THE PAJAMAS PARTY – The Holy Trinity of Slob Wear


This trend started about 14 years ago and I was hoping that it would pass—but it hasn’t. Just like the sagging pants below the buttocks didn’t, and that trend began about 25 years ago. What is up with the teenagers or even the young adults, in the inner cities, wearing their PJs in the streets? Everywhere I look in my neighborhood, people are making themselves at home—on the streets (no
pun intended if you are homeless). When did this look become so fashion forward? It is the equivalent of:

  • when people use to walk around wearing the plastic wave caps, to preserve their jheri curls
  • women walking around the streets with big soup can curlers in their hair
  • Men and boys who still walk around with their jeans or sweat pants hanging off their butts
  • Men and boys walking around the City with their sneaker laces untied, etc.

  • This slovenly mode of dress is not acceptable or cute ladies and gentlemen; I see you taking your younger siblings or children to school in pajamas bottoms and flip-flops; I see you in the bodegas buying coffee, cigarettes and newspapers in your jammies; I see you in the laundromat or at the pay phones in your chenille robes… PLEASE PUT ON SOME CLOTHES!!! HAVE SOME MODICUM OF RESPECT FOR YOURSELVES!!!! I’ve seen people wear shorts and flip flops to church!!! If you can afford pajamas, then you can afford regular slacks. They’re made in the same Bangledash or Chinese factory overseas. Walmart has $10 pants and so do Target. Just because you’re in the ‘hood, doesn’t mean you have to dress like that. This is about pride and common purpose. So please, respect yourself.

    A.G. Thornton is a writer an author of FAMILY, FRIENDS, HUSBANDS and LOVERS… THE BEST OF ENEMIES

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