we both know, michelle won’ t allow her children to do the dance

    sue: I can tell you have a very heavy musical ear, that’ s so rare to find, in this generation

    lola:”it’s about how pathetic and miserable some people really are that they would”

    Would you shut up? How can people be pathetic and miserable because they don’ t support beyonce? isn’t there a hate rihanna website?hate britney spears? hate effin lindsay lohan?people saying they wish those girls die I don’ t see you speak on it! Why should exception should be made because of beyonce? she isn’ t a national trophy wth????you are a real hypocrite out here, just shut up with that non-sense

  120. Dang. I thought all of these comment were about Barack and Michelle…

    Love love love love love me some President and First Lady Obama. Love those beautiful ‘wee Obamas. So happy to have supported this movement. Be blessed folks.

  121. @ Lola

    Seriuosly I scanned through your post and you are one IGNORANT indiviual stating that you bet someone is black that started some blog against Beyonce. It’s people like you that bring the black race down with ignorant comments like that. You are one of those type of people that just want to support someone just because they are black no matter how disgraceful they are. Since you are so ignorant and delusional I bet you are a supporter of O.J Simpson too. You need to be exhaled from the black race because you are not worthy enough to be black. You need to grow up and build up you self worth and esteem because apparently you don’t have a life. You might want to also take the advice from your God Beyonce and upgrade yourself. You are definately not an intelligent black girl and I said girl because your comments are too ignorant to be considered as a woman.
    Get over it Beyonce paid to have that slot.

  122. @ Voice and Sue hi-five because at one point I too wanted to believe Beyonce’s hype but I am a realist and ignorant misled people like Lola don’t like that.

  123. “How can people be pathetic and miserable because they don’ t support beyonce? isn’t there a hate rihanna website?hate britney spears? hate effin lindsay lohan?people saying they wish those girls die I don’ t see you speak on it!”

    I wanted to mind my business but i read brownsista from my pc and although i don’ t comment enough, I noticed Lola hypocrisy, and sudden change of attitude when people other than beyonce are being criticized this is so tru, Lola even posted a pic of rihanna saying she love sasha,but never pointed out the interview where beyonce say she love rihanna and that was cheap i wouldn’ t be surprised if she posted once of 20 times on the hate rihanna forum, I been there the things they say is soo funny, i just laugh it off because at the end of the day i know rihanna value, if yall did too you wouldn’ t be here defending beyonce like she is Jesus about to be crucified

    I’ m gone Great site stephanie and sorry for spamming 🙂

  124. Arguing with ignorance is pointless, this will be last comment on this post, nor will I be coming back to it, so no need to address me.

    My comments are no longer about Beyonce….of course you all skipped that. I’ve said many times that this is bigger than her. Any site dedicated to hating on any human being is cruel. Point.Blank.Period. Perhaps when you all grow up and mature, you will see that. I wish everyone the best, no matter the skin color, and it is disheartening to see anyone hellbent on tearing anyone else down.

    @ Voice
    Your comment was not logical. This is BrownSista, Britney nor Lindsay are topics of interest, and no one is wishing death on anyone, so how would you see me speak on it? However, best to believe if I see, I will speak on it, and receive a backlash from folks like yourself. Doesn’t bother me any.

    @ Belynda
    Your comment was way left, but I’ll address it. I have no idea how Rihanna came up, but I’m a fan. I have all 4 of her cds(I bought Reloaded) as well. I visit Rihanna Daily frequently. I’m very aware that Beyonce likes Rihanna too, but how am I able to put an interview in my gravi? I don’t visit any hate sites, for reasons stated above. My gravi was simply an attempt to stop the arguing and comparisons in regards to Rihanna and Beyonce.

    @ A Lesson Learned

    African Americans are not looked upon in the best of light by society, and I’m not going to get into all that. If we can’t even come together with our own, how are we going to fix the problems that we have within our communities? I find it funny that you are quick to call me ignorant, and your post lacked punctuation and you misspelled definitely.

    At the end of the day, all celebs are human beings and it just amazes the amount of judgement and hatred that is placed on them all.

    Good night and God bless!

  125. @ Lola

    Once again I briefly scanned your comment maybe you are not aware of whom Merriam Webster is? I think you should try purchasing her dictionary and look up the word IGNORANT. You fit that description very well. Like I stated before you are not an intelligent black girl with any logic or rationality. You are definitely a disgrace to the black race. I certainly do hope you defend God your creator the way you defend Beyonce someone that does not even know you exist. If you begin to worship God rather than Beyonce you want be so miserable and then you will gain your own life and accomplishments rather than living through an idle God. LOLA THE FACT STILL REMAINS BEYONCE BOUGHT THAT SLOT I WAS THERE WHEN IT HAPPNED WHERE WEE YOU? At least I am doing something with my life I worked on the Obama campaign but you are on here putting others down. You need a serious reality check because you don’t make any sense. I understand that right now in your life you are a loser it’s ok. As far as being a hypocrite you definitely have made that obvious that you are one. Didn’t you say about 10 posts ago you were done? I get it your are so hurt that people know and are exposing the truth about Beyonce I bet you can’t sleep at night. Grow up and get over it.

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