Get the Look: Nude Lips

A sexy yet subtle nude stiletto can be the perfect staple to a wardrobe bursting with color and personality, when it comesto makeup the nude lip has the same subtle but sexy effect.

Nude lips are perhaps the most versatile look that a woman can wear. A barley-there lip color is perfect for all skin tones and coordinates with all pieces of fashion.

How to create a perfect nude lip:

When applying your liquid or cream foundation throughout your face, pucker up and apply your foundation over your lips. The foundation pigment acts as a flesh-toned base.

Gently line your lips with a flesh toned lip liner, blend the lip liner and foundation by pressing your lips together.

Apply a sheer pink or coral lip gloss to your lips to create the perfect nude lip.

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  1. I would love to see maybe a list of products that look good on various darker skin shades. As well as possibly pics or demos.

  2. I agree with Jenna- make up tips for the darker shaded sistas please, with budget brands 🙂

  3. Could we see some close up pics and product suggestions? Also, a matte option. I don’t like or wear gloss. It is too shiny and doesn’t last as long as lipstick.


  4. OMG, This article didnt help at all. We need to know products, especially for darker skin tones.

  5. I have been trying to figure out the secret for the perfect nude lip! Especially for darker tones. Stores usually offer the pink hued nude, which seems to be nude for more lighter toned ladies.Hopefully this works 🙂

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